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So I'm posting up two summaries for two stories that I'm currently working on. I'll put their prolouges up in the next few days. Hope you guys like them. :)

Mystery A-Z

Narrative Summary:

It was like someone pulled a magic carpet out from under my feet. One day I’m a normal seventeen year old girl with tons of friends and a loving boyfriend, the next day I’m pregnant, homeless, and shunned. No one knows that I’ve taken up a secret residence at Hollow Bastion Central Library. Well except Mr. Blue eyes. You may think I’m stupid but I think he’s knows everything, including me.

Third Person Summary:

Kairi Miller, a normal pastor’s daughter, had it all. That is until she got pregnant, dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out of her home. With nowhere else to go, she takes up a secret residence in the bell tower of Hollow Bastion Central Library. She thinks no one knows about her until she finds a care package in her hiding place. Who is this mysterious gift giver and what do they want with her?


Narrative Summary:

Sora was never going to make it in life. That’s what us bully’s kept telling ourselves when we beat him to a pulp every day after school. It used to make me smile in wicked glee every time I broke the poor kid’s skateboard and beat him down. So it makes me wonder, five years later, why everyone knows who Sora is. Why I see him on TV every day, flying through the sky. It makes me feel stupid, because I should’ve known from the way he stood back up and never cried, that Sora was going to make it. Nothing and no one will ever bring him down. I just wish now that I could’ve been one of the few to help lift him up.

Third Person Summary:

Riku Shinwa, an ex-bully, had believed Sora James-Maverick, his former prey, had died after disappearing five years ago under unexplained circumstances. He never expected to see the boy suddenly reappear in his television set, an upcoming skateboarding star. And he never could’ve imagined what seeing that skinny, cheerful boy would do to his heart: make it skip three beats and hammer till morning.

Hey Hey,

To start off, I go by BlinkByou. I'm not a fan of giving out my real name. I'll only do that if I get to know you. I'm 18, I'm a college student, and I'm poor.

I'm a major Kingdom Hearts fan, I also love several animes...Death Note in particular (heart that anime). When it comes to fanfiction though, I prefer to write strictly Kingdom Hearts. I personally don't like writing anything else. I tend to write romance or angst fiction, I suck at writing humor and or adventure type fics. I also write poetry, though I don't know if I'm too good at it.

If you have any story ideas that you want to tell me about, just send me a message. I will take requests, so don't worry.

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