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Hi, my name is Chrissy and here's my profile!

Name: Christine

Nicknames: I prefer Chrissy. Only my friend can call me by my assigned names

Age: Turn 22 on 23rd of February

Ethnicity: Korean/Polish

Place of Residence: Over the hills and through the seriously...wait where are you guys going O.o It's true. Anyways United States in a state call Georgia.

Hobbies: Played the piano for 15 years. Music will always be my passion no matter what. I love reading books and spending time with my friends, online or offline.

Favorite Anime: Uh...I'm just listing several if I list them. If I go might be on my profile forever.

One Piece
Hitman Reborn
Rurouni Kenshin
Full Metal Alchemist
Fairy Tail
Detective Conan
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Code Geass

Favorite Manga:

Top Mangas

One Piece
Detective Conan
Hitman Reborn
Fairy Tail
Death Note
Soul Eater
Chrno Crusade
Zombie Powder
Kingdom Hearts Series
Hell Girl
Code Geass

Favorite Games: These are like several games I have played and beaten. It's still growing~!

Current Game Playing:

PSP: Birth by Sleep (moded PSP) 60 percent completed
360: Final Fantasy XIII (45 percent completed)
Wii: No games have caught my interest on the wii (as of yet)
PS3: GOD OF WAR 3 (13 percent completed)
PS2: DDR SuperNova 1 (yeah...I'm a sap for these games...very addicting)

Dante's Inferno
Final Fantasy Series
Devil May Cry Series
Magna Carta Series
Kingdom Hearts Series
Bioshock Series
Guitar Hero Series
Assassin's Creed Series
Rockman Series
Marvel vs Capcom series
Silent Hill Series
Legend of Zelda Series
King of Fighter Series
Fatal Frame Series
Bayonetta (shocking)
Soul Caliber Series
Professor Layton Series
Omikron The Nomad Soul
Street Fighters Series
Resident Evil Series
Indigo Prophecy
Mirror Edge
God of War Series
Clock Tower Series
Shadow of Colossus
Disgaea Series
Arkham Asylum
One Piece Series
Guilty Gear Series
Drakengard Series
Shin Megumi Series
Xenosaga Series
Parasite Eve Series
Rock Band Series
Super Smash Bros Series
No More Heroes Series
Tomb Raider Series
Dance Dance Revolution Series
Left 4 Dead Series
Prince of Persia Series
Armored Core Series
Legend of Dragoon

Favorite Music: I have over 5,500 songs on my list and it's all mainly osts I have uploaded, vocaloids, remixes of songs, american and international songs. Wether it's anime, games, musicals or just songs on the radio you listen to. I probably have it. If I list everything out. It'll probably take forever.

Current Song listening to: Magnet (It's a very interesting song)




People putting others down

Fav Pairings: I love all pairings.

My friends: Clarobell, Shiruiji, Plushie, Veronica The Mischievous, and Stini Cross.

Stories: I apologize for disappearing for a long time. It's due to a lot of factors: Work, School, computer crashes, running around with friends, mother yammering about me not going to church, and just being plain lazy. Well now I'm back and here to stay. And I have many stories I am editing and will be posting very soon. Thank you all for being patience!!

Another Side, Another Story Arc

This will be a Kingdom Hearts and One Piece Crossover. I've been workng on this plot for 2 years and probably my masterpiece. This will be divided into the main story and a series of side stories for each Kingdom Hearts Characters. All of the plots are interconnected.

Another Side, Another Story: Complex Hearts (Sora's Story) IN PROGRESS

Sora is left to fend for himself when his home is attacked by an unknown enemies. With Kairi and Riku missing, and trapped in a new world, he's left with the ultimate decision. Two years later, a group of renegade pirates appear and take him in as a nakama. With a dark past and new enemies bearing down on him, Sora is on journey in search of his long lost friends. Little did he and the others know, this simple journey is a beginning of many others to come...

Another Side, Another Story: In Your Footsteps (Roxas's Story) IN PROGRESS

Summary later

Another Side, Another Story: Bond of Flames (Axel's Story) IN PROGRESS

Summary later

Another Side, Another Story: Captured in Her Eyes (Namine's Story)

Summary later

Another Side, Another Story: Untitled

Kairi's Story
Xion's Story
Riku's Story




Ace and Luffy made a pact to remain as brothers forever. But when society forces the two souls apart, the promise is replaced with the will to survive. Against all odds can the creed between two brothers be redeemed?


Online friends


Clarobell: My Nee-chan who lives in Spain ;-; There something about her personality that attracts you. She is one of my first friends I ever met on this site and she's a wonderful listener not to mention funny as hell. For the past months, she and many others we're my support when a lot personal stuff came up. My day basically starts out with her when I get up in the morning, but in her case in the afternoon XD". As for her fics, she puts her heart and soul into her stories and uses her imagination to create an awesome plot. I highly recommend you guys reading her fic cause this girl has got some serious talent! My love to you Clare if you are reading this. You are my inspiration along with Shiru, Plushie and many other wonderful people. WARNING!! CONTAINS HUMOR AND CUTENESS!! Her pics makes me giggle on DA applies too. -bumps on glass- :3 Clare, you are like the sister I never had. I hope that one day, I could pull a Moses from the bible and walk across the ocean to see you.

Plushie: Finally another House fanatic! A wonderful friend who unfortunaely lives in another country. Great personality and has a heart of gold ( AHHH I'M BLIND, TEH SHINESS IS TOO STRONG 00 ) A lot of her fics are a work of art and hope that she continues to write. She's a hard worker and one of the strongest people I have ever met. Honestly, I look up to her. If you are reading this Plushie, I love you like you were like my own sibling and hope to meet you one day but for now, let's enjoy our moments together online. See has a site on her DA, go look at it, I love her art. WARNING: CONTAINS CONTENTS OF CUTENESS AND HUMOR!! If you don't like then don't look! Say hello to Magnet for me~! X3

Shiru: I'm her dawgie. She has a wonderful personality and she always makes me smile everytime we talk. This girl has high potentials in writing and I love her art. If you have the chance look at this girls art in DA, they are so cute. But alas she lives in another country too! D: WHY!! SAME WARNINGS APPLY FOR HER TOO!! If I had the chance I snatch all my friends and we pick a place to live and spend the rest of our lives together. I HAVE DIBS ON COOKING AND CLEANING!!

Veronica The Mischievous: What can I say about her...nothing really except THIS CHILD SCARS YOU FOR LIFE WITH HER SENSE OF HUMOR. Some times you want to bang her face in dough and make gorilla biscuits. But passed all that twisted mind, I love her. She's has a hilarious sense of humor. A sick one but a funny one. Never a time where she hasn't made me laugh. She's like my crack in the morning. Can't wait to meet you so I can throw you in the trunk of my car and scream...welcome to GA you're mine!!

Stini Cross: I have never met a person who has so much in common with me before. It's utterly creepy. Her stories are like epic, and I beg you to read her stuff. And her art is really breathtaking. And after the chapter 574 of One Piece came out; Me, VTM, Stini and many others...are in total denial. ( And it's not the river in Egypt) We all weep!! And after her crazy theory...I seriously do believe Portgas D. Ace is a Jedi. I'll be waiting for the day he comes flying out of the sky in a star wars aircraft, plotting revenge. ONWARD PORTGAS ONWARD!! -salutes-

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