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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Naruto.

Hi there!
I'm Erin.
I'm 18.
I'm a senior.
I like to write.
I like to read too.
That is why I'm here.
This feels like I'm doing an interview.
Those make me nervous.
Am I talking to much?
Anyway, I really like crack fics.
They are my love.
So are vanilla milkshakes. (Thought you should know.)
Those wonderful aptitude tests I take in English say I'm pretty smart.
So I guess I'm that too, though I'm not so sure I agree.
So my two favorite subjects are Harry Potter (duh) and Naruto (it's
not all that bad.).
Anyway, those crack fics I love normally have something to do with
really messed up pairings, thats why I love them so.
So my favorites characters are... well actually my least favorite characters
are Ron, Percy, and Dumbledore.
I love Hermione though.
She's wonderful.
You can't put her with Ron it'd be awful they simply aren't meant for each
other. (Haha, I sound like an obsessed idiot.)
I also like Snape (When seen in the good light.)
I also like the Weasley twins. (But who dosen't?)
As for Naruto characters.
I like Hinata. (She is wonderful too.)
Gaara is my absolute favorite guy.
Neji and Shika are pretty awesome too.
I don't like any of the other girls till the time skip.
Then just add Ino.
I wrote a Gaara Sakura story but I still hate Sakura.
Wrote a Charlie Hermione one too.
Don't expect much for the other Harry Potter fic I'm writing, not much hope.
Always glad to talk to people too.
My AIM is TroubledPeople08
I always like to read stories, so tell me if you have one.
If you feel like making a request, I think that would be fun. =)
Okay, Ja Ne.

Oh you totally should see my sisters, she is GryphonDown, she's basically awesome too.


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