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HIIIII!!! It's me, infinityrose...duh...that's probably why your reading this. Wellllllll...a little about me...

Fave Color: GREEN :) (like emerald green.)

Fave Movie: I have one...I love VanHelsing and Troy!

Fave Number: 8 (I kno It's odd to have a fav number, so sue me!)

Fave Flower: A rose. (It's also my mum's middle name.)

Fave Anime/Manga: # 1 Naruto, #2 Bleach

Fave songs: Remember the name, Missing, Lacrymosa, Everywhere, When I'm gone, Thanks For the Memories, Crawling, I Hate Everything About You, Animal I Have Become,Stand My Ground, Memories, Riot, Face Down, Animal I Have Become, Faint, Are You Ready, and...I dunno...I'll find more later!!!

Fave Bands/artists: Evanescence, Within temptation, I thought Kathrine McPhee on American Idol was pretty good...idk...I like a lot more. But Evanescence and Within Temptation are definetly my top ones.

My Theme song: (For this week. I change a ton. But My BFF Michelle has a new one every day...that's a bit odd.) Uh...I don't exactally have one at the moment...

Fave Phrases: "Friends ask why your crying, Best Friends have a shovle to burry the sorry ass who made you cry." "Friends stab your back. BFF have the decency to stab you in your front." "Friends help you up when you fall, BFF laugh and ask 'walk much dumbass?'" "Sorry Pheobe but we have to stop seeing each other O.K? Why? Because I have to kill you!" (from Charmed!!!!! Love Cole!!!)

Yah, my name deffinetly reflects all my faves. Also...I can't spell 2 save my life. Yah, that sucks. Aneyhoo, on to my friends

My two BFF's:

Sara: She's an author here too and her stories are EXCELLENT!!!!! (Two Worlds One Love, The Devil's Revenge, and Once Upon a December, and somethign with Raise Me Up...plz don't kill me Sara for not knowing abotu it!) Read 'em K? K! She's a little coo-coo...(lol) but whenever you need her she's there!

Michelle: to describe Miesh...Wierd, smart/dumb, totally blonde (Gotta love her for hat,) and she's completely loyal. While your busy worring weather your other friends are against you or not she's right there with you!

The others: (GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!!!)

Courtney: Loves basketball and is completely RANDOM!!!!!! She's soooooo cool. Go U!!! If she was any different the school would sorta suck. I realyl can't imagine anymore random outbursts of hilarity.

Jay (Julianna): Hard to understand sometimes, but hey...WHO ISN'T?!?!? She's there when you need her the most and that's what counts!

Sammie: Her and Court are connected at the hip!!!! Sammie and her are awsome on thier own, but togeather you won't stop laughing! She's dependant and funny. NEVER CHANGE!!! (from lostsoul99: I hate this girl all she does is stabs you over and over again. Shes compleatly stupid, and dosent know a damn thing. Fuck you! BITCH!) INFINITYROSE88: O...K...then...that was Sara. Now you see why she's coo-coo.

Kelli: She is so cool and is great to be around!

Nevin: He's my big brother! (Not really. but u get the point.) He's dating Sam and they make an awsome couple! He's always got yoru back and when oyu screw up he's completely forgiving.

Yah... I have no significant other. (Tear, tear.) Actually I'm a bit of a coward. But I know my friends are always goign to be there! Plus, there are really only a few cute guys at our school. That's a depressing thought.

O.K, my crazy BFF's section.


Hey everyone. I'm over at this ones house right now. so yha. I'm just poppin in to say WHATS UP? Lauren is very talented with writing. Shes 10X better then me even though i hate to admit it. GRRRRR!!! LAUREN DON'T FUCKING HUG ME! alright so I'm gonna go. and you better review her stories or I WILL come after you! with a knife. and a sword and don't forget the mace... THAT HAS SPIKES! i love Spike. he's me imaginary friend. OK... IM GONNA GO! ( Infinityrose88: Please don't even ask why I'm letting her write on my profile.(Goes to hug Sara anyway) That was probably the nicest thing I'll ever get her to say!)

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