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Name: You can call me December. But the co-author on this account, is Kay(the most amazing). If you really want to know.

Date of birth: Old enough...

Place of Birth: America -sighs-(for us both that is)

Eye color- Grey. They're a boring color. Light Brown for Kay.

Hair color: erm...my original hair color was blond. It's still blond, but a darker blond. Soon it'll be auburn. Kay's is blond.

Height: 5'2" i'm a shrimp. Kay's even shorter though ;D

Hobbies: Well, i think this one is self explanatory, seeing as i'm on a writing site. However if you really want to be bored with other details, i'll happily shove them at you. I do digital, and traditional art. I also sing. Not professionally though. Not nearly that good. I am Kay Almighty and I procrastinate as a hobbie and well write, sometimes I draw though.

Edit 1/2/08- We had a change of pen-name. Some of you may have currently known us as you're my brand of heroin, however we have decided that it's a new year; so why not a new pen-name? Plus, we'd been meaning to change it anyways, but hadn't gotten around to it. So we are now Falling-December, but are the same authors as You're my brand of heroin...er yeah. Got that?

Ok, well we needed to revamp this page, for a few reasons actually...sooo, I took it upon myself to do that.

1.) It was sort of written incoherently

2.) It was missing a lot of info

3.) I don't know, I just wanted to.

Soo, anyways. I (Ed or December) am going to use this as a means to keep our readers updated on our stories so they don't flip out. I know that a few of you UN (Unruly nights) fans have been waiting for about 6 months now for an update, and have probably just given up by now, and that the CS (Carnation Sales) fans have been waiting for even longer than that...sooo...um, here I am to be the bearer of news (good and bad).

Unruly nights- Is NOT finished, and will be finished sometime THIS year. Bare with me people, it's sort of a hard plot line to write, and I haven't had much insperation, but the new chapter WILL be up within at least two days. So umm...just stay with us guys, and all will be well.

Carnation Sales: K' here is the bad news, this one will not be finished until valentines day. Kay, the writer, has made that decision, so umm i'm very sorry that you guys will have to wait a whole year for that one. (This is Kay) I will finish it this year for Valentines Day, I kinda forgot the plot though so bare with me, me and my oh so creative mind will come up with something. It will be finished though. It may not by all means be amazing, but it WILL happen.

Ok, to add another story on here...cuz i just started it, and it needs to be added.

In the Land of Muse Summary: It's an AU set 17 years after Edward's departure in a small town North of Albany New York. Bella is a single mother of two; Seth and Cameron, juggling the hassles of being a New York Times best selling author, and a mother at the same time. Her book: Time Street, was boosted to the top sellers list for a consecutive 8 months straight, and still remains in slot three. But to be honest, life isn't easy. It's made even harder when a certain vampire from her past shows up--albeit not totally unwanted--but it certainly does cause some complications. Yes. For Bella Swan, life can't ever be easy can it?

The Daft: Completed. [ONE SHOT

Nessie: Done/fin. [ONE SHOT

So I hope that educates a few of you guys on what's going on, and sooo happy holidays/lives/writing/eating/fishing/ect...and just keep on reading :

One thing from Kay: Why can't you capitalize the word 'I' or words like 'I'll' or I'm. Names too. Gawd, I fixed it for you though! Yay me!

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