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Pen name: PSManiac

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Video Games: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, Rayman

Favorite Toy: Bionicle

Favorite Cartoons: Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, Codename: Kids Next Door, Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Heroes, Kyle XY, Blackadder, The Late Night Show, Mythbusters, Colbert Report

Favorite Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean (both 1 & 2), Cloverfield, Transformers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dark Knight

Favorite Genre: Humor

Favorite Musicians/Bands: Weird Al Yankovic, Green Day, All-American Rejects, Daughtry

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Shadow Children Series, Children of the Red King Series

Also, I am best at writing Crash Bandicoot Fanfictions, especially Humorous ones, and usually I do oneshots, but sometimes I do more than one chapter. My stories are famous for their randomness and hilarity.

Introducing the Complete Bandicoot Fan's Guide to the 0th Dimension! Did you ever read Dimension Dilemma and want to know more about the 0th Dimension? Well I can show you here exclusively on my bio. From characters to creatures, and from locations to labs, this is the place to see it all!

The 0th Dimension: A parallel dimension outside of the time stream. It is located in the empty space in between all the other dimensions. It is populated with several floating islands. Black Holes are natural entrances to this realm, so it is known as the Garbage Dump of the universes with the debris sucked up by the black holes. Professor N. Terdimensional rules over some of this dimension, but since the 0th Dimension goes on infinitely there is still some not under his iron-fisted rule.

Ring of Thirteen: A huge floating island in the 0th Dimension thet is formed in a huge ring. It is the center of N. Terdimensional's Empire. The Ring of Thirteen is plit into thirteen major areas: Mount Rash, Mole Mines, Wet Sea, Tropica, West World, Gaseous, Bugsylvania, Mount Neverest, Turbo Temple, Blackzone, Dreadwood Forest, Zeropolis, and the Zerolith.

Professor Nicolas Terdimensional/ Professor Archie Raspberry Cortex: Ruler over some of the 0th Dimension. N. Terdimensional is evil, vicious, and just plain mean. He was trapped within a Psychetron a long time ago and has had a temper ever since. He was later revealed to be Cortex's father, Archie, who has planned the events in Dimension Dillemma for nearly forty years. He was brought to the 0th Dimension by one of Neo's first inventions, the Evil-o-Matic. Ideal voice actor: Gary Oldman

Interdroids: N. Terdimensional's loyal robot army. They have sharp teeth, pincers, four spider-like legs, and N. Terdimensional's logo on their chests. (a skull with two criss-crossing lightening bolts underneath.) They come in several types:

-Interdroids: Blue and silver Interdroids with red eyes and wrist mounted atomizer cannons. The most common kind of Interdroid.

-Minerdroids: Yellow and black Interdroids with blue eyes and shovels, picks, and drills.

- Ratdroids: Mouse-like Interdroids that are black and white with green eyes and sharp claws and teeth.

-Magmadroids: Red and black interdroids with yellow eyes. They carry flamethrowers and have gas masks for faces.

-Gigadroids: Black and silver Interdroids with red eyes. They are muscular with a wrist-mounted cannon on one arm, and a crab claw for the other arm. (Created by Captain Liam.4000)

-Dunedroids: Brown and yellow Interdroids with rapiers for hands, blue eyes, and the ability to travel quickly under sand and loose dirt.

-Swampdroids: Green Interdroids with yellow eyes and pincers for hands. They lurk in swamps and have the ability to swim quickly.

-Whinedroids: The most useless Interdroids in the 0th Army. Thanks to a computer virus, they are very weak and whine all the time.

-Frostdroids: White and light blue interdroids with red eyes that have the ability to survive temperates to 589,286.7 degrees below zero and shoot ice beams.

-Jetdroids: Purple and silver Interdroids wiith the power to fly.

-Omegadroid: A large, silver Interdroid that looks like the Gigadroid, but with a sword insted of a claw. The Omegadroid is piloted by Ratsputin.

-Multidroid: Orange and silver Interdroids with the power to multiply.

-Uberdroid: The ultimate Interdroid that is the size of a skyscraper. It bears the likelyness to a scorpion, and the Uberdroid is piloted by Ratsputin, Hairy Mole, Fangula, Smash, Dash, Turbozuma, Captain Metalbeard, Nigel, and Gila Lobster.

Hairy Mole: Technical Specialist of the 0th army. He's a mole wearing large red goggles and muddy overalls and a distinct Texan accent. Ideal Voice actor: Larry the Cable Guy

Smash: Dash's best friend. Smash is a genetically altered stag beetle who has and African accent and known for is strength. One of N. Terdimensional's generals. Ideal voice actor: Kevin Michael Richardson

Dash: Smash's best friend. Dash is a genetically altered centipede who sounds like Dib from Invader Zim. Hot tempered and impatient. One of N. Terdimensional's generals. Ideal voice actor: Andy Berman

Count Gerald Fangula: Second-in-command of the 0th Army. Fangula is a large Vampire bat in a tuxedo who has grown up in a world of art and edicate. Has a Transylvanian accent.

Doctor Otto Ratsputin: Robotics Engineering Expert of the 0th army. Ratspuntin is a Russian cyborg lab rat scientist with a few screws loose. Ideal voice actor: Tom Kenny

Creatures of the 0th Dimension: There are many kinds of creatures that populate the 0th dimension.

-Magma Bees (Burnus your Glutius Maximus): Large bees made out of volcanic rock that are native to Mount Rash. Their hives are found in active volcanoes and lava pools. If the lava in their home cools, they migrate to find a new home. The bees have the ability to breathe fire.

-Nitro Snare (Eatus Youis): A living plant native to several plant-abundant worlds, including Mount Rash. The N. Snare is a huge flytrap the uses vines to catch it's prey and eat it.

-Volcanos (Hot Temperus): A giant totem god guardian in the belly of Mount Rash. Volcanos is in a similar style to Tikimon, except red,black, and yellow. Volcanos can control fire and has an equally hot temper.

-Jelly Finch (Stingsus Hurtsus): A type of Jellyfish in the Wet Sea that are blue in color. They have a beak-like mouth on their undersides. Jelly Finches can come in hordes of hundreds, or even thousands and protect each other.

-Carp-enter (Worki Hardus): Brown and dark yellow fish that has a hammer shaped tail and can make a sticky substance used to repair their homes in coral reefs.

-Giant Squid (Freakingus Hugus): A huge squid that makes friends with Crash after he saved him from a sea urchin. Native to the Wet Sea.

-Vampire Slug (Bitus Maximus): A green slug that looks cute at first, but attacks anything that moves to drink its blood.

-Roc Bird (Flappus Gigantus): Huge birds that live in various world in the 0th Dimension, such as Mount Rash and Gaseous.

-Orange Spleen Worm (Spleenus Wormus): Huge worms that populate Bugsylvania. The N- Team encountered one of these before it was blown up by one of Captain Platt's grenades.

-Shark Wasp: Huge wasps that fly in the skies of Bugsylvania.

Mount Rash: A volcano world with charred trees, active volcanoes, and many geysers. The climate is very hot with a rd sky and black clouds of smoke. Bad air quality.

Flatulinch: Local tribe of scarecrow people who worship the volcano hamster god, Mr. Jingles.

Cheif Polly Wolly: High chief of the Flatulinch who loves to eat.

Mr. Jingles: Volcano hamster god of the Flatulinch.

The Wet Sea: A vast sea of crystal blue waters and coral beds. The are several undersea ruins and shipwrecks on the sea floor which soon became the home to many of the world's creature's. The Wet Sea is actually just a gigantic bubble.

Tropica: A huge tropical island that is populated primarily by dinosaurs.

Feared Bounty Hunter Nigel: One of the most ruthless bounty hunters of the 0th Dimension. Despite his unfortunate and ironic name, this guy has a really short temper and about every type of weapon imaginable. After being defeated by the bandicoots, N. Terdimensional hired him as one of his generals in the 0th Army.

Zivax and Carl: Nigel's two pet Velociraptors that he captured near Lake Frutti Tutti. He admired their fury and they became Nigel's pets.

Zeroid: The official currency of the 0th Dimension. A Zeroid sign is a capital Z with a vertical line running through the middle.

West World: A large, flat desert dotted with small towns that are linked together with railroad tracks.

Graniteton: One of the West World's small towns. The 0th Dimension's greatest supplier of old cheese. A hotspot for crimes linked to Gila Lobster and the Six-Pun Gang.

Hickoryburg: A small town in the West World that lies near the border between the West World and Gaseous.

Ol' Joe's Saloon and Flower Shoppe: The saloon in Graniteton where The N- Team and Billy Bob met.

Loopy Strawberry Shoop Milkshake: The milkshake Nina ordered at Ol' Joe's Saloon and Flower Shoppe.

Six-Pun Gang: A gang of brutish outlaws, lead by Gila Lobster, that has been terrorizing the West World for years. There are six members and they are:

-Gila Lobster: A Gila Monster-Lobster hybrid and feared leader of the Six-Pun Gang. After he was defeated by Neo Cortex, he had a near-death experience and was hired as a general for the 0th Army.

-Loco Ricardo: A crazy, trigger happy Mexican rattlesnake that usually wears a poncho, a sonbrero, and a black mustache.

-Jerry and Terry: Identical twin iguana brothers that are usually confused with one another.

-Frog the Toad: A horned toad. He's not that bright, but is the muscle for the gang.

-Willy the Kid: Youngest of the Six-Pun Gang. A short-tempered, 8-year old frilled lizard. His frill opens up when he's angry. He hates being called a squirt, twerp, or any other names to the same effect.

Billy Bob Jacob John William Earnest Patrick Christopher Arthur Matthew Maxwell Alfred Oswald Joe Richard Elizabeth Jack Kenneth Walter Liam Linus James Tomas Timothy Eric Sheen Chester Adrian Alexander Carlton Gene Weasellotti III: A hillbilly weasel that's not all too bright. He gave the N- Team a power crystal after they have defeated Gila Lobster. He lives in the Swamp world of Gaseous and joined the bandicoot's team.

Graniteton Town Station: The train station the N- Team used to get from Graniteton to Gaseous.

Lil' Lou: The name of Gila Lobster's Motorcycle.

Newt York City: Capital of Tropica. Newt York is a huge, bustling city populated by the Saurian tribe.

Saurian Tribe: A tribe of sentient dinosaurs that populate Newt York City.

Roy James Sauroski: A Pakisaurus Professor who teahes at the Newt York University.

Jarvis Igananana: Saurian warrior that can only speak in the Saurian language.

Three Horns Motel: A small, dingy motel in downtown Newt York City. Founded by Sarah Tops, Three Horns Motel was voted the second worst motel to live at. Why it hasn't been closed down is one of the largest mysteries of the 0th Dimension.

Uncle Spike's Fish and Chips Emporium: One of the 0th Dimension's Largest Fish and Chips Restaurants. Located next to the Three Horns Motel in downtown Newt York.

Zigzagrabah: An arabic town in the West World that is about ten miles away from Hickoryburg.

Yasoon: Merchant of Zigzagrabah. He sells pottery and rental DVDs in his Store Tent.

Salami Kebab: 20,000 year old Djinn of the Thermos. Hybrid between a cheetah and a grizzy bear. Trapped within the thermos by Brot Wurst. (Salami was created by CrashFad13)

Thermos of Brot Wurst: The vessel that Salami was trapped within.

Divide of Tropics: The border line that runs between Tropica, Gaseous, and the West World.

Dimension Dilemma Walkthrough: The strategy guide that the N- Team used to defeat Hairy Mole and Salami Kebab.

Moss Face: Head Muscle of the 0th Army. Moss Face is a huge Troll made of various plants and fungi. He is not all that smart but his control over plant life and brute strength makes up or it.

Dinota:Maker of the car that Crunch threw at Gigadroid.

Gaseous: A huge world covered in swampland.

Lil Petunia: Billy Bob's pet warthog that our heroes saved from the Swampdroids.

Turbozuma: Ancient emperor of the part of the 0th Dimenson now ruled by N. Terdimensional. Like N. Terdimensional, he ruled his empire with an iron fist. His past, however, in still shrouded in mystery thanks to ancient spoiler tags.

The Spleen Crusher: A huge tank-like vehicle that, N. Terdimensional gave Nigel when the bounty hunter joined the 0th Army. Cortex defeated the vehicle in Gaseous.

Dooraticlan: Ancient door guardian that guards the tomb where a crystal is hidden. Ideal voice actor: Queen Latifa.

Pakhat: Mummified servant of Turbozuma who has watched over the crystal for a thousand years. Ideal voice actor: Mel Brooks.

Glove Phone: An invention created by N. Terdimensional to communicate inconspicuously with the Interdroids despite the fact that the robots have built-in communicators.

Sandtrap Isle: An island in Gaseous positioned in the middle of a quicksand vortex. This is where the bandicoots met Moss Face.

Icy Peak: A world of icy, snow-covered mountains and ice caves.

Bugsylvania: Covered with skyscraper-sized grass blades and flowers, Bugsylvania is populated by giant bugs.

Captain John Plat: A platypus spaceship driver that met the N- Team in Bugsylvania. Ideal voice actor: Eddie Izzard.

Caffeinators: A genetic mixture between robots a coffee beans that come from the world Hyperion. Several Caffeinator colonies were stationed in several worlds such as Bugsylvania. (Created by Christopher Mason.)

N. Cognito: Mysterious underground salesman that has secret black markets stationed at almost every world. He clearly has a grudge against his brother, Slim, who is a Ratchet & Clank supporting canon character. The rest of his past, however, remains a mystery.

N. Cognito's Illegal Underground Black Market: A chain of secret black market stores owned by N. Cognito.

Caterpillar Tree: A gigantic tree that grows in the center of Bugsylvania that is populated by giant caterpillars and butterflies.

Sarsaparilla: Captain John Plat's space ship.

Turbo Temple: Ancient ruins that are the burial site of Emperor Turbozuma.

More coming soon!

Future Projects:

Just some upcoming stories that I am working on.

-Crash: Psychetron Predicament: the third and final installment of 0th Trilogy Trouble.

-Super Mario Bros.: The Beginning of the Brothers: My first Super Mario fanfic, telling the story of the arrival of the Mario Bros. to the Mushroom Kingdom.

-Wumpafield: A oneshot Crash Bandicoot story that is a parody of "Cloverfield." Will be in the Crossover section.

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