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OK. A few things you may or may not want to know about me. But it beats a blank bio page. First, allow me to state that I'm probably older than the combined age of any two of you. Don't ask. Don't tell. You do the math. Second, I won't promise you much, but you will get this out of me. I'll never post a story partially completed. I only post finished stories. They may not be all typed out, but I have an clear idea of where they're going and how they will end. Some are long. Some are short. All are complete. Third, yes, I know there are grammer and spelling errors in the stories. But look, folks, if my editor didn't manage to change my ways in our long association, what makes you think you will? That's about all I care to tell you and probably more than you wanted to know.

It was suggested to me that perhaps I might put in a short story chronology line to help readers understand how things are taking place. Whereas that is probably a good idea, you have to understand that not all of my stories are connected - that is - written in the same AU. However, many of them are, and in the interest of helping out my readers, here is the time line.

Assuming Harry was born July 31st, 1980, the stories 'Partners' and 'One Night In Bangkok' take place before that.

'Enemies' takes place approximately seven months before Voldemort's attack on the Potter's. 'Meeting the Parents' takes place approximately six months after that.

Assume you are now up to August of 1993 and Sirius has escaped Azkaban.

'Diamond' would take place Christmas of that year.

'In The Family Way' takes place in the Spring of 1994. You then have Harry's fouth year at Hogwart's.

At the end of Harry's fourth year you have 'Family Life', 'Gentle Pursuation', 'A Dog's Day', 'Runaway', 'Family Relations', and finally, 'Family Ties'.

I hope this helps. And I give firm warning it will likely change as I find things not quite fitting the way I planned. Already the most glaring error is in 'Enemies', and no, I am not going to tell you what it is. But it is fairly obvious...at least to me.


The first Friday in January 2008 I was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. I was released the next day. The following Monday I was readmitted with a blood clot in my lower left leg and I stayed in the hospital another five days. It was extremely boring.

What all this has left me with is considerable pain, nearly unable to walk at all, and with possible serious complications resulting from the previous surgery. All in all, for the next six months, please understand that if I miss a posting for more than three weeks, chances are pretty darned good I'm back in the hospital.


My surgery of 8/6 did not go well, folks. In fact, it was just a small measure short of a disaster. Suffice to say, 'bad things happened'. The result was an extra four weeks added to my 'vacation' from work, a lot more pain than I bargained for, and a second surgery, hopefully the end of this month.

What does all this mean? Well, most likely, if you're looking for updates on the lastest story, look for them around November. Surgery takes a lot out of you creatively. You hurt, you're unhappy, and you don't feel much like writing, let me tell you.

I appreciate your patience, and I look forward to being back in November.


On October 24th, I had my second surgery. Released on the 29th, I was back in the hospital on Novemebr 2nd with complications. Released again on the 7th, I was back in the hospital that same night with my mother, who had Pneumonia and Brochitis.

Thankfully, we are now both doing better, but I hope my whole family is done with anything medical for a very long time.

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