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hey everyone i'm new to fan fiction . i found out about fan fiction from some of my friends(riley,kelsi). when i put some stories on here and you don't like them tell me what i probaly need to work on to get more peoples attention. oh and if you review my stories and you have something mean to say, say it to yourself, because i don't want to hear something like ( your stories suck, and your the worst writer ever) because i'll probaly go to your homepage and do the same to you. just warning you.

here are so quotes from my friends and me...

" your a freak, you shoulg go to the circus." from me

" thats awsome pomsome" riley

" If there weren't crazy people in the world, who would the normal people have to slap?" kelsi

here are some of my favorite icon sayings...

HUG A TREE...they have less issues than people.

i wear my SUNGLASS at night.

real girls aren't perfict... perfict girls aren't real.

real guys jesus.

DON'T HEAT...Appreciate.


well thats all i have right now, but i'll put some more up later.!!!!!!!

heres some things about me...

name- Missa or CheeseCake

age- not old enough to drive

birth place- Minnesota at North Memorial Hospital.

my secret lover- chad from Big Mamas House 2. jk.

what I want to be when i grow - Interior Designer

bestest buddiest in the world- Jo, Riley, Kelsie, Anna, Jessica, Carl, Emily G., Emily H., and lots of other people

first frind ever-Jo

what i'm best at- being random

my pet- English Mastiff

fav food- Romen noodles

fav store- Alloy, Delias, Gadzooks and lots of other places

fav person-my Grandma

fav movie-PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 1,2, & 3


fav subject-u.s. history

fav saying- i'm going to eat you. jk. lol

fav song- adding to the noise by switchfoot

fav theme song- the theme song from Naruto

fav desert- CheesCake

fav names-David Michael and Grace Nicole

fav #- 7

fav band- cute is what we aim for, fall out boy, my chemical romance, and lots of other bands

fav animal- dog, cow, the fish that live in the dark part of the ocean, and lizards

fav cartoon character- anag, ZUKO, naruto, sasuke, katara, toph

Obsessions- Avatar, ZUKO, shoes, icons, and being random

hair color- Red-Orange(what ever people call red heads), oh but i do have natural high lights

eye color-blue, sometimes blue/green as said by someone

gender- female

height- 5 feet and i think 2 or 3 inches

fav candy- i don't know what there called but you suck on them and then when you get to the middle the have this fiz type of thing and it tastes really good with Dr. pepper.


something cool about me- umm... I HAVE THE COOLST FRIENDS IN THE WOLD.

pet peeve- when little kids try to act all grown up and when i can't think of any think to say.

fav quote- " Save the Dram for Your Momma"

fav shoe(s)- any type of shoe from alloy and delias

my #- you know you want it, but you can't have it. lol

well i'm going to put up some stories in a couple of days caues i have to write them first.

here are my coolyo friends...

joanna, stephanie, emily g., cassady, courtney, elizabeth, riley, kelsi, emily h., sierra, natile, christina, sharilyn, anna, jessica, carl, bayle, brennan, shelby, riley f., jenny alicia.

everyone of the people in my list of friends are the coolest people ever!

I Fell In Love reviews
Zuko and katara fall in love will they're in the dilee dungun.
Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 196 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 2 - Published: 3/12/2007 - Katara, Zuko
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