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じしf,)ノ I totally LOVE cats, so naturally I just had to put this here lol

Regarding my father's health: For those who read Holiday Hoax and know that my father was battling lung and bone cancer, I'm sorry to report that he did end up passing away in April 2009 (I was actually in Japan at the time). He fought the good fight though, no one can say he didn't and now he's at peace. I am happy to report that I and my family are doing alright despite all the family deaths that occurred in a 3 yrs span and I thank everyone who sent their best wishes and/or condolences regarding my father. Thanks for caring :)

Progress of my fanfics

(Updated 9/4/2020)

Hey everyone! I know it's been a looooong time since I've updated anything :( I'm really sorry but I honestly haven't had the time. In 2017 my husband and I had a baby and between raising her (she's only 2 1/2 now), working full time, running for local office (didn't win, lost by 122 votes, but came closer than anyone else in the history of my red IN town to flipping the seat I went for from Republican to Democrat even though I ran as an unapologetic progressive Bernie Sanders support, so not bad for my first run), helping on other political campaigns, and the abject authoritarian fascism the US is slipping into under President Trump, and fighting for environmental justice and Medicare for All in the US, I'm short on time. BUT, I haven't abandoned my Young Justice fanfic, or my Jonny Quest or Captain Planet ones for that matter (not so sure about the CCS ones, though I was happy to see the did a new season, it wasn't nearly as good as it could have been imo, so not much inspiration there). I still think about them, especially the YJ one. I do have part of the next chapter written and and outline, but it's been like that for years to be honest. I've seen half of season three b/c my toddler doesn't leave me much time to watch much these days, and I am looking forward to season 4 I heard they were doing.

Just wanted to give an update and let readers know I do still read reviews and check in and still do plan to continue.

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Defying Destiny: This is a CCS Blue Seed crossover. I originally wrote this 9 years ago under the title All For the Fate of the World and it was deleted from this site while I was in the midst of writing the final chapter. Yeah, that sucked. Anyway I found the old floppy disk while moving out of my college apartment last year and got MOST of the chapters off of it (some wouldn't open unfortunately). So I decided to do a major overhaul and have rewritten and changed the story a lot. The first arc is completed at 10 chapters (the original story was only about 6 so I've added a lot). I'm currently working on chapter 11, the first chapter of the second arc. I strongly encourage those that liked this story the first time around to give it another go b/c I can assure you you won't be displeased! Status: hiatus

Holiday Hoax: Definitely my most popular CCS fanfic right now! It has the most reviews, the most alerts, the most favorites, and the most hits overall and per chapter! Wow! I hope you all enjoy the ending! :) Thanks so much for all the amazing support! This story still holds the record for most reviews for a single chapter (52 reviews for chap 9!) and has the most favorites at 167. Status: complete at 9 chapters

Learning to Love: This is an old one that I re-posted since it got deleted years ago. Although the writing isn't quite up to the standards of HH since this is much older, it is fully edited now. Status: complete at 9 chapters

Where Do We Go From Here?: This is also an old one I'm re-posting and it has one chapter to go and an epilogue. Now if I could just find the jump drive it's on . . . Status: complete but not fully posted. 1 chapter left to revise and post.

Us After This: This is one I started in the fall of '07. I haven't updated it in a while because I've been working on other fics since it's the least popular as of right now. Chapter 3 is almost done for those who are interested. It's looking like a pretty long chapter as of right now :) I was going to try and finish it recently but unfortunately I couldn't find the notebook it's in!! I did end up finding it (you don't know the places I had to dig through in my basement). Unfortunately the muse for that one had run off again by that time. Grrrr. Status: hiatus

Captain Planet:

Following Destiny: Chapter 9 is half way done. I have tons of ideas for this one but I'm having trouble flowing from one idea to another. I don't like rushing stories and I don't like jumping from idea to idea either so that's why it's taking me longer with this one. It's been difficult to come up with the "middle stuff" so to speak. I know where I want this story to go I'm just having trouble linking the events smoothly right now. :( Status: hiatus

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest:

A Jaded Secret: Chapter 6 is actually finished, but I just don't want to post it yet since I'm not fully satisfied. Sorry . . . I'd rather take forever to update over posting rubbish. I'm constantly trying to work on this chapter though so I can update it for you guys while keeping the plot and writing of high quality as so many of your wonderful reviews have claimed it to be :) For the most part I know where I want this story to go and I already have a sequel thought out :) However comments and suggestions are always welcome as with all my fics. Status hiatus, but always on my mind!

Young Justice

Tangled Web: Currently working on chapter 20. Have only about 1% of it done though. I also created the cover for it using photoshop (1st time so it's not perfect). Anyway, not sure how long it's going to be, but I do think I know where it's going at least lol No promises though, the mind is a strange thing @_@ This story has not only become the longest one to date that I've written, but it also has the most reviews, the most views, and the most alerts! Status: in progress! In an effort to make it easier for you guys to pick up where we left off when I take a long time between chapters, I've posted a lengthy overview of what's happened so far in this story below (beware it contains spoilers if you aren't all caught up!). Hope it helps :)

Our story thus far:In this AUish take (canon compliant through ep 10 and about issue 15) of season 1, Artemis is the mole. She also has a special ability: when killed she eventually comes back to life thanks to an intricate butterfly tattoo at the base of her neck (see cover for pic of tattoo and see chap 8 for details). It’s only temporary, however, and each time she dies and comes back the mark fades a little more. Eventually she will run out of do-overs.

Because of her skills and the resurrection mark she bares, her father, Sportsmaster, is forcing her to join the League of Shadows under the pretense that he’ll hurt Paula, her mother and former League of Shadows villain Huntress, now that she’s been released from prison if she doesn’t. Since her initiation is forced, Sensei ordered her to infiltrate the Team of protégés and attempt to collect as much info on the JL as she can, including the civilian ids of the JL members, to prove her loyalty. Despite Sportsmaster’s threat, she told Batman what the Shadows wanted her to do. He asked her to be a double agent, to spy on the Shadows for him instead in an attempt to bring them down from the inside out.

Of the JL, only Batman, GA, BC, and Red Tornado know about Artemis’s supernatural ability and double agent status. No one on the Team knows she’s a double agent, but Megan found out about her ability – and subsequently that her father is Sportsmaster, though she doesn’t know about Cheshire being her sister – by accident (see chap 7 & 8). Artemis made her promise not to tell anyone. No one else knows about her ability.

Wally and Dick suspect that she is involved in something dangerous based on what happened to her at the Happy Harbor Festival (see chap 2 and 3), the way her apartment was vandalized along with her mother mentioning “the work she’s doing for Batman” (see chap 6), the scars they saw all over her back and chest (see chap 7), and the way Cheshire messed with her at the Gotham Academy Homecoming dance (see chap 11), not to mention the week long absence and the marks Wally saw on her neck and wrists when she finally showed up at the base (see chap 9).

Wally and Artemis have been steadfastly growing closer. The night of the GA Homecoming dance – where she, Wally, and Dick had to incapacitate Evan, Artemis’s classmate, date, and the Homecoming king, after Jade injected him with Kobra Venom – they ended up sharing a passionate kiss after the fact. Wally can’t ignore what he felt when they kissed, but Artemis is trying her hardest to because she’s worried about what the Shadow’s might do to him if they get involved with each other. Currently, she’s trying to keep him at arm’s length and he’s trying to bridge the gap. Conner and Megan also went to their Homecoming dance together the same night.

Kaldur is starting to suspect Artemis as the mole (see chap 14), but he hasn’t voiced his suspicions because he hasn’t told the Team that Sportsmaster told him and Red Arrow there was a mole during their mission in Taipei.

Eventually, Artemis met Ra’s al Ghul – Leader of the League of Shadows - for the first time, along with his daughter Talia. He wanted a status update, so Batman had Artemis tell him his and Robin’s civilian aliases because he and his daughter already know, but Artemis wouldn’t know that, so it'd appear that she was making progress as their spy. While on Infinity Island, Artemis over heard Klarion the Witch Boy, Lex Luthor, and a female she couldn’t see talking about Klarion losing the Helmet of Fate to the Team, and that they would now need diamonds to power “it,” although she has no idea what "it" is. The female mentioned that losing the helmet was a setback, but that it wouldn’t stop “The Light.” She also ran into Icicle Jr., who was broken out of the convoy that was taking him to Belle Reve for his participation in the July 4th ice attacks since he’d petitioned to be tried as an adult as the Shadows originally wanted, because they realized they needed to keep one ice user on the outside, though even Jr. doesn’t know why.

Unfortunately for Artemis, Ra’s was so impressed with the info she’d provided him that he decided to start utilizing her for more than spying. Along with Cheshire, she was sent to the Gotham Museum of Natural History to steal a diamond, more specifically, an amorphous, or man-made, diamond. Cheshire wouldn’t tell her why, although whether it was because she herself didn’t know or because she didn’t trust Artemis, Artemis wasn’t sure. While there, they ran into Harm, who was stealing the sword of Beowulf. Cheshire nabbed the diamond and took off, leaving Artemis to handle the sword welding sociopath. She let her guard down and he managed to kill her. Upon awakening, she saw him ready to kill an unconscious Commissioner Gordon. She managed to stop him and engaged him in combat. Batgirl showed up to help (see chap 11). Because of the way the Shadows have been targeting Artemis, Robin had installed a one-way radio and tracking device into Artemis's belt buckle (see chap 14) after the Homecoming dance fiasco. Batgirl inadvertently triggered it when she tackled Artemis during one of Harm's attacks, sending the feed to the overhead system at the cave, so Robin, Wally, and Kaldur were alerted to the trouble she was in and began to track her signal in order to go help. The girls gave Harm a run for his money, but ultimately he beat them. Obsessed with Artemis’s ability to be alive after he struck her dead, he took them both, determined to learn Artemis’s secret, even going so far as to try and cut the tattoo out of her flesh. The boys show up and manage to save Artemis and Batgirl, to which the two girls lay the final smack down on Harm. Artemis is able to touch the sword, and Wally can't fathom why given Harm's words about making sacrifices (i.e. if sacrificing others makes the heart pure evil, wouldn't sacrificing one's self make it pure good? Though then they wouldn't be around to wield the sword, making it a catch 22).

Next the Team was introduced to Zatanna - to whom Robin showed an interest - when Zatara brought her by the cave after Batman required his presence. While she joined the others in their training session, Batman questioned Zatara about the Helmet of Fate and why Klarion, a lord of chaos, would be so interested in stealing an article that represents order. He assumed that Klarion wanted to harness the power and wanted verification from Zatara that such a feat was even possible. Zatara confirmed that it was, but that even he wouldn't have a clue how to go about it. Batman has a feeling that even though Klarion did not obtain the helmet, it will only be a temporary set back. Batman, Zatara, and Red Tornado have to leave the cave for a League meeting at the Watchtower and Zatara lets Zatanna stay behind to hang out with the others. She can feel an otherworldly power coming from Artemis and questions her about it in front of the others, to which the blonde insists there is nothing special about her. The cave is then attacked by the Forever People, who tracked Sphere's location to Mount Justice. It's an all out free for all, that isn't looking good for the Team when Dr. Fate shows up to intervene. During the battle, Kaldur sneaked away to the souvenir room and grabbed the helmet, unaware the danger it possesses. Dr. Fate stops the Forever People, who end up apologizing for the misunderstanding and allow Conner to keep Sphere, and frees Kaldur thanks to Kent Nelson's persuasion, but not before informing Wally and Artemis that their fates are tied together. Artemis's fate is a choppy mess, as though it's been cut short repeatedly, making it impossible for him to truly read her fate, while Wally's holds great turmoil and despair. Afterwards, Zatanna apologizes to Artemis in private for almost blowing the power she apparently wants to keep secret, and promises not to bring it up again while offering a shoulder to lean on if Artemis ever wants to talk about it.

Most recently, Batman sent the team on a mission to Maine where it's believed a stash of Kobra Venom is being kept in a lighthouse on a cliff. Wally is surprised by Artemis's attendance at the briefing b/c she hasn't been at the cave in almost a week. He questions her about it afterwards, but this time she honestly can't remember why she was gone for so long. She knows she was called to Infinity Island for a training exercise, but remembers none of it. She woke up a few days after arriving at the island with no memory of training. Cheshire writes her memory loss off as having been hit too hard in the head during the training session (the others didn't go easy on Artemis b/c of her ability), but Artemis is wary given that she's never experienced complete and utter memory loss from dying. Wally and Artemis end up arguing about him not telling her about the Helmet of Fate almost keeping his body, and about how she won't acknowledge that the kiss they shared was more than just a kiss. When the Team leaves for the mission, Megan has to tell the others that she and Conner had a fight and that he took off on the Supercycle. Kaldur decides they will do the mission without him. After arriving at the lighthouse, Robin and Kaldur go in to steal a few samples of Kobra Venom before setting explosives around the rest of it. They are attacked by a Kobra Venom induced guard who chases them outside. Megan, Wally, and Artemis join the fray, but Megan is knocked unconscious and thrown into Artemis. The two go over the edge of the cliff, and though Wally stops them from dropping, he can't pull them back up. In the end, Artemis lets go so that he can save Megan. Robin and Kaldur manage to take the guard down, and Kaldur hurries down to the beach and into the water. He manages to pull Artemis back to shore, but it is too late, she's already gone. Wally, unable to stand the fact that Artemis is dead, starts having a mental breakdown and blacks out. Megan hit him with a sort of psychic blast to knock him out and keep him from losing it.

Back at the cave, Megan confronts Conner and tells him what happened. Batman along with GA, BC, and Red Tornado finally tell the Team about the double agent mission Artemis has been on (but NOT about her mark, which all four know about). In light of this, Kaldur tells everyone that he'd been suspicious of Artemis being a mole b/c of what Sportsmaster said to him and Red Arrow during their mission in Taipei. All the members react to the news of her secret mission with varying degrees of surprise, but none act as volatile as Wally, who is disgusted with the League for keeping her in the awful position she was in just to garner more intelligence on the Shadows. Batman makes it know that the end justifies the means and tells Wally that Artemis understood that and that if he doesn't, then he doesn't belong on this team. Wally tries to attack him out of shear anger and dispair, but Kaldur manages to grab him and pull him from the room. Kaldur calls Roy to tell him the news of Artemis's demise and Megan ends up telling Batman she knows about Artemis's mark (and how she found out). Together they go down to the on-site morgue and wait for her to resurrect. When she does, Batman tells her her funeral is tomorrow. She explains that Sensei gave her a vile of slow releasing poison that will keep her dead long enough to go through a funeral and burial. Since she won't be able to "spy" on the Team and the League, she'll become a full-fledged member of the Shadows and hopefully gain more info on what they are up to. Megan tells her how the rest of the Team is handling her death, and her heart is so heavy over Wally's brutal reaction that she asks to be left alone. They leave the room and she cries.


C2 Community

I created a C2 community that has every CCS Holiday related fanfic I could find. Since there are so many I thought having a C2 community dedicated to those works would be a good idea. That way if anyone is in the mood for a holiday fic or likes to read holiday stories during the month of a specific holiday like me, they are easily accessible. I spent several hours searching through all the CCS holiday fics I could find but I'm sure I'm missing a couple. If you have any you have written or any that you have read that I don't have in my C2 please feel free to PM me about them so I can add them! The holiday being celebrated does not matter, it can be a Japanese holiday or a foreign one they don't celebrate in Japan (Birthday stories count as holiday fanfics in my opinion), the genre is irrelevant, all pairings are welcomed, and the rating can be K thru M. The only requirement is that the main theme or at least a big chunk of the main theme revolves around a holiday. As of right now I have stories for April Fools, just about everyone's birthday, Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, Fourth of July (surprisingly enough lol), Halloween, Mother's Day, New Year's, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving (again, surprisingly lol), Valentine's Day, and White Day. Enjoy!


Works I've beta read for:

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Aside from working on my own fics I've also done some beta reading for Wish-Chan's CCS fanfic The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura and Friends, so I've been diligently editing and refining (to an extent) that story :) It's a really LONG and in depth story (that is still in progress) so it's a cumbersome and daunting project but very worth it! It's an amazing story to say the least so anybody who loves CCS and S&S should check it out, although I recommend waiting until I've edited the chapters so you can enjoy a better read :) I'll put a note down here once all available chapters have been edited.

I was beta reading Tsu Rai Ku for carpetfibers. It is also an amazing story (I hardly have to fix anything when I proof the chapters!), the plot is exciting, and the writing is fabulous! I highly recommend it! :) Unfortunately this story hasn't been touched in a while so it might have been dropped :( Darn shame, it was awesome.

I've also done some beta reading for The Clow. Yuuki seems to be weaving a very complex story from the seem of things, but it's also very long so I don't know if I'll be able to edit all the chapters unfortunately :(


Finally I picked up a Ranma fanfic as well titled Magnet by Enless. It seems like she's got a good plot going and her characterization of the characters seems to be in order as well. Unfortunately, her native language is not English, it's Spanish. And since she's working so hard to write a story in her SECOND language (you don't even know how much that impresses me!) I suggested maybe finding a beta reader whose first language is English so that her great story would read better. Well she asked if I'd do it so naturally I said I would lol Unfortunately I haven't heard from her in a long time now (over 2 years) so this story might have been dropped :(

I've also helped with a few chapters here and there for Thwarth's story Hippocrates. I'm so glad I've been able to help her out when she needed it b/c her story is absolutely FANTASTIC! It's definitely one of the greatest Ranma stories I've ever had the pleasure to read :)

Of course, with all this beta reading I'm doing I'm finding it hard to finish my own stories . . . lol But I'm glad I can help :)


Here's some information on me!

Pen name: SakuraJade Origin: Sakura is one of my favorite Japanese names (and the CCS character is one of my all time fav anime characters. Plus I love the flower, it's so pretty and it's pink, which is my favorite color). And I've always liked Jade (the stone and the name) so I figured I'd put them together and that was that.

Birthday: March 20, 1984

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Age: I was 17 when I posted my first story (which was a Ranma 1/2 one-shot that unfortunately got deleted) and I am currently 36. Wow, I've been an active member on this site for almost 20 yrs!

Sex: Female

Country: USA

State: I'm from NW Indiana, the area known as "The Region," and recent bought a home there. It's about 30 mins outside of downtown Chicago, IL, so we get all of the perks of a big, cultured city, but get to avoid the insane taxes IL charges lol

Nationalities: English, Irish, French, German, Scottish, Norwegian, Welsh, and Italian.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese (but I'm no where near fluent unfortunately =/ I am better than I give myself credit though it seems) with minors in Asian Studies, Women's Studies, and Sociology from Ball State University (obtained in July 2006), and a Master of Arts in Sociology with a certificate in Institutional Research also from BSU (obtained in May 2008). Phew, that's a mouthful, but it sounds more impressive than it really is I think . . .

Relationship Status: Married the love of my life on Oct 20, 2012! We've been together for 16 yrs :)

Favorite Animes and Mangas: I'm picky when it comes to anime. My main favorites are Ranma 1/2, Cardcaptor Sakura, UltraManiac, Saint Tail, Full Metal Panic!, and the dubbed version of Shin Chan, it's so wrong but so funny. My favorite mangas are Cardcaptor Sakura, AoHaru Ride (Blue Spring Ride), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, UltraManiac, Marmalade Boy, and Shinobi Life.

Favorite American Cartoons: I've always loved Captain Planet and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. They were my staple cartoons while growing up in the '90s. I think most of today's cartoons suck, but there are a few worth watching. Some more current cartoons on my list are Ben Ten Alien Force/Ultimate Alien and Young Justice (my favorite current one as of right now), all on Cartoon Network at some point.

Favorite Video Game: Definitely Final Fantasy VII (I like all the FFs really), although Squaresoft's Kingdom Hearts is a very close second. Still haven;t gotten to play FF7 Remake though.

Music: I listen to a LOT of J-pop. I love Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, Do As Infinity, and V6 to name a few. I also listen to a lot of American pop/dance music too. Despise country, blah . . .

Job: I am an Entry Writer for a freight forwarder/Customs broker in the Chicago area. Basically, I fill out the paperwork necessary to get imported goods past US Customs.

Funny Fact: I name my electronic devices lol My laptop is Fuyuki, my DS is Ithica, my iPod is Midori (b/c it's green and midori is Japanese for green), my Kindle is Delfina, and my PSP is Shinobi lol

Phew, that was a lot! lol I hope you enjoyed what you decided to read! Want to know anything else? Feel free to PM me and ask! If anyone has a facebook and wants to be friends PM me about it :)

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