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Lucy: you have been my BFF as long as I can remember. We have had ups, downs, in betweens, and laughed so hard I actually cried. And onto the next chapter together my friend!! And one day we will have jam flavoured babies and marry rich guys together forever babes

Laura: My tiny (not so much anymore) psycho. Im failing science coz of you, and I wouldnt have it any other way. 5 years seems so long. College wont be the same without you. Promise we will see all the Twilight movies together.

Kathryn: I never wrote you your story haha. I promise to make you a secondary char when I FINALLY write my book. We disagree over every little thing, but were just so stubborn. Remember me when your famous.

Love you all. Forever and ever.


At my sleepover-all in bed talking at 3 in morning
Kathryn: Say something funny and interesting!
Me:I am a lesbian
Lucy and Kaththryn start laughing.
Lucy- ew and were in bed with you

Lucy- Tell me another story about me and Alex
Me-Okay...You and Alex meet and make out
Lucy-I love that story!

also before at Frankie and Bennies-
Me-I'll have cinnamon waffle crunch
Waitress- we have no waffles
I make face and gasp dramatically.

Kathryn-I want to throw a marshmellow into your mouth
Me-okay try
Tries to throw into my mouth and gets in my eye

COOKING!-we were very hyper and we are very pervy when we get in cooking
Becky C.-Fancy a bum?
me- not right now after dinner
Becky C.-are those chocolate bourbons?
Me-Do you have rough bum sex with them?

GLOBAL WORMING...VERY HAZARDOUS! worms are eating through the ozone layer, dnt ask,

Right yesterday in PE we walked in and i dont remember how it started this happened:

Lucy: FOOL!
Laura: FOOL!
Kathryn: FOOL!
Me runs after them then lads come into hall and i look like a spaz!

Inside at dinner in form:
Lucy: im like a malteaser brunette on the outside but blonde on the inside
Me: yeah but that also makes you a chocolate

In physics playing with the bulbs:
Me: we'd be alright if we had a power cut wouldn't we?
Lucy: Why?
Me: with all these bulbs
Lucy: yeah but we'd have a power cut
lmao one of my worst blonde moments rotfl

In maths with ma maths buddie KATIE!!:
just been daydreaming we had been playing with calculators all day
Me: sorry i just spaced out, i was daydreaming that my calculator could give me magic maps to far away places
Katie: U mean a SAT NAV

In Japanese everything happens in Japanese lol:
Me: TOM! im a leprachaun
Tom: So am I
tom gets up and starts to do stupid leprachaun dance
Laura: he needs a hat!!
tom puts planner on his head and continues dance, then r japanese teacher walks past
Me: he's a leprachaun sensai

Another time:
Me: im gonna get sensei to say she likes leprachauns!
AJ: yeah good luck with that
Me: Sensei do you like leprachauns?
Sensei: What are those?
Sensei: you'll have to bring in a picture next lesson
Me: their little irish things that give you good luck and live at the end of a rainbow!! GAWD!

miss is trying to get us off da comps so she shuts all the screens off with this thing on her comp
Lucy: OMG shes a WITCH!!
Me and Laura: lmao
miss was reet behind her lmao

At Lunch when I was on my own

-Pj, Ryan and Michael walk in-
Pj: Aw Becky you on your own??
Me: Yeah, im such a loner
Pj: I'll talk to you-sits next to me and sees ma phone- can I look at ur phone
Me:sure whatver
Pj: Lets look at ur pics!!
Me: fine but there just of me in a pink tracksuit, which Laura keeps saying is PINK pink but its not its dark pink!!
Pj: Yeah, HAHAHAHA LOOK AT U POSING IN THE MIRROR-gets up and pretends to be me posing-
Me: whatever just dont read ma messag,especially the ones about you
Pj: WOOOO! you been textin about me becky, do you fancy THE PAT!!
Me: I was kidding

Me: HAHAHA i have the chicken-lauras rubber-
Laura: GIVE IT BACK-grabs it off me-
Me: IM GONNA EAT IT-grab her arm about to bite when bio teacher looks round-
Miss: Rebecca?!
Me: Yes miss-mouth still open about to bite-
Miss: how would that bad comments look in your planner, trying to eat laura in lesson
Class laughs hysterically

Miss- Are you stayin in ryan?
Ryan-Yeah can i stay here and w8 4 THE PAT!
Miss blank look

In Form-Discussing twilight (DUH!)
Me:You know what they should do?!
Laura: OHH WHAT?!
Me: They should make Edward gay!!
Laura starts laffing her head off high five
Laura:They so should
Me: Edward the gay vampire here to anal rape you
Starts laffin again
Laura: You should write a fanfic about it!!
Me: NO!! the twilight fans would kill me, they would track me down and burn me!!
Laura: true true, its still funny!!
Me: poor Bella...

Lol--I apologise to the twilight fans--i love twilight too just sometimes i have the weirdest thoughts!!

Laura: Did you read it??
Me: hehehe...MORPHINE!! lol

At the park--
Butch has climbed a tree...weirdo
Lucy:Will you get down, your too high
Butch: starts pretending to be a monkey
Butch: I didnt think this through very well
Me,Lucy,Laura and Kathryn: Why??
Butch: I cant get down...
Me: Can we get summat to eat now?
Kat: What and leave him?
Me: He'll probs still be there when we get back...
blank looks

On msn--reet now hehe:
Lucy: the wind just blew part of the roof off
Me: intense winds, ull be fine
Lucy: i hope so
Me: if not can i have your laptop?
Lucy: sure...
Me: yey

In Japanese--agen (mayb i should start concentrating hehe)
Ryan: So becky, do you fancy Pj??
Me: Ha no, why do you?
Ryan: shush, who do you fancy then?
Me: no one
Kat: you Ryan, isnt it obvious shes in love with you
Me: oh yeah I mean look at you, your like sex on legs, WOW!!
Ryan: well yeah..-primps hair-
Me: wow i mean your just like sex on a stick who doesnt want some of THAT!!
Ryan: I dont have a stick up my bum!
Me: still...
Ryan: are you taking the mick out of me?
Me: no...
Me: maybe just a lil bit

Japanese--end of lesson--(REALLY SHOULD CONCENTRATE!!)
Me: Finished
Sensai (teacher): That was fast
Me: Well i am speshal and all
Sensai: Well becky, if you are so speshal maybe you should try doing some of your homework hey?
Me: i could possibly maybe try that...
Kat and Laura burst into laffter--they are so mean to me

In Form--I ws going to do the Japz one but i thought nah there too many lol
Miss: Yes Rebecca, what do you want?
Me: Could you be a sponsor on my prefect form please
Miss: of course, what should I put?
Me: The best and more beautiful student at walkden, she is a pleasure to be around
-weird looks from kat lu and laura-
Miss: Mature and modest
-lu laura and kat crack up-
Me: Whatever you think miss hehe
-she put a very mature student in the end haha-

MSN--Where the world is made of dreams and i get WAY too high on Laura--she is my speshal speshal person i love her 2 bits--but this convo is real and may offend sum ppl that r not as insane as us!!--
Me: OMG OMG OMG DIRTY CHAP!! its over phew thank god
Me: haha wanna read a bit?
Laura: shhuuuuuuuuuuush (she was writing parts of OUR story hehe il giv u links later)
Laura: lovely
Me: ill send it you if he dus
Laura: lmfao gropie gropie...
Me: HAHAHAHAH!! he did it...well she did it for him...hahahahaha
Laura: go on...send it...
Laura: LMFAO--dirty girl
Me: lol hes gawguss and shes horny--leave them be--sends another extract--
Laura: LMFAO
Me: i cant stop laffin hahahahaha-another extract-
Me: lol omg that to dirty even for me
Laura: ok shush now
Me: hurry up laura, i need to read summat less pervy
Laura: ok chiiiill
Me: OMG HE SED HE WAS GNNA COMBUST ALL OVER HER LMFAO, just w8 til 2moz wen i c u ill just start laffin
Laura: lol i'll make him masterbate in the clearing now
Me: omg ma rents r gnna think im crazy ive been laffin so much
Laura: u r crazy
Me:i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaam but i cant stop laffin
Laura: so am i
Me: seriouslu ive been laffin for like 5 mins non stop
Laura: thats why we rock together man !!
Laura: im gonna go up 2 u in form and just go MASTERBATE!!
Laura: i know i will
Me:lmfao stop it--i sound friggen insane laffin like this, im light headed
Laura:-sends about 2 pages of the word MASTERBATE!!
Me: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg if sum1 saw that hahahahahahahaha
Laura: oh god--send a lot of blank messages to make it go away hehe-
Me:i cnt breathe--i cn just picture you coming up to me 2moz with a huge grin on your face goin, you know what becky?
Laura:haha..i will
Me: 2moz is gnna b fun
Laura: I KNOW!!

the convo goes on 4 aaaages but 2 giv u more u hav 2 understand sum other of r joke--which i think is 2 much 4 u reet now lol--lucy will flip wen shes see this--OMG I HAVE TO UPDATE MY BLOG lol
oh and also--the story mentioned above (the dirty one) is actually a REALLY gurd story, i just wasnt prepared for some of the 'scenes' lol but i am also highly immature and get frazzled easily--lol but everything is very tasteful too--haha i really enjoyed it lol
AND!! mine and LAURAS story--hehehe WHICH U WILL NOW READ--tis twilight (duh) and its called The End of The Eclipse--tis bout...well u no wat u gtta go luk 2 find out

Lauras pen name is millett-with-a-pen (i think) and its on HER account, so plz giv it a luk wen u can coz u luv me and such xxx

After school--there is a lad in my media class that really annoys me and i had just come out of this class
-sees laura and lucy runs up to them--
Me: GAH he irrates me so much im gnna chop off his cock
Laura and lucy start laffin like idiot
Me: what?? it wasnt THAT funny
Laura: it was, the way you said it hahahaha, chop off his cock...niyce

Kirstie: i cant find ma pen--digs in bag and pulls out twix-
Me: thats not a pen
Kirstie: yeah i got distracted

Sir: ok Dealio
Me: omg did sir just say dealio
Katie: haha yeah
Laura: sad..

Me: hehe...i wanna make up a word
Laura: oh yeah ok!!
Me--thinks--(i know i was shocked too)
Laura: whats your fave word??
Me: onomatopoeia
Laura: ok another one??
Me: Squish
Laura: that cud work
Me: im guessing your is gerrard way hehe\
Laura: nooo...PICKLE!!
Laura: so combine the two and you have pish...or squickle


In Bolton--coz were THAT cool
-we were in M&S on ze escalators and Butch bends my arm back-
Me: owowowow THAT HURTS!
Butch: yeah and what are you gonna do
Me: i'll shout rape
Me: RAPE!!-all the old ppl turn and look at me hehehe--
Butch: -lets go of my arm- omg i cant believe you did that -kat is laffin hysterically-
Me: your right, you should actually shout fire apparently coz if u shout rape, other ppl will join in but if you shout fire ppl will help
Kat and Butch give me a blank look and start laffin hysterically...was a good day...

Me: Do you mind?
Laura: Do you mind growing a cock and shoving it up my arse?!

Me: What Do you think virginity tastes like?
Lucy: Like Victory...


I hate her so much, I just wanna beat her up
Laura fell over laughing

thankyou LICD

Whilst In Town:D At Primark OF COURSE!!
Security Guard jogging after us: GIRLS! Did you pay for those drinks?
Me: Er...Yes...
Laura: We paid for them upstairs...
Security Guard: Ok
Laura: What would he have done if we had just ran away?
Me: Dont know, but even if we had stolen them did he expect us to just admit it?

Bus Pass
Me: WOAH! Thought I Lost my bus pass
Laura: You could always get a new one
Laura: Becky...its a bus pas...

Waiting For Others
Me: Wheres my red bull?!
Laura: You put it in your bag

Me: OH! This is nice, wheres my size?
Laura: Here, your a size 14 right? -walks away-
(not offensive, but I had been telling Laura for an hour that im a size 10 she wouldnt listen)

Changing Rooms
Laura: These shorts dont fit theyre too big
Me: aw lemme see, what size are they?
Laura: Size 8
Me: -Evils- Skinny bitch...walks away

Another shop
Laura: So...are we paying?
Me: No we're just going to run

In Cinema a while ago...
Me 2 Laura: Do you think he has a boner yet?
-Few Days Later-
Me: Do you think he has one yet?

From Time to Time
Laura: Dammit, I left my gun at the library...

Library (Very quiet)
-flicking through catcher in the rye-
-people stare-
Laura: DOES THAT SAY CULLEN! -pointing to book on shelf-
Me: We must investigate...

Still at the library
-not even sure how this started-
Me: oh look at that little kid there
Laura: I want to take him home with me MWAHAHAHA

In Form
Miss: When you throw your whole self into something
Me: It hurts

In Kitchen
My Bro: So yeah, imagine he gets run over by a horse
Me: a horse?! seriously out of everything you can get run over by, truck, car, choose to say horse?!


At School recently
Me: I Lost my bus pass...
Laura: oh god

When ppl read our jokes and dont get them I dont think of it had to be there...I just think of it as you have to be as mentally retarded as us :P!!

Everyone on fanfic is AMAZING!!

love you all


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