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Important!!! I'm looking for a pre-reader for 'I don't care what they say, I will love you forever'. Hai! If any one is interested pls let me know. My email is

I wish to update this profile from time to time. So come offen, it won't be the same, I will make changes. I must warn you 1st: Currently I'm obsess with one and only one pair; Seiya/Haruka, so all my fanfic would be about them.

My 'contact' with Sailor Moon started when I was 3rd or 4th grade. Honestly, I wasn't fall for it. Back then, My faviour character was Ami. Probably b'coz the girl I had a crush on like Ami, probably why I bothered to watch it in the 1st place. Then time flied by, I grew up and completely forget about SM. One day, I switched on the TV and Revolution Girl Ultena was on, since then I become a fan of Yuri. Yuri occupy all of my life, Ultena, Mai-hime, Negima, maria-sama... One quickly following another

Then one night I was alone and bore. I've nothing to do. Then I've been suggest to watch the S Season in SM (B'coz Friend Ms X said there has a yuri pair). After that I become a crazy fan of Haruka. I read every Fanfic on her. I read every forum have comment about her and that's where the ironic happen.

I was reading a comment about Haruka's Fanfic. It has link to many Fanfic and comment about some authors. Then one post said it is disgusting to pair up Haruka with any man, specially Seiya. I frowned. "What the Fuck?". I've never thought about Haruka and a guy, not to mention Seiya. So out of curious, I clicked the link and read the Fanfic. It was "starry eyes" by Seiharu. That was the 1st Fanfic of SH I read and i love it. This pair is driving me crazy.

Despite the fact that I only love Yuri paire so before, I guess I fall for them b'coz I can't see Seiya as a man, I see him as a (s)he. In my mind, Seiya could always switch btw gender. I couldn't understand why some ppl have trouble to accept Seiya as a She. I could see the bosom of Fighter (Well, it is flat) and I could see the chest of Seiya. Clearly, Seiya is both female and male.

And then i realise, There are always big step and small step in life. It seems almost impossible for Haruka to fall for Seiya. However, it’s easily for Haruka to fall for a woman apart from Michiru. Then accidentally that woman is Seiya(female). And since Seiya could switch btw genders. She becomes he.

That's why I will let Seiya use her female form to seduce Haruka in all my fanfic.

My Fic:

From Hear After (finished): There is double meaning on this title, 'Hear' and 'here' sounds the same. At least according to me, they are all the same; bring and bling, sing and zing, v and we, review and reveal etc. (may be, due to I am not born as English speaking). Anyway, 'hear' refer to the moment when she heard Michi moaning/cheating, and 'here' refer to hotel room where she and Seiya "had a good time"! Therefore it would about what happen afterwords.

Nightmare (finished): This FanFic will be contain hentai, rape, volience, sex reference and coarse languages. I get idea from "kidnapped princess" and manga "skip beat!". It's co-write with luvyuyu. She helps a lot; actually nearly all lemon plot are done by her, I am suck at writing lemon scene. I like the pair of Seiya(male) and Haruka , but I am not interesting in writing a plot about 'man fuck a woman'. Sex between boy and girl is soooo boring. Thx to god, he sent someone to safe my life. Anyway, The fic is posted at plz go there and hv a look.

Himitsu: I wanna write a Fanfic on their life in Past life. But instead of a story only abt Prince and Princess (Which i think is pretty boring), I let it 'mix' with present time. Okay, I want it looks like some kind of parallel universe. I want the past life will be a reason for Haruka's behavior in present life and The present life will able to give a pre-view on Past life.

I don't care what they say, I love you forever (Having Author block at the moment): It's co-write with luvyuyu. Um... I want at list one time, Haruka could betray or unfaithful to Michiru, b'coz of Seiya.

Return: I always think Haruka will be a good "papa". Just Considering her relationship with Hotaru. And I always want to write a fic with her and her kid. 1st I decide to let Yuki be Seiya's son. then i realize I need to write another one night stand fic in order to do that. I've already use that plot in 'From Hear After' and i don't want to repeat myself. So I think, think and think... finally i came up of the idea that instead of a new starlight, there will be a new Tuxedo Kamen. Oh, and thx to anyone who help me with it :)

For any one who would like to talk to me my msn is and feel free to drop any commons, ideas or what ever.

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Chp2 and chp3 updated. There was a secret mission for Princess Amara to fullfill during Silver Millennium. However, this bring trouble to Haruka in present life. Ever chapters consist of two part 1st is about Amara and 2nd part is about Haruka.
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Warning It's SeiyaHaruka fanfiction. Don't read it if you have any thing against this pair! Changes was made in Chp8.
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