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Hey everyone!How are you?Good?Ok!Anyway,heres alittle about myself ok!. Oh, and heres a little announcement. MY FORGOTTEN LOVE FIC WILL BE MOVED TO MY NEW ACCOUNT, AND I WILL SOON START THE SEQUEL THERE!! IF YOU WISH TO READ IT PLEASE PM ME ASKING ME FOR MY NEW ACCOUNT NAME!! It seems that my new fic that I am working on there is way more popular than any of the fics I ever worked on here, which is a shocker. me Sasune since i don't want to give out my real name Xb

age-15(to be young...what a

sex-female, which i bet you knew thanks to my name. If you didnt, then you must be retarded. And if not, then maybe you're still retarded but to a lesser extent. .




Theres not much to say about myself...-_-',Im half hispanic and half asian...I love anime and would literaly die if they would ever ban it...I love yaoi and my current favorite anime and mangas are...' Death Note (AWESOMENESS!), Naruto(at the moment everyones into it ne?),Bleach, Ultra Cute, Death Note(didn't I already say this?), Prince of Tennis,Hunter x Hunter,W Juliet(thought its over...),Hana Kimi; Oh you get the point...I LOVE ANIME!GO ANIME! YOU RULE!WOOT!

I love writting my own stories more than i like writting the moment almost all the books Im writting is yaoi...If my family ever knew I like,read,write yaoi,Id be sooooo dead...the only person who knows is my younger sister call her Izzi...she still doesnt like it, though she herself insisted to read Golden to confusing!

I hate people who talk to much,people who are prepy,people who talk trash,and people who talk trash about anime!.specially people who talk trash about anime! I hate Sakura for thinking Sasuke is hers...Ino..not so much. I hate Misa from Death note, she's to much like Sakura! How many Sakuras are there! I dislike Near(a.k.a. Nate Rivers) for replacing 'L'; dislike Rem for killing 'L'; Kiyomi for killing Mello(a.k.a. Mihael Keehl);technecaly anyone who messes with my favorite characters -smiles-.

I like the darkness,oooh and the taste of blood!. Taste it!Its better when its alittle dry cause then its alittle cheewy...anyway..I also like wolves,foxes,vampires,being alone..Im like a lone wolf lol.I like it when I find new anime or mangas that interest me!

Favorite pairings

LxLight/ LightxL







HELL! Just them in a threesome and Im happy! Their the hottest in the show!Go Sasuke, Gaara and Neji! Yeah!. lol Ok back to saying what I neded to tell you.


RyomaxShuusuke (AKA Fuji)


















I THINK you get the point here people! I LOVE yaoi! W00T! Go Yaoi, it's your birthday, time to party like..its..your...I'm making a fool out of myself again. So not cool. Ok now for some more un-interesting stuff lol. Oh yeah, and let me let you all know these two little things about me. I...HATE Misa Amane and Sakura Haruno! -grabs plushies and knifes and begins to stab them- DIE! lol srry

I drink water everyday, I hate sodas, I dont like tomatos I think their disgusting!yuck! I love quesitos, strawberry cakes and something my grandma made! Really good...drool...ooops! Sorry bout that!-wipes drool- heheheh, ok, write some fanfics if I knew how to cause I have some really great Ideas for fanfics! I want you all to read them but I got no clue as to how...Im dumb arent I..well, If you all dont like me the way I am then...dont come back here thats all I gots to say...(Dont want to curse, so I'll improvise). I already have many fanfics written, just dont know how to post them, as i stated before.

Ssune: -looks up- well, that was before. Now I DO know how to post up fanfics! So please check em out if you have the time! -
Gaara: you forgot to mention that you're crazy
Ssune: I am NOT crazy -huff/ pout and crosses arms-
Neko-chan: =.=''
Ssune: I'm not!! Right L? I'm not crazy, right?
L:-looks up from eating cake-There is a 87 chance that you are indeed crazy. If not crazy, then perhaps a bit mental.
Sasune: blink blink. looks at L in horror NOO!! I'm crazy!! And what you just said was the same thing with different wording!! Why are you trying to sugar coat things!?
L:...I like sugar...
Sasune:...well...that explains it...i guess...
Sasune: I'm crazy, or a bit mental, oh well!-perks up-
Gaara: and moody -mumble-
Sasune:you say something Neko-chan?
Neko-chan: erm...nothing at all! hehe...-'
Gaara:just forget it, she said nothing
Sasuke:...alright..if you say so Gaa-kun
Neko-chan:arigatou Gaara -whispers relieved-

Sasune: Please check out my fics!! Oh, and if you guys have any ideas and would like me to write them, just send me an email and I'll see what I can do!-I'll only do yaoi though,so yeah...any anime will do. I might not know the pairing but I will research them. If they are cute and I take a liking to them, I will write your story. =-= If not then oh well, but I will try doing all the fics I am requested to make. They must not be too long though.

Hope you all enjoyed my page!

Thats about see ya..


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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 4,773 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 11/20/2008 - Published: 1/29/2008 - Sasuke U., Gaara
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L/Ryuuzaki has a crush on Raito,but Raito only views L as a friend.After L gets into an accident which erased his memories,will Raito's feelings stay the same?Or will they waver?THIS AND SEQUEL WILL B POSTED IN NEW ACCOUNT!PM ME FOR NEW ACCOUNT NAME!
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