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All you need to know is

Im Sixteen. I'm Canadian. I Rock.

I'm seventeen and I have to say that I feel terribly old. I'm growing up far too fast and sometimes I feel like turning back the clock and being five all over again. Things were so much easier back then. Boys were your friends, or they had cooties, getting good grades meant colouring in the lines, and you had a fight with your best friend when you stole her crayon. Sometimes I feel like I'm standing in the middle of a racetrack and each lap is another year. Sometimes I feel like six months ago was just yesterday. Was it only a mere twelve years ago that I was so scared to let go of Mommy's hand? Was it really that long ago? Life is speeding past and most days you don't even realize it. You take for granted every second and every minute you have to yourself. You complain that you have a curfew, that you can't get your license yet. You count down the days to graduation and cross your fingers that your parents won't bug you about that B- you got on your last History test. These are the simple things, and these are the things that I miss. These are the things that I complain about now, but I realize that it's all going to disappear in no time at all. That race car is going to make another lap, and then it's going to try for another and there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. Life really takes to reverse psychology, moving faster when you desperately want it to stop, and going at snail speeds when there is something you just can't wait for. But God how I want it to go slower. I'm choosing a career. I have to pick a program, and I have to get portfolios and applications together. I have to prepare myself for the rest of my life and I'm barely seventeen. Does anyone else see anything terribly wrong with this? What if I'm not ready, and what if I choose the wrong things? And more than that, what if I cant fix the mistakes that I'm bound to make at such a young, naive age? In a year's time I'll be moving out. In some way, I'm yearning for that freedom, for that chance to prove myself, but I'm still so nervous. All I've ever known is a protected home in a safe neighbourhood. The province's capital is a big move. Can I afford it? Will I miss home? I'm leaving everything behind to venture off into the world all by myself and I can't say I'm incredibly confident. Will I even get accepted? Am I good enough? Will I take up that offer to live next to him, the same guy I've been avoiding for the past three years? I want to be five. I want to steal her crayons, I want to colour in the lines, and I want to believe that he has cooties. But more than that, more than anything, I want that racecar to take a pit stop, so I can enjoy it all without having to worry if I'll crash.

I'm a writer. This is my practice. I want to be published by the time I'm ninteen.
I'm an actress. I take University geared acting classes starting this year.
I'm an artist. I have never taken a formal art class before the Open Art Highschool electives. This year I'm taking an Advanced University geared Art class.
I'm a nerd. The lowest grade I've ever had was 70 percent. I think I cried.
I'm a director. I've directed and edited numerous youtube videos. I've also worked on the year end Video for my school. I'm taking Avdanced Media classes.
I'm a night owl. I can't count the number of times I've snuck out until the sunrise on all my fingers and toes. I can't even begin to count my all nighters.
I'm a good girl. I don't do drugs, smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol. I won't judge someone if they do, but it's not me. I've seen what they do to good people and I'm not willing to risk it.
I'm stubborn. Once I've made up my mind, I won't change it. Don't even bother trying.
I'm Lina. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I talk alot, so feel free to PM me.

ps. I draw-- Alot

Nick Jonas -
Joe Jonas -

UPDATES/PROGRESS as of March 21/09

Anyone But You- ABY is now finished. An epilogue may be added much, much later.
Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints- HIATUS. I have no idea when I will come back to this.
Prey- Chapter one is now posted.
A lot of new plot ideas for future stories to come. Most of them will be written once Summer comes.
March 12th-22nd- March Break.
March 19th - My Birthday :) -Im so old.

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