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Oh, look at all this lovely white space for me to deface!

Ok, well I suppose I should say a little about me. As I'd imagine a lot of you are, I am majorly into writing. I don't do a lot of FanFic, which is why my page looks so desolate. :( I have countless original tales but unfortunately I have to refrain from putting them up. They are for the eyes of potential publishers, agents and close friends only I'm afraid. ;)

But, on the off-chance I ever catch a publisher's eye, then you shall be the first to get a sneaky preview. ;)

Bye for now and have fun writing.


Update 15/7/07

Wow, a very long time since I've been on here. I am sorry to say the continuation of "Next In Line" will be postponed, probably indefinately. I will upload what has been done so far but for now there will be no more. The muse has left me. Good news though - I will shortly be posting a new HP fic, so keep your eyes open for that.

Update 16/7/07

As I had it at hand, I thought I may as well post Chapter Two of The Dog Starr, so you have plenty to be going at 'til my next update.

Update 22/7/07

Alright, well tomorrow I shall be taking a short leave of absence (for two weeks, whilst I go on holiday) so I've posted two more chapters to keep you going with. Hope you enjoy - don't be too ruthless!

Update 7/8/07

Yay, I have returned from Cyprus and am raring to go. Thanks to everyone who has alerted and commented and faved whilst I've been away - I hope you're enjoying it and please keep reading_ Chapter Six will be with you shortly! Just as a warning, they may come a bit slower from now on. I'm rather inundated with work...but I shall do my best.

Update 18/8/07

Apparently I've skipped a couple of updates! well, chapter 10 is up now and it's here that "The Dog Starr" takes a nasty turn. I hope you can forgive Cassie for what she does!

Update 24/8/07

Hi and thanks to all those who read and reviewed chapter ten. Chapter eleven will be along some time this weekend I hope, providing i get the opportunity to finish tweaking it.

UPDATE 30/11/07

Ok, firstly I'd like to apologise to anyone who messaged me over the last couple of months. I've been so busy I completely forgot to check my emails. I'd also like to say sorry for the HUGE gap in between adding a new chapter. There will be one along shortly, as I've settled into my university workload and can now find time to write again! Watch this space!

Update 23/05/08

Wow, it has been a while. So much for my promise to keep on top of this - I'm terribly sorry! I'd like to thank everyone who's been reading over the last few months. I promise it won't be in vain. Luckily I now have much more time on my hands and I hope to revive this story very soon. A new chapter should be with you before the week is out, so be poised.

Update 13/07/08

Ok, I'm terribly sorry but there's going to be a bit of a delay on The Dog Starr as I have lost all my notes, so am basically starting from scratch. Naturally, I know where the story's going, but without the detail I had outline, I'm having to fill in a lot of blanks on the way. I am determined to finish it though, so if you have to patience to wait, you will be rewarded lol. In the mean time, I am going to post a new COMPLETE (yes, you did hear me correctly) fic from my favourite anime
fandom, Inuyasha. Hope you like!

Update 04/09/08

Finally, I've finished it! Chapter thirteen of The Dog Starr is ready and uploaded! I apologise to anyone who's been waiting (can't imagine that will be a lot of people but I apologise anyway). I am pleased to be back on track with it - it's one of my favourite fics to write so - yay. :-)

Update 23/01/09

Yeah it's been a while. This is what univerisity does to you, people! It eats up all your time. Firstly, I'd like there will be an update on The Dog Starr soon, so thank you for your patience. In the meantime, I will be posting a new fic for all you Snape lovers out there called New Beginnings. It is about Snape's life after his Death Eater phase and his transformation into the professor we all know and love from the HP series. :-) Hope you like it!

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