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I know it has been a while, and I’m sorry to get all of your hopes up with a new chapter (if anyone even follows me after all this time) but I told all of you I have delved into original fiction. If anyone is interested in reading it, I’ve posted it on Figment(dot)com under the profile “Matt Scala”. I would really, really appreciate it if anyone was able to read it and spread the word!

Here’s the link, if it even works: figment(dot)com/users/297534-Matt-Scala

Of course, take away the (dot). Here’s a summary, as well:

Isaac Alexander has been able to see ghosts all his life. He was never able to speak with them or interact with them in any way, but he frequently asks them if they know anything about the spirit of his dead father or even his beloved dog. One day, this all changes when a new girl, Alice, moves into his town – and he finds that a ghost has been haunting her. From there, Isaac and Alice become Soul Vessels, people with special powers that they use to exorcise spirits, all while getting involved in a dark plot that has the potential to disturb the relationship between the living and the dead forever.

Thank you, all of you! I still haven’t forgotten any of you!

/ends shameless self promotion

Please view the latest chapter of Distorted Reality for any news pertaining to it. As of now, the story is unfortunately discontinued.

Special thanks to ObeliskX for the translation of Distorted Reality into Russian! Sooo coool :D Link here:


Fanart for Distorted Reality: Thanks everyone! It's really an honor!!

Prince Sokka :http://avocadolove.deviantart.com/art/Prince-Sokka-86526129 by Avocadolove! Thank you!

Distorted Avatar Reality 14: The Fortuneteller http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4466458/1/Distorted_Avatar_Reality_14_The_Fortuneteller by donki-shouben. Thanks!

Book 1 Distorted Reality cover art: http://baithin.deviantart.com/art/Distorted-Reality-Season-1-102050510 It's on my dA profile, since he doesn't have one. Thanks for the graphic! Graphics for Books 2 and 3 are coming soon. Done by Mramirez1991.

Book 2 cover art: http://baithin.deviantart.com/art/Distorted-Reality-Season-2-117837201 Yeah... I'm bad at hyperlinking... I actually don't know how.

Azula and Aang - http://tigerkitten907.deviantart.com/art/Distorted-Reality-clip-105548184 by Tigerkitten907. Thanks!

Azula in Normal Dress: http://nebunedzar.deviantart.com/art/Azula-in-normal-dress-111559196 - Done by nebunedzar! Thanks a lot, it's really cool!

Ice Prince - http://nebunedzar.deviantart.com/art/Ice-Prince-125436317- A picture of Prince Sokka by nebunedzar. Thanks again!

Holy crap! Check out this Distorted Reality trailer made by smrguysirman123 (also Mramirez1991). It's an absolutely astounding video!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssRkoeDILpo

Earth Kingdom Poster: http://i.imgur.com/3cI4gh.jpg - Wonderful work! Thank you very much, Maleviii4!!

By the same artist: Princess Katara and Prince Sokka: http://i.imgur.com/XlfrT.jpg - Yayy!!

Distorted Reality: http://stasysolitude.deviantart.com/art/Distorted-Reality-172983342?q=gallery%3AStasySolitude%2F25331858&qo=9

Book 1: http://stasysolitude.deviantart.com/art/Distorted-Reality-Book-1-Fire-175441654?q=&qo=

Both by StasySolitude, a wonderful artist and very kind person. I'm so sorry this wasn't up on my profile sooner!!

Two Zukos: http://s15.radikal.ru/i188/1012/a4/2c935172290b.jpgby Sherr

Two Kataras: http://s56.radikal.ru/i152/1012/53/bbdb67f5d3d0.jpg - by Sherr

Princess Katara vs the Serpent: http://s39.radikal.ru/i086/1009/72/49ce9141a826.jpg - by StasySolitude

Enma: http://i081.radikal.ru/1008/be/d9df723e00ae.jpg - by StasySolitude

Dragon Shao: http://i069.radikal.ru/1008/e1/01142dd62d52.jpg - by Stasysolitude


Poll Result: Neither Aang nor Azula will be learning Combustion Man's abilities. Thanks for voting, everyone!

Poll Result: Most of you prefer Jet with Azula, though Jet/Smellerbee came in second place. Thanks for voting! (This doesn't mean Jetzula is happening in DR!).

Poll Result: As for Ty Lee shippings, Haru is the winner! Ty LeexAzula was in second place.

Poll Result: Surprisingly enough, Aang won as far as Azula ships go. That makes me sort of giddy. Jet and Sokka tied for second place - two of my other favorite Azula ships.

Poll Result: As for Iroh shippings, he is most popularly paired with Tea! Kanna was in second place, though my personal favorite is LoxIrohxLi...

Poll Result: Most of you like pairing Toph with Aang best, eh? Second place was Toph being too awesome to be in love. I agree with both.

Out of the Shadows, Into the Darkness, is on a short hiatus. I hate abandoning stories so it won't be dropped for good, but I have too much on my plate at the moment for two stories at once.

Sorry everyone, about everything... =(

Real Name: Matt

Age: 17

Gender: Male

AIM: WeArEcOnFaTiSts

MSN: FFXIBaithin@hotmail.com

Yahoo: Weareconfatists421.

Feel free to send me an instant message...

Pairings: As far as my Avatar pairing preferences go, I'm a Zutarian. Also, Taang and Sukka. That does not mean those will be the final pairings in most of my stories, since I'm more than willing to play with everything. Through writing Distorted Reality, I've come to realize that I like a lot of ships.

I figured I'd put one of these categories into my profile, since just about everyone else does.


AangxToph - "She keeps him grounded, while he gives her wings." It was such a nice quote that I found somewhere about them, and so fitting. They're about polar opposites in every way, and I'm attracted to that idea about them.

AangxAzula - Oh, I find it so much fun, for some reason. Azula likes men with power, doesn't she? This is definitely not a crack ship in my book xD Even in canon, I think Aang would be one of the ones to nurse Azula back to health after she went insane. In AUs it's kind of nice, too =D

AangxKatara - In canon, I'm not a fan of this pairing. Katara is too nurturing to him, and that's not what Aang needs (I'm a bit cruel to Aang, I know). So most of the time, I can only handle it in small doses. However, when I'm writing it, I have no problem putting a darker twist to it (Evil!Katara), and so it will be fun and different. Also, when written well, I don't mind reading it in other fanfics.

AangxTy Lee - They have so much chemistry together, but life would be too much of an adventure for the two. Still, it's fun to play with.

AangxMai - I read ONE fanfic that had this pairing (on the premise that Zuko and Katara got together, throwing these two to the sidelines) and it was AWESOME. The story even focused on these two and generally depicted Zuko and Katara in a bad light (If I could find this story, I'd link it, but I don't even remember the title...). Aang is the perfect person to put some sunshine into Mai's life.

And, well, there's all the other minor Aang ships, such as AangxOn Ji or AangxMeng, which I don't mind at all.

Lol, I should just write an AangxHarem story, just like all those in the Naruto category =D He's compatible with just about anyone.


ZukoxKatara - My favorite Zuko pairing, for the whole 'opposites attract' thing, and more. They're both mature, parenting, and while they're total opposites, they have so much in common, too.

ZukoxMai - I didn't like the way this pairing was portrayed in the show. Fanfics tend to do it better.

ZukoxTy Lee - Fun! I played with this in Distorted Reality and it worked out well. However, she's not down to earth enough for him.

ZukoxJin - As Jin's only a oneshot character, we didn't get a lot of her. But she's a playful girl who would do wonders for pre-Gaang Zuko. I have officially fallen in love with this pairing after reading a recent fanfic which was a fully-chaptered story and wasn't a oneshot. It's one of my favorite Zuko pairings now!

ZukoxSong - Song's a gentle spirit who would be nice for Zuko. She really did care for him. But, like Jin, we saw very little of her.

ZukoxSuki - A very uncommon pairing. One of the only reasons I like it is because their ship name would be "SuZuki." I'm so clever, eh? =D I liked the interaction between them in the Boiling Rock, as little as it was. They'd be compatible with each other if they both weren't taken.

ZukoxYue - I read one where they were stuck together in an arranged marriage between the North Pole and the Fire Nation for peace. Yue's just the gentle spirit an evil!Zuko could use to change him for the better.

ZukoxToph - This pairing is quite cool, but only when Toph is a bit older, or when they're both a couple years older. Seeing these two butt heads would be scary. I prefer these two as siblings.

Zuko's never paired with anyone else, besides the usual Mai or Katara. I would like to stretch his characterization to the limits and try putting him with someone else for once.


SokkaxSuki - My favorite Sokka ship. It was the best one handled in canon, in my opinion. Some people find Suki extremely uninteresting, but in the right hands she's done very well.

SokkaxTy Lee - My second favorite Sokka ship. The two of them definitely do have potential, and I can see her easily getting him out of a gloomy mood.

SokkaxAzula - !! I love this one. Both of these characters have very brilliant minds, and I can see Sokka being a very worthy opponent to Azula if they ever had a drawn-out, one-on-one fight scene in the show. She'd pass him off as an idiot until he tricks her. In DR, the two tend to be the ones doing the most planning, strategizing, or tactical fighting out of anyone else.

SokkaxYue - Some people also find Yue uninteresting, but for someone who only appeared in three episodes, her story was done well. Too bad she didn't survive :(

SokkaxToph - I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to like this pairing, whether in the show or in fanfiction. Is it the age difference? Something else? I don't see it. I'm not afraid to write it myself, but it's kind of cute when Toph crushes on him. Not when he returns it, though...

A SokkaxHarem story would also be cool to see. Hell, SokkaxMai would even be cool (Apparently, that pairing has attracted quite a few followers).


KataraxZuko - Refer to above.

KataraxAang - Refer to above.

KataraxJet - I like this one, almost for the same reasons that I like Zutara. Maybe I like the whole betrayal/redemption thing? I think that, if Jet survived, this would be the final Katara pairing in the show. She liked him a lot, even at the time of his death.

KataraxHaru - This one is kind of funny. They both share a deep love of their bending, and they're kindred spirits when it comes to losing a lot in the war. They seem very compatible with each other.

KataraxAzula - If there is ONE slash pairing that I might like, it would be this one. I loved all of their fights, their confrontations, and the fact that Katara was ultimately the one to take her down and finally set her off the deep end. This is a prime example of Total Evilness vs. Nurture. Also, a KataraxAangxAzula triangle would work nicely. Katara is very easily Azula's foil.

There seriously aren't enough males to pair Katara with. Has anyone ever seen her paired with someone male besides the four listed above? Er, besides her brother...


TophxAang - Refer to above.

TophxTeo - A surprising number of people pair these two together for their handicaps, which is really WRONG. I like them for their personalities - it heavily resembles the Taang relationship. Also, she'd beat a self-pitying Teo back into shape if he ever complains to her about not being able to walk. Just like she turned her handicap into a strength, she'd teach him to do something like that, too.

TophxSokka - Refer to above.

TophxZuko - Refer to above.

TophxHaru - I've never seen this done before, but it'd be fun. She'd pound this wimp with her earthbending until he grew a backbone or something and fought back against her. Only then she'd see him as worthy enough for her attention.

TophxNaruto - Yes, that Naruto. Blame this on one crossover story and "The Last Puppetbender." This would be so cool xD However, since it could only exist in a crossover, I'd never get a chance to write it myself. She's like the foil to Hinata, except that they're both from wealthy families.

As for Toph pairings, there aren't enough males to pair her with, either. Seriously, where'd all the guys in Avatar go? Wasn't Katara the only female in Book 1? xD


AzulaxJet - Probably my favorite Azula pairing. I created a whole community dedicated to this pairing. PrincessxPeasant? Awesome. She hates peasants, he hates firebenders. It all works out so well! Ohh, It's fun to stretch the limits of characters.

AzulaxAang - Refer to above.

AzulaxSokka - Refer to above.

AzulaxHaru - Probably for the same reasons as TophxHaru. However, SexyFine!HaruxAzula would be fairly epic... I bet she'd dig that 'stache.

AzulaxZhao - Now, Azula would need to be a bit older (And, well, Zhao would need to be alive x.x;) for this to work. But I can see her crushing on him from when she was a child. He's about as ambitious and power-hungry as she is. There'd be loads of backstabbing in this pairing. Hmm... Maybe I like a lot of conflict in a good pairing? That's probably why I don't like Kataang too much... Unless it's in the hands of a good writer. Mushiness is gross. Who likes mushy food, huh?

AzulaxSasuke - And yes, the same Sasuke that's in Naruto. And mostly because these two would look damn good together... and they're both for teh evulz... and that's pretty much the only reason. Azula's more likely to manipulate him to death and Sasuke would hate her guts... to death. Even so, it'd be fun in a crossover.

There's a whole point to me listing all the pairings that I like. I hope you all learned something from this - it's not good to always stick to one pairing. Branch out a little. Play with the characters, see if you can bend their characterization enough to fit with anyone else. This is fiction - you can do whatever you want with them! Stretch it to the limits by pairing them with someone they've never even met. Use your imagination. It's a lot of fun!

And please, don't go into shipping wars. Try writing an "opposing" pairing for once - you might end up liking it.

Avatar fics:

Power of a Thousand Spirits: This is the first story in my series of "Avatar: The Last Airbender", called "Thousand Spirits Series" (thanks Khajmer!). It is my take on Book Three. There are many many pairings, but mainly Zutara. (Complete! Surpassed by Distorted Reality as my best story. Thanks everyone for your support!)

A World Divided: Sequel to Power of a Thousand Spirits. New problems are arising in the world and the Avatar Gang is realizing just how fragile the world really is. Zutara, Taang, Sukka, Jetzula, and many more. Many of the characters (even the ones only seen once!) are in this story. (Complete! So much thanks to all of my reviewers... I can finally move onto the next one in this series).

Out of the Shadows, Into the Darkness: Trequel to Power of a Thousand Spirits and A World Divided, but they're not necessary to read to understand this story. An ancient enemy is back and hungry for revenge. Armed with a plot to destroy the whole world, hope comes in the form of the gang's children-but can they save the world and everyone they love? Temporary Hiatus.

This is not part of my Thousand Spirits series. It is my separate Avatar AU.

Distorted Reality: My first AU. The Water Tribes rule the world, and Aang was rescued from suspended animation by Zuko and Azula, two ordinary kids. The thing is, Aang remembers his previous adventures with Sokka, Katara, and Toph. Try it out. It's pretty good. :)


Tales of the Fairies: After the battle with the Oracion Seis, the war between the Balam and Light Alliances has continued. Natsu, after leaving the guild for two years to train with Igneel, returns to Fairy Tail to find that everything has changed. Pairings undecided.

It's my newest fic, but I'll try not to let the updating schedule conflict with Distorted Reality. If any of my fans happen to like Fairy Tail, please check out the fic! The Fairy Tail fandom is quite small, so I want to get more readers :)


First Date: Modern AU. Zuko finally gets the girl of his dreams, but the date goes horribly wrong. Romance/humor, but not incredibly fluffy. Maiko. Yes, Maiko!! Went pretty well, considering it's a oneshot.

There may be some Planned fics one day... Once I find the time...

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Distorted Reality reviews
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The Avatar is healed, and the GAang resumes their journey. Aang still has to master the other three elements to defeat Fire Lord Ozai. What will happen along the way? [Zutara] [Taang] & Many more. Starts where Book2 left off. Story is better than summary.
Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 37 - Words: 165,012 - Reviews: 428 - Favs: 178 - Follows: 53 - Updated: 11/3/2007 - Published: 6/13/2007 - Zuko, Katara - Complete
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