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Author has written 40 stories for Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, Toy Story, Spider-Man, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Fantastic Four, Kick-Ass, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, X-overs, StarTrek: The Original Series, DC Elseworlds, Captain America, Jaws, Marvel, South Park, StarTrek: The Next Generation, Doctor Who, Guitar Hero, Child's Play, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Star Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, DC Superheroes, Ghostbusters, Heroes, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cartoon X-overs, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Avengers, Ted, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

New Update: 01/07/14

Hi guys, sorry to do this, but I've had to cancel some of my stories. Rest assured, I'll have new ones in the future but for now I have to cancel most of them.

Current Stories:

One-Man- Doug Iancruz is your normal average Middle School senior graduate. He's a fan of superheroes both fictional and real, he's got a best bud, and he's also got a nice homework tutor, Ms. Abby Adriene. But one day, Doug discovers that his homework helper was formerly the real-life superhero known as American Woman. Plagued by a dark past that she doesn't like to discuss, Abby promises to train Doug to be a real-life superhero as long as he promises to take things with the upmost seriousness. Doug will face hardships and trials, but he's determined to prove himself to Ms. Adriene. He is...One-Man.

Battle for the Multi-Verse- Taking a cue from franchise crossovers on a cossmic scale like Marvel's Secret Wars or Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a mysterious force has kidnapped some of the Multi-verse's interesting heroes, placing them on a newly-formed planet observing Earth. Now, the force has pitched these motley heroes against some of their most greatest foes. This will become a battle for the fate of not only this world, but for the fate of these heroes worlds. Should they fail to save the day, then their worlds will be crushed, and their greatest adverseries will gain unlimited power to live like gods forever. Can the team comprised of Captain America, Buzz Lightyear, Woody Pride, Supergirl, Optimus Prime, Harry Potter, and James Kirk be able to defeat The All-Master and his assembeled villians of Bizzaro Supergirl, Emperor Zurg, Khan, Korvac, Megatron, and Lord Voldemort? Find out here! (To be completed soon!!)

BrenRome & Rurrlock’s Monster Angle- An Elseworld’s/Horror Crossover Story branching off from BrenRome’s Freddy VS Jason VS The Supergirl Monster, co-written with fanfiction master, Rurrlock-God of Power. Three months after the alternate defeat of Freddy and Jason at the hands of a Supergirl Frankenstein Monster, Will, Kia, and Lori are living their lives well, and pampering Kara to take on a mantle of protecting Springwood from all sorts of threats. But Kara is repeatedly having nightmares that may serve as a warning for the future. Nonetheless, Kara adopts a cool new costume, and with the additional aid of Springwood Global News’s feisty anchorwoman, Margot Bosworth; Kara becomes The Monster Angle. Soon, she will take on all sorts of evil from gang bosses, to misguided schizophrenics, and even classic monsters that were only thought to be myth or non-real. But she will have to make herself as perfect as possible, because The Monster Angle will eventually have to face these individuals again, empowered and under the leadership of Freddy, Jason, and Pinhead. (Co-written with Rurrlock-God of Power.)

Ed, Edd, N Eddy VS The Three Stooges- A crossover of the two greatest three friends who stuck together forever. When The Stooges learn that they must pay their home rent of $1,000,000, they enter in an Olympic Contest of 'Stoogantics;' a competition for the greatest knuckleheads in the world. Unfortunately for them, the prize won't come easy as the Eds are also competing in the contest in hopes of winning that money so Double Dee's family can afford the school payments and prevent ol' Sockhead from switching schools. Prepare yourself for a showdown that will have you nyuk-nyuk-ing the whole way through, till you crush your teeth on that jawbreaker you're having there!

Black Widow/James Bond: Red Seas- Crossover between Earth-616 Black Widow and the recent Daniel Craig-set Bond Universe, shortly after the events of Skyfall. When an old Russian terrorist resurfaces, MI6 sends James Bond to investigate, fearing that this Russian might be up to something. Unfortunately, Bond is in for a mission like never before when he crosses paths with one of the Russian's old friends, Natasha Romanoff AKA: The Black Widow! When these two spies meet, it becomes a matter of life-and-death as Natasha's old friend prepares to take his master plan and dominate everything with his latest scheme. Can Bond and Romanoff put aside their problems long enough to save the day?

SHIELD AVENGERS- Based off of Marvel's Avengers Alliance Game) Westley Skarsky was an agent of SHIELD for only a few days when an unexpected event rocked Earth, and upgraded Supervillians powers beyond what they normally had. Director Nick Fury suddenly assignes Agent Skarsky to put together a SHIELD team of Avengers to work with Shield and resolve this crisis. With the aid of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Kitty Pryde, The Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, and SHIELD Agent Aurora Devereux; The SHIELD Avengers are formed to fight the threat that no other Avenger team could! (NOW IN PROGRESS.)

Toy Story Short Stories- When Bonnie is chosen short story she wrote in front of Sunnyside, Woody, Buzz, and Jessie decide to try to write short stories themselves and try to outwrite each other. Woody writes a story which is a retelling of The Ransom of Red Chief, Buzz writes a story reimagining Who Goes There? (The story which served as the inspiration for John Carpenter's The Thing,) and Jessie writes her own story putting herself as a female version of Ian Fleming's James Bond in Goldfinger. However, only one of these three stories will be voted by the other toys as the 'Short Story of The Night Award Winner.'

The Marvelous Superwoman Season 2- Sequel to What If/Elseworlds: The Marvelous Superwoman. The year is 1970 and Clara Jones AKA Superwoman is having a great life. She is a college student at Empire State University, romancing with her beloved Peter Parker, and is a full-fledged member of The Avengers, saving people everywhere. But strange things happen when more supervillians start appearing, claiming to be from Kara's original universe. Kara must continue her duty as Superwoman, the earth's mightiest superheroine while dealing with her normal life in order to uncover the mysteries behind this 'Invasion' from her world.

The Marvelous Superwoman Season 3- Sequel to What If/Elseworlds: The Marvelous Superwoman and The Marvelous Superwoman Season 2. It's 1980 now, and Superwoman is under more pressure than before. Having graduated from Empire State University, with a job at the Daily Bugle, and teaching at Midtown High School, Clara Jones is going to be put to the test even more. Kara will now face Secret Wars, the menace of the former Krytonian General, Zod, and prepare for a wedding with her beloved Peter Parker. Hopefully Kara will live to discover why Zod is so hell-bent on destroying her and what his real motivations are. If not, then the Last Daughter of Krypton will KNEEL before Zod.

The Marvelous Superwoman Season 4- Sequel to What If/Elseworlds: The Marvelous Superwoman and The Marvelous Superwoman Seasons 2 and 3. Kara Zor-El is in for the year of her life. 1990 has come, and it holds the most challenges for Superwoman yet. With the comming invasion from her world of the being known as Darkseid, Kara faces more threats and the shocking revelation of her being pregnant. Will Superwoman be able to defend the world against Darkseid? Or will it just be too much for her to handle?

Carol's Choice- Based off of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The night of the Superhuman Registration Act's passing has arrived. Ms. Marvel was certain she knew what side she'd be on when the time came for superhumans to register. But when the time comes for Carol to register her identity with the government, she begins to have second thoughts. Will these second thoughts cause her to take another path than she intended. And if so, can she live with the consequences?

Robin Rises- Taking place directly after the epic conclusion to The Dark Knight Trilogy. Robin 'John' Blake was convinced that Bruce Wayne, The Batman, had sacrificed himself in order to protect the people of Gotham. However, he is only half-right as now he and a handful of other allies to the Dark Knight realize that Bruce is out there...but cannot return to where he is now. Wayne has given the people of Gotham everything they needed...and Blake has recieved the one thing he'll need for the rest of his life; the legacy of The Batman. But is Blake willing to give the people of Gotham what they deserve...or what they need?

X-Woman, Avenger, Hedmistress, Mutant- Spin-Off from my SHIELD Avengers Fanfic. Kitty Pryde's balancing many things now. She's Headmistress of The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, a member of The SHIELD Avengers, and an X-Woman. However, all this balancing is starting to get to her. Can Wolverine and Agent Skarsy make it better for her? (This is a one-shot taking place in my SHIELD Avengers Fanfic that shows the life in a day for Kitty Pryde.)

Passing the Saw- Heather Miller has watched over Leatherface for the past 10 years. Now she is a full-grown woman and Leatherface is dying due to a sudden heart failure. But the twisted life of the Hewitt family will not end here. Now that Heather has fufilled her inheritance in watching Leatherface, she must now inherit something else; his legacy.

Underdog Wheeler- Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor are attending The Duel Monsters Regional Championship Qualifiers Tournament, and Joey's feeling a bit down. That is, until he comes across the last person he'd ever expect to meet at this place...a fan of his.

Superman: Metropolis Origins- (A re-telling of Batman: Arkham Origins using Superman instead of Batman.) Already two years into his career as Superman, Clark Kent is just beginning to fit into living his dual life as The Man of Steel and as the timid reporter for the Daily Planet, nearly eliminating all small-time criminals. Unfortunately, that is all about to change on Christmas Eve when the mysterious alien warlord known as Darksied makes his presence known on Earth. Placing a bounty on the Man of Steel's head, the greatest super-human enemies from both within Earth and outside of it arrive to take down the Last Son of Krypton. Before the night is over, Superman will have to face Darkseid, Lobo, Toyman, General Zod, Metallo, Braniac, and have one unforgettable first bout with Lex Luthor; an old friend who he hasn't seen since his youth.

Wife of The Mask- Continuing on from shortly after the original film The Mask left off, Stanley Ipkiss is engaged to Tina Carlyle and the two are soon to be happily married. However, things turn bad when Carmela Bonello, head of the Bonello Gang Family in Los Angeles (and former lover of Dorian Tyrell,) kidnaps Stanley demanding that Tina bring her the mask. To make matters worst it turns out Fárbauti, mother of Loki, has come to Earth in an attempt to reclaim her son's mask for her son's own purpopses. With no other option, Tina must now don the mask herself in order to save Stanley...that is if she can get focused once she's wearing the mask.

Guardians of the Galaxy/Lilo and Stitch: The Lost Experiment- After saving Xandar from destruction at the hands of Ronan, Peter Quill leads the Guardians of the Galaxy into many adventures. While tracking down escaped alien prisoners from the Collector to be returned to their proper homes, an alien is somehow set free and heads to Peter's old home world: Earth. Tracking the alien down to the Hawaiian islands of Kaua'i, the Guardians are introduced to the islands protectors against alien threats; Lilo Pelekai and her 'pet' Stitch, AKA Experiment 626, who are in pursuit of the missing alien as well. The two groups will have to work together to contain the alien as Doctor Jacques von Hämsterviel and Gantu are looking for the experiment as well, with the help of a new partner in the form of Nebula.

Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Epic Non-Heinous Adventure- Set after Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Having won the Battle of the Bands Concert, Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan have hit an all-time high with the Wyld Stallyns and even married off the Princess Babes; Joanna and Elizabeth. However, things are not so excellent. Chuck De Nomolos has been released from prison and using the Phone Booth, has managed to go further ahead in the future, yet sometime before his birth. His plan? To alter the history of the Wyld Stallyns sole benefactor, Rufus, before he can become a teacher of the boy's philosophy and deliver the phone booth that helped the two ace their history report in the first place. With the existence of the great utopia that the Stallyns helped create now at great risk, Bill, Ted, Joanna, Elizabeth, Death, the Good Bill & Ted Robots, and Stations take the booth to the not-so-but-still distant future of 2015 to when Rufus was just a young growing man, and attempt to help convince him in becoming a teacher of the Wyld Stallyns before De Nomolos's bogus plans succeed.

Captain America: The Avenging Knight Returns- (A Marvel-ized Version of Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns, starring the First Avenger.) It is thirty years after an aging Captain America has retired, and New York has fallen into decadence and lawlessness with the rest of the nation soon to follow behind it. Now when the world needs him the most, The First Avenger returns in a blaze of glory. Aided by Patty Perkins, a female teenage Bucky, Captain America takes to the streets to stop the mutoloid gang from tearing the city apart. However, the challenges prove to be tougher when two of Steve's greatest enemies; Armin Zola and the Red Skull, return to try and take out the aging Avenger once and for all. Even if Steve survives this, it soon becomes apparent that the current world leaders no longer want him and are sending an old ally to "take care" of Steve. In the end, only one shall be left standing...

If you have any ideas, send me a message and I'll consider it.

Oh, and BTW, for your amusement, here are my own personal Top favorite Lists:

Top 5 Greatest Couples of all time:

5. Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes (Michael Bay's Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen): Love or Hate Michael Bay for what he's done to pop culture in the last decade, he did give us ONE thing to love in Transformers; Megan Fox. While clearly I am not a Shia LaBeouf fan, I will say that I find Megan Fox to be extremely hot. Though maybe Michael Bay will be able to finish his run on Transformers without her since he's replacing her with Carly, Sam's original love intrest from the original Transformers Cartoon series. Okay, moving on...

4. Ash and Shiela (Army of Darkness): Bruce Campbell is known to woo any ladies he comes across, no matter how inappropiate or how cheesey his lines are. Prehaps one of his greatest conqests was in Army of Darkness where Ash falls in love with the young woman named Shelia. Oh, and let's not forget it introduced us to Bruce's best quote: "Gimmie some sugar baby!"

3. Alieta and Jeremy (Code Lyoko): I watched Code Lyoko every day it was on Cartoonnetwork when I was young. To this day, the story of five kids, against a virtural artificial intelligence still amuses me. But I always knew that in the end, when it was all said and done, Alieta and Jeremy would be together. I guess I was right.

2. Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Mary Jane: Like most people, I prefer Spidey being married to Mary Jane and found it so heartbreaking when I read One More Day, that I literally burst into tears when I read what had happened. To that end, I read One Moment in Time, just to see if anything could be fixed. But no. Nothing happened. We got answers, yes, but no end to this abomination. That is why I wrote my fanfic: Spider-Man: Rearanging Dimensions; so I could fix what the people at Marvel are too ignorant to do.

1. Buzz Lightyear and Jessie (Toy Story): Okay, call this childish if you want, but in all honesty; I. Loved. This character development. When I saw the end of Toy Story 2 with Buzz's wings going up from being impressed by Jessie, I thought; "Okay, nice joke." But no. The joke was on me once I watched Toy Story 3. I was amazed at how much this made sense for Buzz and Jessie to be together and I find this to be the best couple I've ever seen.

Top 10 Favorite Heroes of all Time-

10. Ash Williams (Evil Dead)- The Deadite-slaying, ass-kicking hero with the chin of steel.

9. Kara Zor-El/Supergirl- The last daughter of Krypton, strives to be as great as her cousin is, but also to make a name for herself.

8. Tony Stark/Iron Man- The drunk millionare genius who uses his own armor to destroy wepons and bad guys; He's even got a theme song by Ozzy Osbourne!

7. Dave Lewziski/Kick-Ass- The everyday schmoe like you or I with no powers, but refused to live an ordinary life, becoming the world's first real-life superhero.

6. Captain Kirk (Star Trek)- Who doesn't love this womanizing, overacting, yet briliant Starfleet Captain whose natural wit is balanced by the acting of both William Shatner and Chris Pine?

5. Alice Johnson (Nightmare on Elm Street)- The Dream Master whose power rivals that of Freddy Kruger. Bad-ass woman fighter, and in my opinion; made it possible for women to be able to fight in horror movies and not just be forced to scream and get killed.

4. Clark Kent/Superman- The last son of Krypton with amazing abilities granted to him on Earth, he stands to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, working to save us from our own problems.

3. Harry Potter- The boy who lived, more than once, and who recently defeated the twisted Dark Lord Voldemort; he is loved by millions around the world, and proved that of all magic in the world, love is the most powerful spell of all.

2. Steve Rogers/Captain America- The skinny boy from Depression-Era Brooklyn who decided to help in the looming second World War, and was put through a series of experiments, turning him into the Super-Soldier we know him as today. He fights not for the American Government, but for the American Dream that all people are created equal. He's someone you can always count on to follow and then say; "Well done, son."

1. Woody Pride and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)- The two toys who always stuck together as friends and touched the hearts of millions of kids including myself, I know they will always be here for infinity...and beyond.

Top 5 Personal Favorite Fics I've Written:

5. Buzz Saves Obama- As a Toy Story Fan and a hardcore Democrat, I am shocked that nobody's considered doing a crossover between Toy Story meeting our current President (who mind you has pulled our buts out of the fire and will continue to do so afterwards,) so I posted this fanfic in the hopes that this will be good support for Barrack, and that someone might take this idea into consideration one day.

4. Doctor Who/Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: Superior Extermination- I only just learned about Doctor Who last year, and already I've seemed to have learned so much history about it. I've gotten the complete 6th season on DVD, cosplayed as the 10th Doctor at NYCC 2012, and I've been reading the comics from IDW. So when Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation had their crossover with The Cybermen and The Borg, I figured I could do a crossover where The Doctor, Amy, and Rory encountered Team Lightyear, and had to deal with The Daleks, and The Superior Beings. I chose them because I figured that since I'm already doing a Buzz Star Trek TNG Crossover with Zurg and The Borg, I could use a minor villian. After all, the Superior Beings made only ONE appearance in the entire Animated Series, and since they have some similarities with The Daleks, I figured this could be their time to shine. What makes this fic great, though, is that in addition to being a Birthday Present for fellow fanfic author and online friend; Rurrlock-God of Power, it has the approval of the 5th Doctor himself; Peter Davison! I actually met him at Comic Con 2012 and told him about this fic, to which he told me he'd look at it when he could. Peter, you know how to make the fans happy!

3. Abby Adriene: American Woman- When I first saw Kick-Ass, I was having a bad start to my day. My family was having tough times and on my birthday nonetheless. My parents suggested we see a film called Kick-Ass and by the end, my friends and I walked out of the theater, crying in laughter at the awesomeness we had witness. It was then that I had become a part of Mark Millarisim. So I got a copy of the Kick-Ass comic, and instantly decided to write my own fic. At first, it turned out small, but for a short time, it became popular and even crossed over into the fanfic Omega Kid which introduced me to my afromentioned online fanfic friend; Rurrlock-God of Power. American Woman will be updated and wrapped up soon, so stick around, because there's going to be an announcement for a sequel soon!

2. SHIELD Avengers- I liked The Avengers before it was officially cool to like The Avengers. In 2007, back before Spider-Man took the turn for the worst and made the choice that would alienate himself from me, I found a comic called 'New Avengers' which was a branch of the titular 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes.' Mind you, this was after Civil War and Captain America's Death, so I wasn't processing everything, but I didn't care. The stories were awesome, and it lead to what I personally considered to be one of the greatest comic book crossover events ever; 'Secret Invasion.' Then the Iron Man movie was announced, and with it, came the after-credits scene where the idea of an Avengers Movie was realized. I stuck through all the films, read all Avengers comics ever since, and after Comic Con 2011 where I met Tom Hiddleston (Loki,) and my personal favorite Avenger; Chris Evans (Captian America), I decided to take a stab and write my own take on The Avengers in fanfic form, since I plan to write The Avengers comics hopefully one day. Then The Avengers Alliance game was announced, and I used it as an inspiration. To be able to express and show my own take on The Avengers Lineup, even if it is only fanfiction, is a dream come true for me.

1. The Marvelous Superwoman Series- It's actually funny how this came to be. Before writing this, I had been working on a novel of a Supergirl-like character, and for some reason I just thought; 'Wouldn't it be cool to see Superwoman in The Marvel Universe rather than The DC Universe?" So I got down and started writing this out. As I've stated in Season 2 of this series, I originally planned the first fanfic to be a big-mulit-chapter story similar to Rurrlock-God of Power's Omega Kid, but stuff happened that caused me to shorten the story down to three chapters. I figured I could never return to it again, but after reading DC's new Smallville: Season 11 comic series, I figured I could write the chapters I never could in 'Seasons' of their own fanfic. That is probably the most interesting thing that inspired me to continue an unfinished story, and I think it's also why it deserves #1 on my spot.

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In this sequel to "World of Disney" and "The Marvelous World: World of Disney 2," the Sphere appears in the Star Wars universe and is discovered by the Galactic Empire, who intend to use its key to the Disneyverse to expand on their domination. Only Adrienne, a Guardian of the Disneyverse and resident of the Star Wars galaxy, can foil their sinister plot and save her other home.
Crossover - Star Wars & Disney - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 71,059 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 8/21/2015 - Published: 12/12/2014 - Darth Vader, E. Palpatine, Yoda, Stormtroopers - Complete
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(1 Year Anniversary Story for the Spec-Ops Team!) Set between Spec-Ops Team 1 & 2, Agent Arthur Williams is pulled into another universe similar to his own and now his team must find a way to return him safely with the help of their counterparts. (I own NOTHING but my OC's. This is for FAN-Purposes ONLY, so PLEASE don't sue!)
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An OC AoS fanfic. Submissions are closed for now. Formerly titled 'The Other Team.' (I own NOTHING except my OC's. This is for Fan-Purpopses only, so Please Don't Sue! Title Sucks, I know. I'll look into another one.)
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Crossover - Evil Dead/Army of Darkness & Heroes - Rated: T - English - Humor/Horror - Chapters: 13 - Words: 14,454 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 5 - Updated: 1/13/2009 - Published: 12/27/2008 - Sylar/Gabriel G. - Complete