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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Naruto.

Just because so many kids, paticularly girls, fall to kidnappers and such because they give out certain info, I'm not doing it.


I am the craziest girl that there is to meet. I love to share comments that most likely are of NO relevance to the topic at hand. (I love dragons! Ooops I'm off topic.) And Im probably gonna b a hyper old hag that constantly shouts "Pacha Pacha Pacha Pacha!"

I appreciate good humor. I can't stand when people try to give corny, old jokes that they got from some corny joke book. I roll my eyes every single time.

Though I hate to admit it, I love a good romance. It can't be one of those sappy, romances where the couple gets together way too fast. I like there to be some intensity, signs of a chase.

I am a crazy grammatic freak. It doesn't help that my mom corrects my grammar every five seconds either. I don't mind it at all when it is outside of a writing piece, though.

I am constantly sugar high! There is not a moment in time where you could catch me being anything other than hyper unless I am thoroughly pissed off, upset, or sick. Im ALWAYS hyper! x3 Always Always Always! And if u hear silence?! Trouble is afoot ._.; (Thats when I contemplate sticking metal in a microwave or self-mutilation (>'.')>)

Favorite Anime/Game

Pokemon (Duh!)- I like the thought of bonding with and training REAL creatures (especially when they're cute).

Sonic the Hedgehog-I don't know why I like it. I just do. It was the first video game I ever played.

Spyro the Dragon- I always did have a thing for dragons.

Inuyasha- The first time I saw any hint of it was on a commercial for Adult Swim. I probably watched it at first because the commercial constantly showed the effects of the 'Sit' command.

Azu Manga Daioh- It is a ridiculously hilarious anime that I thoroughly enjoy. It reminds me of my crazy antics.

Strawberry Marshmallow- I think it's from the same person that did Azu Manga Daioh. It is even more funny since it includes little kids in it.

Favorite Characters

May- She is polite and she works to become more experienced, which I appreciate. She is not obnoxious and her relationship with her brother reminds me of my relationship with my brother.

Ash- He is awesome! He is one main character that I support the entire way. I just like his 'go for what you want and don't quit' attitude. It's refreshing!

Amy- She's energetic and peppy. I don't appreciate her overly obssessive attitude with Sonic, though. It's annoying.

Cream- She's just so adorable that I can't resist her charm!

Tails- He's a cute fox, and he's smart like me!

Shadow- I like his attitude. He's all angsty, and he has more than one side to him. I think it makes him a better character since his actions change with his motives. He doesn't always play hero like Sonic and he doesn't always play the villian.

Tikal- I like her since she reminds me of a fallen angel. I'm always a sucker for fallen angels. She's pretty, too.

Ember- She reminds me somewhat of Amy.

Sesshomaru- Another angsty guy who is hot to boot. I like when I am able to question his motives.

Miu- She's so crazy that I can't help but think, "That was me!"

Naruto- When he's not being a complete dufous he's awesome. He's so cute and funny! And he resembles a fox so much. And we all know how Tails is my favorite fox! I like his whole background story too. I wish he looked more like his father; the girls would be all over him then.

Minato- Why is it that people can't figure out that the 4th Hokage is Naruto's father. Who else has blonde hair and blue eyes? He sounds like a really cool guy and it's a shame that he died. . .

Itachi- He reminds me of Sesshomaru a lot, and something tells me there was more to the Uchiha Massacre than him testing his skills. . . .

Favorite Pairings

Ash+May- They act so much like each other! They both started out so inexperienced and became better as they went. There personality is the same, too! I noticed that these two don't argue nearly as much as Ash used to with Misty or Ash does now with Dawn.

Sonic+Amy- I like it when Amy becomes less obssessive which attracts Sonic's attention. They seem to be compatible.

Shadow+Amy- Shadow needs someone to bring him out of his misery and bring out the best in him. Why not Amy? She's optimistic and peppy enough. She even quotes Maria who he holds dear.

Cream+Tails- They are so cute together! I can't resist!

Spyro+Ember- Come on. Two dragons. Opposite gender. Catch my drift?

Sesshomaru+Kagome- Same comment regarding Shadow and Amy..


My most hated pairings are May+Drew and Ash+Misty. Drew is so rude and conceited which I absolutely hate. His hair is bright green for Pete sake! I guess the hair thing is me just looking for a reason to hate him, but if May likes that jerk, then it says that she is an empty-headed girl that will take on any guy that gives her a flowers. Misty is rude and hot-tempered, and she's not all that pretty either. And she's always insulting Ash. I really don't get that if she's supposed to like him. Besides, I think May is WAY more encouraging.

Also, I have just recently began to actually LIKE Naruto. I CANT STAND SAKURA, TIME SKIP OR NOT! So you can imagine I enjoy mild Sakura bashing and that I hate her being paired with Sasuke or Naruto (if anyone pairs her with Itachi I will personally hunt you down).

I tend to write only to those that greatly deserve it in my eyes. For those of you who have received comments from Vanessa, she and I are one and the same.


Heaven's Pipe: Cipher, for the second time has been brought down. But this doesn't keep Ardos, former Cipher Admin, from making a second attempt at reestaablishing the evil organization in the near future. This time, he plans to aim higher than Lugia, planning to create the ultimate Shadow Pokemon from the Original One himself. The only thing that stands in his way is the lack of a flute that summons it. Meanwhile Ash and his friends are invited to Highland City, a beautiful air-borne city set upon floating platforms, for the first tournament ever held in the city, accomadated by a night of fireworks, a performance by Cynicism, and an overnight stay at the Grand Hotel. How can the oppurtunity be refused? The city itself has its own mysterious origins including the legend of the flute - but what happens when Ash realizes that he has possessed the flute for four years?

Dream Catcher: For many years, the fight for the right to claim a powerful artifact - the Dragon Scale - has been kept a veiled secret from commoners and ninja alike. Rumors of the Dragon Scale having appeared again result in many unexplained tragic events, one of which happens to be the attack on Konoha by the fox demon, Kyuubi. There is no limit to the risks, sacrifices, and methods that the spiritual beings, along with their chosen human partners, will endure. Things take on a whole new level of interesting when Naruto is drawn by fate into the secret war simply by witnessing a fight between two of the spiritual beings. Right before he is struck down by one such spirit, he is saved by a mysterious girl who looks no older than him with skills that rival even the legendary kages'. Mizurei, his savior, reveals herself as a spiritual entity that Naruto somehow summoned! Akatsuki now possesses two reasons to pursue Naruto; Kyuubi, and the fabled Dragon Princess, Mizurei.

Garden of Shinobi: He has no parents, he's the dead last on his team, a demon is slowly taking over his body and mind, and he's a ninja. Faced with lie after lie and bitter truth after bitter truth, Naruto is slowly losing his ability to distinguish reality from fiction. The only hope that keeps his sanity intact lies in the hands of one of the people who wish to hurt him most. A ninja's ultimate objective is deceit, is it not? So, he must be the best ninja in all of the world if he's able to deceive himself; Itachi wasn't evil, and Akatsuki wanted to help him. That's the truth. . . . at least to Naruto.

Crystal Clear: Minato really doesn't approve of his daughter's obsession with ninja and the like. Naruto doesn't see any problem with it. After all, she's just a child. Kushina is worried for the sanity of her whole family. During one of Kinomi's "rituals", the whole Namikaze family is thrown into chaos when Kinomi accesses chakra and an alternate universe where cell phones don't exist, and public transportation involves jumping from tree to tree. Things go from bad to worse when she drags home a twin version of her older brother from the alternate universe whose main objective is to become some ultimate ninja called the Hokage, is on the negative side of the popularity meter, and couldn't pull off a decent grade if the answers sat right before him!

I imagine Kinomi to look just like her mother. She is nine years old and quite the misfit. For the closest physical picture (disregard the fact that she is more developed than a nine year old should be) I can make up so far, check out this link. The room is just as I imagine as well.

On that note, I look forward to reading and sharing great fanfiction pieces.

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