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Author has written 15 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Kingdom Hearts, Vocaloid, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy VII.

Crazed Legend of Zelda fan since 1998!

Crazed Final Fantasy XIII fan since 2010!

Crazed Final Fantasy XV fan since March 17th, 2015!

UPDATE!: For those that are interested! I have uploaded the first chapter to 'Another Door Will Open', the sequel to 'Pick Your Battles' and 'Love Scorned'. I am working on the next chapters and am still tweaking the outline but I'm definitely working on it! Hope you're all excited and are enjoying the new Super Smash Bros. 4 games!

Also for anyone interested! Here is my tumblr: parallelorchestration

Yo, I'm Triforce Garner. My favorite hobby (like most of the authors on here) is writing. No, I'm not interested in taking it to a career level. I am however interested in sharing my love of stories and love of imagination as well as inspiration with you all here on fanfiction(dot)net!

So, a little about me. I started making up stories at around 5 years old when I first discovered The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. From there I kinda ignored my teacher's story prompts in school and got into a lot of trouble because pfffft who cares! I'mma write what I wanna write! I'm 22 years old, (was born in 1993), and am studying to become a professional translator. I write for only video games and if I had to pick one I really loved the most, I'd have to say the Zelda series. I just have to give props to my first video game! For my favorite's a tie! It's equal between Fire Emblem's Prince Marth and Final Fantasy XIII-2's Noel Kreiss.

I personally write for romance, childish humor, and sometimes a little darkness. I used to write more angsty stuff a long time ago know, I kinda grew out of that. Now I like the happy shit. I also have no problems with male/male and female/female pairings, but I am definitely critical about who is with who in my stories. A while back I probably wouldn't have cared. Now though, well, just look at my recent stuff (my ongoing Super Smash Brothers series does NOT count).

What does Triforce Garner dislike in stories? INCEST! PEDOPHILIA! FURRY! I do not understand the trends. I RESPECT THEM enough not to say anything to other writers, but PLEASE don't expect me to write it myself. It quite frankly disgusts me :/

And lastly, if ever you want to give me a shout or make a comment you know where to find the buttons! :) I'm a pretty friendly person and like to hear from others.

Thanks, much love.

Super Smash Brothers: Love & Battle Series

Just to dispel any confusion about the Super Smash Brothers series I've apparently let run away from me, this is the list of relevance to Love Scorned which I've put in a 'series' simply titled, 'Love & Battle'.

Love Scorned (1st) --> Where Your Voice Won't Carry (not currently posted; alternate version) --> Pick Your Battles (2nd) -->
Beyond Fields (not currently posted; intermission) --> Another Door Will Open (3rd)

Spin-offs of 'Love & Battle' series:

-stay tuned! (I've currently got two planned!)

Hopefully if you had any questions about any of the stories above and their relevance to each other, this 'mini chart' has cleared them up! Any other stories I write and post that are in the Super Smash Brothers section and are not listed here in this area are NOT related to them. This means 'Substitute' and others that I may write. I will update this section accordingly as I write more.

Current Fanfictions: MULTI CHAPTER ONLY

Another Door Will Open - Super Smash Bros. 4; the sequel to 'Pick Your Battles' which is the sequel to 'Love Scorned'.


Where Your Voice Won't Carry - original version of 'Love Scorned'; to be released after 'Love Scorned' is finished being edited (in order to get me inspired haha)

The Price of Freedom - Final Fantasy VII (first chapters are finished so far; planning done)

A Soldier's Life - Legend of Zelda (finished planning)

1000 Years - Final Fantasy X-2 (finished planning)

Three Men - Final Fantasy X (almost finished planning)

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