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Rose's Profile:

I've been interested in fanfiction for years and years. I started out in the BtVS fandom and moved over to Harry Potter a bit before OOTP came out. I'm a fairly omnivourous reader, although I have no real taste for pure fluff. Fluffy bits in a fic are fine, but not the whole story.

My favorite het pairings are Harry/Hermionie, Harry/Luna, and Harry/Multi Female. Hey, after all the crap he's been through Harry deserves, and needs, a lot of love. I'm okay with Harry/Ginny when written well, but honestly, I don't feel JKR developed the interactions beteen the two characters enough before HBP, and even there it comes off more like teen lust than anything else--at least to me.

I also read and write slash. Wolf has no interest in it, but he's sweet enough to beta it for me. Ah, the things we do for love--he's even willing to review my favorite slash pairing: Harry/Draco. Yes dear, I know it doesn't make any sense to you. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense to me, either. What can I say. I like to see naughty boys put in their place--and no one can say Draco isn't naughty.

Pairings I dislike: Harry/Cho--why would he go out with her again after the fiasco in OOTP? I don't think he get's off on being cried on :-) Then theres Hermione/Ron. Ask yourself, can a driven intellectual with the model of a two-career family make a sucess of a relationship with an intellectually lazy, Quidditch-obsessed,boy with a family model of a homemaker Mum with seven children and a midlevel bureaucrat Dad? I don't think so, not in the long term. Six months--maybe.

I've done some writing under the pen name Ginny Tracy in the BtVS fandom, and I may move that up to FFN (at least those bits that fit in the Ratings limits here.)

Wolf's Profile:

I became interested in Harry Potter fanfic after being disappointed with book 6. After one too many times having to listen to my griping, my wife Rose suggested I try read some of the fan fiction out here. To my surprise and delight, I found stories out here that I enjoyed greatly. I decided to start writing after Rose told me to stop suggesting plot bunnies to her, and to skin and cook my own bunnies.

My preferred pairings:

I like Harry/Multi pairings. Given how badly Harry has been damaged by his past, I don't see a one-on-one relationship being successful. I think both Harry and his partner would require more love and support than either of them could provide each other. My current favourite is Harry/Hermione/Luna, though this is subject to change without notice.

Pairings I dislike:

Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Snape/Hermione, Draco/Ginny... Need I go on, or do you sense a pattern. As far as I am concerned, both Snape and Draco are complete wastes of oxygen. As far as Harry or the others falling in love with either of them, you've got to be kidding! After all the abuse over the years? I don't think so. As for Ron, I'm not much more fond of him. I see him as an immature, bigoted little prat, Gryffindor's answer to Draco. I give his relationship with Hermione all the shelf life of an overripe banana, before she wises up and dumps the chump.


Our stories are broken up into two categories, stories where Rose is the primary author, and Wolf is the beta, and vice versa.

Primary-Wolf: Current Work

Harry Potter and the Warlock's Coven: Currently undergoing massive overhaul. The story was falling into a morass of bad cliches and overdone characterizations. I'll start posting the revised version once I have at least Year Four completed.

Primary-Wolf: Future Projects:

The Heirs of Power: A Harry/Hermione/Ginny/Luna AU, showing what might have happened had Harry become aware of what was going on around him, and his own place in things, and decided to actively learn what was being hidden from him. This story will be more or less canon to the end of Book 3, then go off on its own tangent.

Untitled-Harry/Ginny/Bellatrix fic: A little bunny nagging me, for a story involving three people coming together, with their common ground being the experience of having had Voldemort in their minds.

Destiny Shattered/Destiny Reforged: There are a lot of fics that have Harry going back in time as his younger self, but not many with other characters doing the same. This story will involve a Harry who does not survive the Final Battle, and years later, Hermione and Luna sending their spirits into the past in an attempt to change what happened. Pairing, obviously, is Harry/Hermione/Luna.


Oh my, it's been almost a year since I last posted. Apologies to any and all readers. I've learned that chronic depressives should not try to write real-time "post as you write". From now on, I'll only be posting stories that are either complete, or for which I've written the equivalent of a full Hogwarts year.

I'm posting a new one-shot, called "Lunacy". Be warned, it's much darker than my previous work. Unfortunately, that's where my head's been the past six months or so. I'm hoping that writing it out will work past it, and let me get back to my more cheerful stories. :)

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