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Name - None of your bees wax
Age - 20
Gender Male
IQ - 129 (National Average is 98
Personilaty - Dark and Cynical
Theme Music - When Your Evil by Voltaire
Requests - Although I do take requests and suggestions about my stories I mostly only work with my own characters and characters from anime and games. (BTW if you want to request a story I will warn you now I do not write goody goody stories, I am a little evil myself so the bad stories are the ones I prefer) So if you have a request or suggestion keep it along those lines.

Authors I Support

These are friends of mine that I beta read for, check out their stuff if you got the time.




The Overlord of Shadows - The very first story that I submitted to this site. The Overlord of Shadows is based off of Danny Phantom and my character Draconum is featured as the primary villain. This story was requested by a friend of mine and some of the things that take place in the story are things she wanted to happen and given that this isn't my best work, but she loved it so I fulfilled my original goal with it.

Beyond the Shadows - The continuation of The Overlord of Shadows. After The Overlord of Shadows the story continues as old enemies from both Danny's and Draconum's pasts come back to haunt them.Requested by the same person and again not in a top quality story.

Naruto: Between Light and Darkness - Originally this was just a story arc experiment, but enough people liked it that I have decided to continue it. What would of happened if Naruto left with Sasuke instead of Sasuke going to Orochimaru alone. A new life, a new destiny, and a new sensei emerge from the darkness and bring Naruto and Sasuke back to Konoha, but what will they be like.

Of Heroes and Villains - This is literally just a random one shot collection about heroes and villains from the game City of Heroes. It is almost all OCs (seeing as its a game fic) with a few of the cannon characters thrown in for the ride. Have the stories over lap randomly, some of them have nothing to do with anything else, and some are literally utterly insane. These are pretty much just ideas I get while playing the game.

Favorite Quotes

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it.” -Terry Pratchett

“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him." -Fyodor Dostoevsky

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesn't become a monster” -Friedrich Nietzsche

“When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.” -Mae West

“He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.” - Leonardo da Vinci

"The only difference between saints and sinners is that every saint has a past while every sinner has a future" -Oscar Wilde

“The sun also shines on the wicked.” -Seneca

“Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party.” -Oscar Wilde

“There is only one true good, knowledge, and one true evil, ignorance.” -Socrates

“Men regard it as their right to return evil for evil and, if they cannot, feel they have lost their liberty.” -Aristotle

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” -William Shakespeare

“Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.” -Aristotle

“Evil is just a point of view” -Anne Rice

Personal Quotes

Weak willed people are nothing but pawns on your chest board. Strong willed people are nothing but bishops and rooks on mine...

To submit to someone stronger then you only proves that they are truly better then you.

Fate is a cheap excuse, destiny a weak mind's escape, fear a weak will's plea, sorrow a soft mind's hiding place.

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.

If you feel happiness then you just haven't realized that someday the source will be gone. If you feel sorrow then you just haven't realized happiness wasn't worth your time.

When your time comes and death hovers over your weak form at last, you will know, with all your heart and soul that I was right.

The first step to being strong is realizing that everyone around you is weak.

Do I fear death? No. I was dead billions of years before I was born and it has caused me no trouble.

Humans in general are little more then pawns, however in the chess game of life every now and then you uncover a knight or rook that can turn the tide of the entire game.

In the end our achievements in this world are meaningless. For in the end all will be nothing but cold air and colder rock.

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My good sir, I regret to inform you that you have been Steved...

You see this? Thats right its a pineapple. Guess were I am going to shove it if you don't shut the hell up?

They told me to make love not war, so I took the middle ground and made war on the men then raped the women...

Really now is all this violence necessary. You could just kill yourselves and save me the trouble...

Scowl at me all you want, whatever higher power you worship has probably already condemned me to eternal torment just like the rest of them anyways.

Dude relax. It was just a dog a pretty big one, but... your kid? Well then you should be thanking me...

If it takes one to know one then I am an official expert on who is a arrogant, self centered, egotistical, dick head...

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Have you seen that doohiky that opens the garage door?

I... I swear... to hick to drunk... I ain't God... hick

What do you mean you don't sell bone saws?! This is a bloody Surgeons General store isn't it?!

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Character Profiles

Draconum's Profile

Human Form

Theme Music: Beyond Redemption by HIM
Height: 6'2
Weight: 250 Pounds
Eye: Color: Black instead of White with Neon Green Irises, Sometimes Glowing Green
Hair Style: Long (Mid Back) Straight
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Pale White
Known Powers: Vocal Mind Control, Slight Shadow Control, Soul Blast, Shadow Scream, Shadow Meld

Description - In his human form Draconum's power drops massively, thats not to say he is weak by any means. Compared to his other forms though his power is weak, although this also means it is nearly impossible to detect him. This is his favored form for interacting with humans for obvious reasons, but at the same time it's also probably his most disturbing form. His eyes remain snake like and this, combined with his strange eye coloration, is often enough to make humans afraid of him. He also retains a forked tongue like a predatory lizard (think comodo dragon) and his voice has a strange reptilian quality. His skin is best described as the color of a fresh corpse, very pale with almost no coloration. His human form is always garbed in black and often has a neon green dragon symbol on one of his articles of clothing. In this form Draconum's most powerful weapon is actually his voice, it possess a natural hypnotic quality and can entrance anyone who hears him speak.

Shadow Form

Theme Music: One Step Closer by Linkin Park
Height: 7'5
Weight: 340 Pounds
Eye Color: Glowing Green
Hair Style: Long (Mid Back) Straight
Hair Color: White
Skin Color: Covered in Charcoal Black Scales
Known Powers: Summon Eristela, Summon Kalsinlo, Shadow Blade Dance, Shadow Armor, Inhuman Strength, Inhuman Speed, Soul Drain, Mind Rend, Dark Regeneration

Description - Also known as the Partial Form, this is a combination of Draconum's Human Form and True Form and he often powers up into this before transforming into his True Form. He stands upright on normal legs like a human and is often covered in armor, but the parts of his body that are visible are covered in blackish scales. His mouth is still human in shape but can open far beyond human limits and is full of long needle like fangs (his smiles in this form are incredibly grotesque). His eyes glow an ominous green color and tendrils of green energy often wisp out. His hands, though mostly human in shape ,have long claws that can slice through steel. In this form Draconum can partially control shadows that are nearby turning them into weapons or pieces of armor. Although this is obviously a powerful ability, in this form Draconum tends to rely more on speed and brute strength. He often fights using an powerful axe or a sword in this form, the axe is named Eristela or "Soul Slayer" and the scimitar like sword is named Kalsinlo or "Shadow Fang" in Draconum's native language.

True Form

Theme Music: End of the Beginning by 30 Seconds to Mars
Height: 9'11
Weight: 800+
Eye Color: Blazing Green Fire
Hair Style: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Skin Color: Covered in Night Black Scales
Known Powers: Terror Roar, Shadow Armor, Shadow Meld, Orb of Sight, Soul Fire Blast, Mind Crush, Dark Storm, Shadow Tendrils, Shadow Clones, Dark Dome, Soul Drain, Chilling Aura

Description - Draconum's True Form before reaching 100 percent power. This is the form he most often uses for combat as he considers using his full power a waste of energy. In this form he most resembles a dragon standing upright on its hind legs. He has a dragon-like head, claws, and a long powerful tail. His legs are like the rear legs of a fast land predator (think of a dog or a cat just covered in scales) and can propel him over any terrain at near super sonic speeds. Too top it off two powerful bat-like wings on his back can be used to fly or, sense they are surprisingly durable and often covered in shadow armor, can be used as near impenetrable shields. When he really wants to move fast he bends down on all fours and surges forward using arms, legs and wings all at once. His eyes blaze with green fire that can drain hope from anyone who looks into them. His dragon like maw is full of two rows of interlocking fangs that could bite into adamant without chipping and the back of his throat glows the same green as his eyes. In this from shadows are just as dangerous as Draconum's own claws and teeth and they can lash out at will becoming hard as steel and as sharp as a surgeon's blade. He can also breath a green fire that can not only burn a victims flesh but their soul as well meaning it works against both living and ghostly targets.

Final Form

Theme Music: Stay in Shadow by Finger Eleven
Height: 15'
Weight: 1200+
Eye Color: Blazing Green Fire
Hair Style: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Skin Color: Black Scales
Known Powers: All Powers from Other Forms, Time Control, Shadow Mastery, World Eater, Soul Render Blast, Great Soul Fire Blast, Devour Hope Aura, Consuming Darkness, Cloak of Darkness, Portal to the Plane of Shadows, Living Shadows, Many Ancient Spells, Power of the Shadow King

Description - Draconum's truest form. At 100 percent of his power Draconum is a nightmare to behold. His scales are blacker then black, if you were standing in a pitch black room with him you would be able to see him because he would be darker then the darkness (think along the lines of nothingness given form). His eyes are blazing infernos that can actually burn weaker creatures if they stay under his gaze for too long. His dragon-like maw leaks green flames constantly and the fire he breaths now can turn flesh, bone, and soul into ash almost instantly. Shadows wreath about him shrouding him and lashing out at everything nearby. His wings appear to extend into the shadows around him forever, seemingly linking him directly to the darkness. Just by being near him all joyful emotions (love, happiness, ect.) drain away until nothing but despair, misery, and hopelessness remain. In this form he can summon the horrifying weapon Erisinlo or "Shadow Soul" a combination of the axe Eristela and the blade Kalsinlo. This horrify weapon resembles a staff with an moon axe on one end and a double sided scimitar on the other. Erisinlo traps the souls of all those who it slays within it and for every soul added the weapon and it's wielder increase in power. Perhaps the most horrifying thing about Draconum's Final Form is his ability to control time. With a simple thought he can nearly rewrite all of history and although he never uses it to flat out obliterate his opponents he sometimes uses it to dodge attacks or launch attacks of his own so that the enemy can't tell what is really happening. This is also how he seems to teleport around so quickly, he simply makes it so that he was already were ever he wants to be.

Hadriel's Profile

Theme Music: Almost Human by Voltaire
Height: 6'1
Weight: 197
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Style: Short Rough Cut
Hair Color: Light Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Known Powers: Light Blade, Light Beam, Spells, Angelic Blast, Power of the Highest

Description - Hadriel is an Arch-Angel though by the way he acts you would never guess that. He can be calm one momment and a boiling storm the next. His rage is often fatal to someone, though he does sometimes control himself. He holds grudges for centuries and has hated Draconum ever sense they first met nearly four thousand years ago. The Overlord of Shadows and Hadriel have are very old enemies though they almost never fight directly, mostly because Hadriel knows he would be killed so he avoids direct combat preferring to use pawns in attempts to kill Draconum and keep his own hands clean. Although Draconum is more powerful then Hadriel in terms of raw power, this angel is far more clever then most demons and is willing ot go to any length to achieve his ends. Often Hadriel's fellow Arch-Angel's disagree with his methods and many have tried to remove him from The Counsel of the Highest. It is a known fact that for an angel Hadriel is very unstable, while most of his fellows are calm and contemplating, Hadriel is hasty and decisive. Like all angels he can call on the power of the Light to aid him in battle though for unknown reasons Hadriel's ability to use this seems to be hampered. The most dangerous power he can summon though is the Power of the Highest. In this form an angels skin turns night black because so much light energy is drawn into them (like a person standing in front of really bright lights), the users power nearly triples, but to Hadriel's annoyance this still isn't enough to put him on par with Draconum who at full power could over whelm an entire legion of angels.

Ryuujin's Profile

Theme Music: Firefly by Breaking Benjamin
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Style: Long Straight
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Pale White
Known Powers: Blood Clone Jutsu, Blood Mist Jutsu, Blood Rebirth Justsu, Hidden Snake Hands, Fire Release: Fire Vortex, Fire Release: Hell Fire, Fire Release: Blazing Inferno

Description - Hisake no Ryuujin, the Dragon God of Flames. At one point in time he was one of the most famous rouge ninja's in history. During the Thrid War Ryuujin was supposed to have attacked and killed entire ninja divisions, including eight squads of Konoha ANBU, single handedly. He fought for no one but himself, slaughtering soldiers and civilians of all sides of the war without regard or mercy. In the end he was confronted by Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. They battled for nearly three days until both collapsed from sheer exhaustion. While they were incapacitated they talked and eventually Minato earned Ryuujin's respect, both as a ninja and as a person. For the rest of the war the "Unstoppable" Hisake no Ryuujin avoided Konoha soldiers and was even said to have given aid to them several times by wiping out ambush parties and raiding enemy supply stations. At the moment we know nothing about Ryuujin's home village except that he was the strongest ninja there. In combat Ryuujin uses a unique style of Taijutsu similar to the Hyuuga clan's Gentle Fist style. He focuses completely on speed and accuracy, his attacks are so weak n terms of physical power that they can sometimes barely be felt, however once he touches his target he "infuses" it with fire chakra. This causes a explosion in whatever he touched that can range any were from a fire cracker to a frag grenade in strength. He also is a very skilled ninjutsu user possessing several powerful blood and fire type jutsu that are unique to him.

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