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So. . .on these 'profiles' were suppose to write stuff about ourselves to convince you (the people who read these) to read our stories. . . or to entertain the extremly bored people. . .yep. . . so let's get started!!

Well about Me:

I adore myself way too much. . .thinking I'm amazing and all, though I am. . .though I'm actually shy, very very shy. . .

I love to say the word love. . .it's such a lovely word. . .i use it in reviews a lot . . becuase i just LOVE stories i read. . .

I write because I like too, I'm not like your next JKRowling, definently not me, it just helps me lower my stress level, I try on grammer, I just simply write my ideas on paper. . .and it's fun, getting people's reactions. . yep

What do I look like, well this is total matter of opinion so I'll give you mine, I'm drop dead gorgeous, yep. but that's my opinion, you can make your own. . . . . .well you'd have to see me to decide. . . . though I'm probably not that good looking, but its all an opinion

Now if your reading this and your like, I want another reviewer (who doesn't) randomly write a review to one of my stories, you could not even read it and I'd be thrilled, though if you REALLY badly flame me no, i'm sorry I probably won't, but if you give me nice critizism I will, but thier are some stories i just can't read, I'm pretty ok if the grammer isn't so hot, but I love Taiora's but I can deal with Sorato's but it has to be a good Sorato or I'm like no. . .sorry. For WITCH i can't read Will Caleb pairings. . no . . .I'm sorry, (shudders) i just adore Matt to much. Actually I adore Matt from both stories. . . I can't read stories were people die, usually Matt (digimon Matt) is the one that ends up dead, (tear) and I love him I will read some Harry Potter, but I'm pretty happy with JKRowlings pairings so they kinda have to stay that way, and I'll read some Fruit Basket stories, again no death, oh and on the topic of fruit baskets great story by Myshadowspirit, it's title is Fruit Basket Fluffanutters, which was my brilliant idea!! and if you want to know how i got this name I'll tell you. I was at a barn with my amiga, and (that's friend in spanish) and like I was saying this pony came out, he was a brown and white, aka a paint and he was like, well I'm Five foot Two and he probably made it up to a little passed my belly button. HE WAS ADORABLE, my friend, who is my hieght rode him, and I will never forget that spedo pony . . . so that my story has inspired you to read her story, which is not about ponies named fluffanttuer it's about fluffy fruitbasket characters. it's AMAZING, it's fluffly but awesome, and about their future!! and Momiji's in it. yep I him.

I know it's not exaclty fair to judge a story by it's pairing but I try to be 'open minded' especially since I have read a few good Sorato's, but I am partial. . .



Once upon a time this was 'Courage to Keep Walking' but now it is Coffee, and almost done. . . the last chapter is practically done. . .yes, I know. . .so really the question is, what am I going to do now. . .their is plans for a sequal. . .info posted below. . . so yes this story is if you wanna know what it's about is basically Tai's journey. . .(read very creative summary if want to know more). But yes, if you have time read it. . .i am very proud of this versin and always looking for comments (good and bad)

Hot Choclate and Tea (working title but that's what it might be)

Basically the sequal to Coffee, just this time it's Matt's turn, obviously it won't be posted untill Coffee is DONE, but that's coming up. . ., and I have a few ideas, PLEASE if you care, check out the pole to see when you want the story to take place, beacues their could be a good chance if no one does I fast foward through the rest of the school year till June. . .but I want to know if people are against that. So yeah. . .

And with The Heart's Spirits, I think everyone thought I died, and I did, for a while, but i may have, but. . . . after Coffee's sequal I will SERIOUSLY get back into it fix it up, make it flow better. . .yes I PROMISE I WILL, IT WILL NOT DIE. . .

Bla8's Thoughts on Alerts

And for the reason why I think you care, (probaby you don't) My little Bla8's opinion on this 'alert thing' yes, so I get alerts yet no reviews, if you wanna alert me, I suppose you like the story, ( I doubt you hate it if you alert me) then why don't you, nice people of the world then review me, or other authors you do that too, because reviews are just cooler, and I dont care if its a 'lame' review, I give awesome long reviews in my opinion, and usually I yell at the characters and tell them how wrong and messed up their life is, and then tell the author I love it, lists some parts in it I like, and ask them to update and sometimes say you spelt that wrong, or maybe you need to check your grammer, spelling, etc, and yeah, a nice long review, yep. So that is my advice, and if you want your story reviewed review people, I read stories of my reviewers, yes, good idea, casue I'm smart!! (yet can't spell) So that's Bla8's thoughts on reviewing

Now you've read this page probalby because you are incredibly bored and now your almost done, so why stop, But it probably has canged your life cause I'm amazing like that. And you want to rush and read my stories. . NOT!and now I want to hug Momiji!! So I will part, from this fanfiction world, and go back to mine, hehe, my feet are cold. . .

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