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Author has written 14 stories for His Dark Materials, Fire Emblem, Baten Kaitos, Digimon, Golden Sun, and Radiant Historia.

My view on Reviews:

I love reviews as much as the next guy. Really. see, I write because I love it. I write because the games/cartoons/books/whatever really inspire me and I want to write about it. So, drop me a review, definitely! I'm putting this on my profile because I want you all to know that I love reviews. Really, I do. But I will never beg, never bribe, never take up thirty lines in an author's note asking for a review. I won't write for the publicity. I won't write for the hits. I won't write for the reviews. I write because I want to and that's all.

However, I'm very free-giving on my reviews. Haha. I know some people love getting reviews so much that they ask and ask for it and I don't blame them at all! In fact, I really really like reviewing other people's stories, giving them feedback or encouragement! It gives me a nice feeling knowing I connected with someone across the world (or country or street, or whatever) and bonding with them over their piece of hard work. I won't review everything I read. Haha far from it! But I'll review a lot. And don't be surprised if I drop a review on you as well :)

Current song that I think you all should REALLY listen to:

Tonight You Belong To Me
By: The Lennon Sisters (or any cover made by anyone else)

(Although...we're apart...You're a part...of my heart...)

I believe everyone should always believe in themselves. I believe in never putting one's self down. I believe that people should always try to be optimistic about themselves. No one's going to do it for you, so why don't you encourage yourself?

I also believe in God. I believe He sent His only Son to die for us for our sins. And I also believe He loves us with a neverending love. You know, my whole life, I felt inadequate. I felt I wasn't good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. Others my own age, they effortlessly do everything, and I don't ever seem to be enough. But ever since January 20th, 2011, the day that I officially allowed God into my life, my heart, my mind, and my soul has been at peace. I'm okay with who I am now, not just because of all my friends and family I have supporting me, but also because I know that no matter what I do, God will always support me, despite my failings, despite my weaknesses. He has shown me that time and time again. Now, I feel as if I can be myself, without worrying about what others think of me because the only person whose judgement matters is God's and I know He is proud of me no matter who or what I become. I've failed Him so many times in my life. I've turned my back on Him, cursed Him, doubted Him, and for a time, I almost believed He truly didn't exist. And yet, even though I've done all of this, He still continues to bless me with an amazing family, wonderful friends, and even the good fortune to be able to type on this computer. I am so blessed because God loves me. And He also loves you, too. No matter what kind of hardships, no matter what kind of troubles you have, if you but turn to Him, if you but ask Him for help, He will give it to you. Because that's what He did for me.

I believe fics are supposed to be nostalgic and are meant to make you fall in love with the original game/book/anime/what-have-you all over again. Oftentimes, this is contingent on how well the author portrays the characters. Saying that, OOCness is a big issue for me. An author must stay true to the original character's persona, otherwise it stops becoming fanfiction and simply becomes fiction. Many times, I have encountered this issue when it comes to pairings and (I shudder to think about it) love triangles. Romance is hard to write. Love triangles are even harder. Not saying you shouldn't try, but at least try to have a firm understanding of the characters involved. It'll help you become a better writer, overall, too.

(Note: this only applies to fics that uses the characters from the original. Not fics that use OCs to try to portray a different POV from that world/universe)

I must admit, I've read many fics that were beautifully written, yet characters were completely misunderstood. This tends to put me in a hard place. I'm thankful that I was able to experience such great talent, but maybe it's not appropriate for this website. Then again, I love the diversity of this site and, I guiltily admit, I often forgive OOCness in favor of thoughtful writing. I hope you all can forgive me for my hypocrisy as well.

Now that I've said all that, I love AUs. Lots of people don't and I understand why. But I think playing around with a character we all know and love, put 'em in a different universe, and the writer really grows in their understanding of the character and increases their overall ability to analyze a fictional persona. This, in turn, helps a writer's ability to develop character, plot, and allows opportunity for the writer to learn how to make a story flow. I understand that this would be ideal and many AUs don't have that kind of thought put behind it, but the sentiment is there, can't we all agree?


I do support all pairings because I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, I also believe that these characters are fictional. Therefore, I do not find it strange that I enjoy multiple Mia (from Golden Sun) pairings. Nor do I find it strange that while I may find certain pairings to be less than appealing, someone else in the world may have that pairing as their OTP. Such is life, and I support their opinion.

Golden Sun: Isaac/Jenna, Felix/Sheba, Garet/Mia, Ivan/Sheba, Isaac/Mia, Felix/Mia, Piers/Mia

Dark Dawn: (I consider this separate because Dark Dawn has so many new characters) Matthew/Sveta, Matthew/Karis, Tyrell/Karis

NOTE: I love Eoleo/Himi family fluff. You know, like, stupid uncle doting on wonderful niece kind of thing?

Tales Of Symphonia: Lloyd/Colette , Genis/Presea, Sheena/Zelos

Tales of the Abyss: Luke/Tear, Natalia/Guy, Natalia/Asch, Anise/Ion

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken: Jaffar/Nino, Eliwood/Ninian, Eliwood/Lyn, Hector/Lyn, Hector/Florina, Lyn/Rath, Erk/Serra, Rebecca/Wil, Priscilla/Guy, Priscilla/Heath

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones: Eirika/Seth , Ephraim/Tana, Innes/Vanessa, Innes/L'arachel, Gilliam/Syrene, Kyle/Syrene, Amelia/Franz, Colm/Neimi, Joshua/Natasha, Artur/Lute

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance AND Radiant Dawn: Ike/Elincia, Soren/Ilyana, Mist/Rolf, Mist/Boyd, Astrid/Makalov, Calill/Largo, Calill/Geoffrey, Lucia/Bastian, Sothe/Micaiah, Lethe/Ranulf, Leanne/Naesala

Digimon (seasons 1/2): Takeru/Hikari, Taichi/Sora, Yamato/Mimi, Jyou/Mimi, Yamato/Sora

Digimon Tamers: Takato/Juri, Ryou/Rika

Baten Kaitos (Origins and Eternal Wings): Kalas/Xelha, one-sided Kalas/Melodia, Gibari/Anna, and Sagi/Milly

The World Ends With You: Neku/Shiki

Radiant Historia: Stocke/Raynie, Rosch/Sonja

Pokémon Special:Red/Yellow, Gold/Crystal, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Platina, Black/White, Blue (girl)/Green (boy), Blue (girl)/Silver

Pokémon (video games): Red/Leaf, Leaf/Blue, Lyra/Ethan, Lyra/Silver, May/Brendan, Dawn/Lucas, Hilda/Hilbert, Cheren/Bianca, Nate/Rosa, Nate/Yancy, Rosa/Curtis

One Piece: All of 'em. Haha. No, let me explain. I like thinking of the Straw Hats to be more of a family than anything else. Sure, I like Nami/Luffy just as much as the next guy, but I think the Straw Hats hold a bond much too intimate and powerful to really permit just two people to belong together. Honestly, I'll be really happy if everyone in the Straw Hats die without getting married, but staying on the Thousand Sunny to be with each other forever. I don't usually say this about a fictional story (I'm a sucker for romance), but the Straw Hats' familial ties is just too beautiful to tarnish it with romantic love. There. My piece is said. Now I need to wait for the next 60 volumes and 500 episodes to finally finish the series xD

and probably more.


Till Death Are We Reunited: (His Dark Materials: completed) decided to just make it into a one-shot. All inspiration for this has ended and one-shots are easier. Lyra and Will have died and they are looking forward to seeing each other again.

Enslaved: (Fire Emblem; complete) Set in the world of Elibe. Serra annoys Erk to no end. But one day, she gets sick and he almost loses her. He realizes exactly how much she means to him. Erk/Serra one-shot.

Exhibition Trick: (Fire Emblem; complete) Another one-shot. FE8. Innes realizes that in order to keep Vanessa's heart, he's gonna need to stop being so distant. Innes/Vanessa fluff.

Contradictions: (Baten Kaitos; complete) One-shot. Malpercio, mainly Marno-centric. My first attempt at a drabble. The world is filled with contradictions. Malpercio is no exception. Extreme editing. Turned out okay, or at least better than it was before I think hehe.

A Koa Monkey With No Eyes: (Baten Kaitos; complete) One-shot. Origins. Guillo reflects upon some memories with its two companions. The affection they had for each other was blatantly obvious. The only thing was, they were as blind to it as a koa monkey with no eyes. Sagi/Milly, seen through Guillo's eyes. I really liked the idea as I was writing it and I would love to hear what the rest of you think.

Lost: (Fire Emblem; complete) One-shot. FE8. Eirika-centric. A long time ago, she valued every life. A long time ago, she was appalled by the very thought of killing. But that girl is lost. Idk what my own opinion of it is, but I hope you all like it anyway. I caution you, however. I changed the rating to M purely because of the graphic violence and heavy mentions of blood.

Elegy of the Forgotten: (Digimon; complete) One-shot. Digimon Frontier. No one wants to hear the story of the failure. This story uses an OC because there is no background information provided for the children who boarded the train, but were immediately sent back home. I use Kaito, and his life, because the world isn't all filled with rainbows and gumdrops. And I'm sure some of those children who were sent home had lives that were actually worth leaving behind. I wanted to portray how such children would feel after being called to a destiny that is seemingly theirs and then rejected before they even knew what it was about.

The Small Moments: (Golden Sun; complete, yet in-progress) One-shot collection. Dedicated to the original 8 and the small moments between them. I scrapped this story for a day because I had a different view of how I wanted to approach this collection. I'm experimenting with my writing and I have a very different opinion of how I want to develop my writing skills since I first started this. So I hope you appreciate the changes I made

And Then She Broke: (Golden Sun; complete) One-shot. Jenna has relived that moment so many times, she thinks she's used to it. Isaac/Jenna/Garet friendship. post-storm, pre-journey. Jenna in the aftermath of seeing her family die in front of her.

Miracles: (Radiant Historia; complete) One-shot. Dedicated to HarmonyBenderFreak. That woman is waiting for a miracle and that's perfectly okay. Raynie/Stocke. Outsider-POV.

Visions: (Golden Sun; complete) One-shot. She's been watching him grow, even while knowing he was never hers. HamaIvan Family fic.

Thanks for reading my profile. And thank you, all of you, who have read and reviewed my stories. Profiles are long...

Well, anyway, see you around! :D

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