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And on the Poll, I won't say which Eeveeloution -brick'd- is in the lead, but I will say that there are 2 that have been tied for the longest time. I'm hoping this will be resolved by the time the evolution chapter is up.

No more characters will be accepted for the story until I find a place for the few that have already asked.

Story Progress: I know I promised to finish this story, but if you haven't notice yet, that isn't going to happen. It's dead, and has been for a long time, despite the urge to continue it that has been nagging me for the last two years. Even the urge to rewrite it has died down (although reading a few fics has somewhat rekindled it), so don't expect that either.

It really does sadden me to say that this story is discontinued, since I loved the idea when it first came into my head, and despite not having touched it in forever, my mind is still full of ideas I want to use on it. Maybe some day I'll post what I planned on having in the story; The various events, characters, and so on.Despite how poorly the story was written. I learned shortly after joining about my many issues with my writing, and to those who offered constructive criticism and helped me become the slightly better writer that I am not, I give you my thanks.

My apologies to any fans I have remaining, and to the few of you that somehow keep finding the fic and faving it. I only wish I could give you something decent to read.

Before I go, an explanation is in order I suppose. The seventh chapter. It stumped me for the longest time. I had no idea how to start it, which slowed my writing greatly. And then, a person that was once a friend on here (that I haven't talked to in forever) introduced me to a story. A great- no, an awesome, incredible story. It was so good, so amazing... that I felt pathetic, worthless, inferior even. Comparing my story and writing to his killed my interest in the fic for the longest time. That was the final nail in AJoL's coffin. Comparing my horrible writing, the terrible title and chapter names, the fact that I couldn't decide on a point of view, the non-existent story structure, and so on. I know this all probably sounds like emo ranting, and it probably is. I just felt I had to explain, in case anyone bothers to actually look at this page.

Annoyance/Saying/Whatever of the Week: Depression = How I am feeling after updating this page after over a year, as well as finally admitting that I have given up.

Broken DS means no wifi stuff for now. Unless you want to Brawl or destroy me on Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Also, I have MSN, so if you feel like talking about fics, plots, rping, or simple randomness (particularly the last one), it's:

Ok, to start off, I'm not new to the whole "Writing fanfics" thing, but this is the first time I put anything up on a site. I've had tons of ideas going through my head, but never had the guts to write 'em and put them on a site. Mainly due to the fact that I didn't want anyone I know seeing what I write, especially about Pokemon.

I'm a Pokenerd pretty much. Have been since it started. So most of what I write will be about it, a good portion will probably be about me and my faves, or my fave team.

Anime I currently like: Pokemon, Digimon, To Loveru, Clannad, DNAngel, Princess Resurrection, and some others I can't recall the name to.

Other Shows: The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Invader Zim, Storm Hawks, South Park, Firefly, Avatar, Mad TV, NCIS, Burn Notice, Two and a Half Men, Malcolm in the Middle, Danny Phantom, etc.

Oh, and I'll give a cookie and a shiny nickel to anyone that can guess my fave Pokemon lol =3

Currently playing: Pokemon Fire Red Omega, Final Fantasy VI, Cave Story, Zone of the Enders, various Fire Emblem games, and Portal~ (thank you free Steam download

Currently watching: Various Youtube stuff

Currently doing: Glaring at my dead DS and copy of Pokemon Soul Silver

One thing I do during the time I procrastinate is make trainer cards for my story. The more that is revealed in the story, the more the card gets updated...and once again I'm only doing this 'cause I can't quit procrastinating X3.

Taken down my trainer cards because I'm revamping them slightly. None of them turned out as well as they should have because I saved them as either bitmaps or...I forgot the other one.

Thanks to the asshats that touched my computer without asking, I no longer have my sprites sheets, trainer cards, and edits. Because of this, This section will remain down for an indeterminate amount of time.

(Cards Complete...for now)

Darrins card

Ditas Card

Rai/Riza's Card

Character Bios (wip)

Darrin: A brown haired, brown eyed youth, and the main protagonist of the story. Abandoned as a child, he grew up alone, surviving on instincts no child should have at his age, until he met Serene. From then on, it all went up hill, but I'll leave that tale for the story itself. His exterior is that of a cold, spiteful loner, a facade he carries on because of his past, but he does secretly care for anyone he befriends, and would willingly give his life to protect them (a trait probably increased thanks to his best friend). He usually wears multiple layers of clothing, feeling oddly cold for some reason, no matter what the climate is. He often dreams about when he was a child, usually for the good times... as well as the forced dreams where he remembers a fragment of his childhood before abandonment... oh yes, and as you've all noticed, he's a Gary Stu, or whatever they're called... whatever. Every fic needs at least one. XP

Darrins current party

Serene the Gardevoir: Darrins first pokemon, best friend, and long time companion,it is rare to see her away from Darrins side. Throughout the years of being with him, a 'link' has formed between the two, common to those that have a close bond with certain psychic type pokemon.

As a Ralts her abilities were too weak to establish a bond, but as she grew older a small link formed, starting the process earlier than usual. As a Kirlia the link grew and strengthened, allowing the two to communicate mentally over a certain distance. Because of the strengthened bond between the two, various things started to happen, things that are normally impossible, without years of training at least. At first she started to take on a few of his traits, and vice versa, soon followed by her gaining the ability to read his mind, a trait reserved mainly for the Abra family. Much to Darrins surprise and Serenes delight, she gained the ability to talk, although it took a lot of training for her to speak properly.

When it comes to battles, Serene is the 'specialist' of the team, with her best trait being her special attacks. As a Psychic type, she has a natural fear of Dark type pokemon, though the fear has turned into annoyance over the years. She has learned of various ways to take care of Darks, learning Thunderbolt and Magical Leaf early on. During a practice session she tried to learn Energy Ball, and managed to successfully pull it off once, a feat that should have been impossible due to Kirlias being unable to learn the Grass type move.

Visible Traits: As a Ralts she wore a yellow bow around her neck. As a Kirlia she wore a yellow ribbon on each sensor on her head, but having evolved...

Lucia the Riolu: Lucia has been with Darrin for several years now, starting from before he became a trainer. She knows many powerful attacks, some of which Darrin doesn't even know. Lucia is prone to being hyper, usually having to be chased down or recalled in order to calm her down. She currently has several gym victories under her belt, and due to her wide and expanding range of moves, she is often one of the first Darrin calls upon for a tough battle.

Visible Traits: Wears a freyed red and yellow scarf around her neck

Bloom the Roselia: Bloom is currently unknown to the readers

Eve the Eevee: Eve's name is obviously short for Eevee. Darrin is waiting to name her until after she evolves, so he doesn't give her a firey name, and she winds up evolving into Vaporeon or Glaceon XD Other than that, she is still unknown

Coal the Combusken: Coal is currently an unknown to the readers

Others: Are in his PC, and will be brought out when the time comes.

(Stories in the Works): 3

1. My main story (A Journey of Love), about a male trainer and his pokemon (description and title in the works). M but if I'm allowed I'll probably get it changed to T since the worst in it is violence and swearing.

2. Was going to be a lemon, but due to my comp needing formatting, it wound up erased, and is now on hold until I rewrite it.

3. The pokemon in the human world have started to go crazy due to the disaperance of the 6 creators. A youth wakes up in the pokemon world and discovers that a few of the creators have gone mad with power, while others have lost theirs. Based around the new D/P Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. K - T

4. Probably going to be an add-on to AJoL. It's was originally going to have some lemon parts in it, but I can't bring myself to put them in the story, so instead of putting them in, I'll just make a bonus chapter or story with them in it.

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