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Name: Din-Din :D
Hobbies: DANCING!!, Writing, Playing Ragnarok ;) (Server: Nyuubi-RO), Singing, Playing Guitar :D (Bass, Acoustic, and Electric) and Flute (But I'm not that good. :P I fail.)
Music Interests: JPop and KPop, Alternative, Rock

So, that's just my main stuff. :P The real me though, is an Asian Emo Gangsta that goes around bullying people with her Asian Emo Gangsta style! (Naaah, I'm kidding. :3) But yeaaah. I'm pretty normal when you meet me and I like making friends. I'm a big fan of Asian bands so PM me if you wanna be friends and a fellow fangirl with them Asian bands. :) I also enjoy fixing my hair and have my own style with clothes. So if you wanna talk about that, I'm up for it. I like to laugh a lot and I'm pretty clumsy, so yeah. :P

AND OF COURSE. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE DANCING TO THE MAX. I love love love love it. I dance to a lot of JPop and KPop (Mostly KPop because I like the complex and fast moves.) So if you wanna do a dance cover with me, PM me about that too. I learn a lot of Kpop since JPop is too easy at times (Like, H!P, if anyone is familiar with that...?)

I love a lot of KPop and JPop bands~ :) So, I don't think I can list them all. So, PM me about that too or something. :D I also love alternative too~ Haha, I'm not fully Asian-biased. ;)

I'm a big fan of the Kagamine Twins~ ;)

And 05/29/09 is a very important dateee~~


HI! :D this is my OC/Character Profiles section! Since I really didn't describe them at the story well, or maybe I didn't describe them at all (Silly me. -_-) I put this little section up! :3 I hope it fits my characters and thanks in advance for taking time to read it. :)

Name: Koizumi
Age: 14
Appearance: Medium-length messy-ish brown hair (Often wears a sunvisor), Amethyst Eyes ,Wears overly-ripped pants and band shirts, Always wears slip-on shoes
Personality: Koizumi isn't very smart but he has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He's very childish, funny and kind once you get to know him and can be very talkative. Originaly, he was going to learn the electric guitar but after seeing a certain four-stringed guitar, his mind changed.
Story/Role: Please Don't Throw It Away / Bassist of band, Sapphire

Name: Keitaro (Taro)
Age: 14
Appearance: Red spiky hair (Usually puts a bandana around forhead to hold spikes), Green Eyes, Likes to overlap shirts and long sleeves, Wears all sorts of pants (Only the one he likes), Alternates converse and slip-on shoes (Like Jun and Kouki)
Personality: Taro sometimes acts like a know-it-all and can be sarcastic. He never likes to lose on arguments (Especially with Koizumi) and can get very serious when it comes to band practices. He's been a big fan of the guitar since he was a kid, so when he was old enough, he took lessons to learn it.
Story Appearances: Please Don't Throw It Away / Lead Guitar of band, Sapphire

Name: Takahashi (Mr. Takahashi)
Age: 27
Appearance: Long tied-up light brown hair, Wears glasses, Gray-ish eyes, Wears suits and dress shoes most of the time
Personality: Mr. Takahashi is very cheerful and bubbly. He likes to share ideas with the band and treat them like his own sons. He sometimes tends to get careless, clumsy, and easily forgets things but he always makes up for his mistakes and says sorry continuously.
Story Appearances: Please Don't Throw It Away / Manager of band, Sapphire

Name: Kerii (Aunt Kerii)
Age: 38
Appearance: Long dark violet hair, Brown eyes, Likes to wear dresses and shiny stuff, Can survive in high-heels
Kerii is the total opposite of her sister (which is Jun's mother). She is mean, greedy, and very self-centered. In other words, she doesn't care about anyone or anything but herself. She also likes to take advantage of people and order them around.
Story/Role: Please Don't Throw It Away / Evil Aunt of Jun

There, for now that's the only characters I can explain. It's because I don't really want to spoil the story right? :D I also plan on drawing them one day so you guys can see them but I have to draw them perfectly first. xD (Well, a bit close to perfect) Again, thanks for reading! :)

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