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I know I changed my PenName from Smallstream to rawr-its-keisha.Woo hoo,I changed something.If you don't like it then well,-blows raspberry at joo-,ha!

First of all I'm a 17 year old female named Keisha.Did you see that wittle picture of the coot wittle calico cat wiff the wubberband on her eawr?That's my wittle kitty,Patchy,when she was a kitten.Cute,neh?I love the warriors series by Erin Hunter and One Piece!I have been called emo.I hate preps and jocks and they could drown in a puddle for all I care.When it comes to Warriors my favorite character is Graystripe,favorite pairing Graystripe and Silverstream,most dramatic time to me is when they made the journey to the new territories.I've read all of the books Into The Wild through Sunset.When it comes to One Piece,favorite character is Zoro,favorite pairing is Sanji x Zoro,most dramatic time to me would be when they fought Crocodile.My best story is probably,well,I don't know really.I hope to improve my writing by reading other stories and seeing things from other author's point of view.

Favorite Sport:Basket Ball
Favorite Movie:
8 Below
Favorite TV Show:Drake & Josh (laugh all ya like)
Favorite Food:Chili Dogs
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Favorite Band:
30 Seconds to Mars
My Favorite Place To Be Alone:
My Woods
My Best Friends:
Shadowheart,Ashpelt,Moonspirit,Whitewing,and Snowheart
I'm Happy When:I'm Reading,With My Friends,or With My Pet Kitties
I'm Sad When:
I Have Nothing to Do,Someone Doesn't Like My Stories,or When I Finish My Last Book
A Place I'd Like to Visit:Europe(to visit Erin Hunter,who is actually 2 different ladies)
My Dream Car:
A Silver SUV with Cool Spinning Hubcaps
My Pet Kitties:
Patches the Pirate(Patchy) and Orval

Most Loved One Piece Pairings
Zoro x Sanji
Luffy x Nami
Zoro x Robin
Zoro x Luffy
Sanji x Nami
Sanji x Nami x Zoro
Robin x Sanji

Most Hated One Piece Pairings
Usopp x Nami
Zoro x Usopp
Robin x Nami
Usopp x ANYONE
Luffy x Sanji
Buggy x ANYONE
Robin x Chopper

Most Loved to Most Hated One Piece Characters

Most Loved Warriors Pairings
Squirrelflight x Ashfur
Leafpool x Crowfeather
Dustpelt x Onewhisker XD
Firestar x Sandstorm
Graystripe x Silverstream
Crowfeather x Feathertail
Stormfur x Brook
Dustpelt x Ferncloud
Crowfeather x Ferncloud XDD

Most Hated Warriors Parings
Graystripe x Millie
Crowfeather x Nightcloud
Dustpelt x Sandstorm
Tigerclaw x ANYONE
Darkstripe x ANYONE
Bluestar x Tigerclaw

Most Loved to Most Hated Warriors Characters

If you're wondering about the Crowfeather x Ferncloud and the Dustpelt x Onewhisker thing,Shadowheart and I were joking around with the pairings so I decided to put it up there.

And if you're wondering why I hate Brambleclaw,he's an attention hog.The New Prophecy wasn't very good because it was all about him.All about how he has such 'great' leadership skills.How he found the sun-drown-place.How he saved the Clans.He wasn't the only cat who went on the journey to sun-drown-place!Tawnypelt,Crowpaw,Sqirrelflight,Stormfur,and Feathertail went too!Not just him.I also hate how he stole deputy from Graystripe!Graystripe disappears for awhile and Brambleclaw thinks he should be leader.No,GRAYSTRIPE was deputy,GRAYSTRIPE should have been more focused on in The New Prophecy,because GRAYSTRIPE was missing.What's the point of him getting caught when it doesn't even focus on how he ended up missing!It TELLS how it happened but it doesn't focus very much on how Firestar and the Clan SHOULD'VE mourned for him.He gets captured for the CLAN and they're like,"Oh,he's gone.Boohoo." I like Firestar because he actually missed Graystripe.He had hope that he would come back,and wouldn't ya know HE DID COME BACK!But Brambleclaw still got to stay deputy.That is not fair AT ALL.

If you agree on how unfair it was that the New Prophecy focused mainly on Brambleclaw,put this on your profile.

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Everyone has these so I figured I would too.


Who was the last person you spoke to and what did you say? Me:Bye Momma see ya when you get back from work My Mom:Bye hunny, I love you.

What's the last book you read/are reading? Warriors The Sight

What's on your T.V right now? Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Where are you? In my mom's room.

Look up. Now look back. What do you see? Up:The ceiling fan Back: My baby sister's toy box

What's the last thing you ate/drank? Lemonade

What's your personality like? Hyper and random

Who do you have a crush on? No one

What was the last thing you thought? Hahaha,Shadowheart fell down.

You have a million dollars. What do you do? Give 1/4 to my b.f.f. Shadowheart and then buy burglary tools so we can break into Wal-Mart and pop all the balloons there.

Grab the closest thing to you. What is it? My cat,Orval.

Say George Bush, what do you think of?I wonder if he likes cheese?

What are you eating/drinking right now? Raviolis

Find a globe. Spin it. What does it say? My imaginary globe says Australia

Find a book. Which one?Warriors 'Forest of Secrets 'Turn to page 56, line 3, word 6. What does it say? Feeling

What can you hear right now? My cat Orval going "Meow!"

Have a conversation with the closest living thing to you other than yourself.Me:Orval,aren't you the cutest little kitty?! Orval:Mrrow.

Turn on the T.V. What show is on? Now it's Pokemon

Type your name with your elbow. smallstream

Type your name with your nose. smallstream

Stand up. Close your eyes. Spin around three times. Stop. Open your eyes. What's the first thing you see? the light switch

If you could be anybody from Warriors, who would you be?Graystripe or Silverstream

What happened last time you were typing on this computer?I accidentally deleted a chapter of 'A Random World of Warriors'

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