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Author has written 5 stories for Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース, and Love Hina.

Hectic school scheds+an obsession with Get Backers= Long time before I update

Name: Summon...Although I'm sometimes called Rikku (pronounced Rik/Rick) as a nickname for my Japanese name (It's a boy/girl name...¬¬...).

Anything else: Nope...I'm not much of a talker in real life...though my friends might say I am... Don't get me mad though, or mess around with me if I'm serious.

Likes: Drawing (mainly manga style...), playing RPG games, listening to music, writing, reading, and playing sports.

Dislikes: Essays or writing anything that's subjective (especially if it has to be long), people who just like to annoy you, and a few certain people I know...

Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Mandarin (simplified Chinese, not the Taiwanese style), and I'm being taught by my other Asian schoolmates a bit of their language (mainly Korean).

Favorite Anime/Manga Character:

Motoko. It's obvious. She tries to act disciplined, but she has this feminine issue and weird thoughts about her and Keitaro... I've also grown fond of Kazuki recently... Although people say he's gay... (I think Juubei's the gay guy in the relationship...)

Some of my favovirite manga and anime are (with my fave characters):

Love Hina (English and Japanese): Motoko and Kitsune...swords and a perverted mind which always gets that's original...

Samurai Deeper Kyo: Kyo/Kyoshiro and Yuya (though Red Tiger and White Crow are cool too...)

Magic Knight Rayearth: Ascot and Ferio...swords and beasts...nice combination...

Hunter X Hunter(anime): Kurapica and Killua and Gon

Onegai Teacher: Kusanagi Kei and Kazami Mizuho...Hyosuke...Ichigo...

Onegai Twins (anime): Maiku and Karen and Miina...Matagu...that gay guy (what's his name?)...Tsubaki...Ichigo...Matagu's sister...

X(anime): Arashi and Sorata

Full Metal.Panic!(English and Japanese): Sagara Sosuke and Kaname Chidori...Melissa Mao...Kurtz Webber...

The Steel Angel: Kurumi...and that guy...the other two angels (mainly Saki though)...(TWO!!!!!)...TSA2 is also nice.

You're Under Arrest!: Miyuki and Natsumi. Aoi and Yoriko are cool too when they're in gossip mode (Season 2, final episode)

Naruto (English and Japanese): Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke (The only person in the team who can keep his head cool...).

Shaman King: Yoh, Amidamaru...Ana's cool too...

Currently I'm reading Get Backers and Negima in english and japanese and I find them cool...

Get Backers: Ginji, Ban, Shido, Kazuki, Ren, Makubex (basically everyone exept Juubei... his hair's too flat... and he has absolutely no sense of humor)

Negima: Setsuna, Akira, Mana, and Kaede

Favorite game genre: RPGs

Favorite RPGs: FF Tactics, FF series, almost anything by Squaresoft, Lunar 2: Eternal blue

Favorite "band"/music:

"Utada Hikaru"... R&B... Alternative... Rock... "Wakaba"... "Dragon Ash"... And maybe "Kick the Can Crew"... "Mongol 800"... "Do as Infinity"...Anime Themes and related songs... and currently techno, trance, and easy listening...

I'm currently listening to m-flo... not all that bad... (expect a songfic in get backers with one of their songs...)

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