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Dragon Ball Ki Update 10/03/20: I have finally finished drafting the next arc! I'll need a few weeks for revision, but we are getting closer to the next update. Thank you to everyone still reading and reviewing. You are all wonderful. Keep being awesome, and I'll see you in the next chapter.

Dragon Ball Ki Update 09/05/20: I'm still here I promise! I've been drafting as much as I can this past month. I've still got a ways to go plus revisions. Things are moving slower than I would like, and I'm sorry about that. I hope to publish new content this month if I can. Stay safe everyone and thank you for reading!

Dragon Ball Ki Update 04/05/20: Sorry for being gone so long. I've been drafting like a mad man. I thought I'd be done by chapter 30 but I'm part of the way into chapter 33! At most there will be one more for the current arc. Either way, I'm hoping to start editing this week and fingers crossed post chapter 25 next weekend. Thank you all so much for your patience. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and loved ones.

Dragon Ball Ki Update 03/15/20: If you read the chapter 24 author's note, then you already know I'm taking a break from posting for a few weeks. I just need to do some drafting and story organizing to make sure the current arc plays out smoothly. Until the next chapter, take care!

Dragon Ball Ki Update 02/24/20: 21 Chapters! Wow. I never would have imagined when I wrote the first seven chapters as a relatively whole unit that I would have tripled it some day. But here we are. Thank you all so much to everyone who has responded so positively to this story. Completely unbeknownst to me, it motivated me to do more. Thank you again and take care until the next chapter.

Dragon Ball Ki Update 01/25/20: Chapter 17 is posted! And if everything goes according to plan, I should post a new chapter each week. And something new is chapter titles. I'll be adding new titles to past chapters as I think of them. Also, I need to clean this page up a bit too. Take care!

Dragon Ball Ki Update 01/19/20: I just finished drafting up chapter 20. I'm about a week ahead of schedule which is great! I'm going to start editing tomorrow. If everything goes well, I will post Chapter 17 this Friday. If not, I expect it to be posted by the following Friday. Either way, things are in good order and I feel good about the story. Thank you for your patience, and I'll see you at the next chapter. Take care!

Dragon Ball Ki Update 01/05/20: Welcome to the new year! I've finished drafting Chapter 17 and am working on Chapter 18. I've decided to try something new with my writing process. I want to be able to release chapters on a weekly basis rather than whenever I manage to finish a couple chapters. To achieve this, I have rescheduled my writing sessions to help achieve this consistency. However, I don't want to feel like I'm under a deadline to write and edit a chapter every week. So I'm going to take the first few weeks of January to draft up a bunch of material that I can have ready for editing and publishing every week. Sometimes I need to skip a chapter or two to draft up some scenes so I can see where the story is going to get everything lined up. This will help me immensely with plotting and character development. So please bear with me as I get this backlog ready. Until then, take care!

Dragon Ball Ki Update 12/18/19 I've posted Chapters 15 and 16. That's all I will be able to get done this year given how busy I get with family and work around the holiday season. I wasn't even sure I'd get both of them done this month. I wrote and edited them almost entirely on my phone at work during my spare time on breaks and lunch. I hope you enjoy them. And thank you so much for the support of everyone who has followed, reviewed, and read this story, even if it was only the first few paragraphs or so. I was pretty scared to even start sharing anything I didn't think was perfect. But turns out it doesn't have to be perfect for people to support you. Again thank you to everyone who has given this project a chance. Enjoy the holidays, and I'll see you again in the new year. Take care!


I've always enjoyed writing but have never done so in a public capacity before. I want to get better and develop my skills, so I'm taking the plunge and actually sharing my first major learning experience online. I chose fanfiction to begin with rather than an original story because I know I need a lot of practice. And I must say, I was really nervous to do so, but the positive response I've received has been very heart warming and encouraging. So thank you so much. I'm open to constructive criticism so feel free to message me or leave a review!

I chose DBZ because it's something I enjoyed growing up. The theme of training and getting better has always stuck with me and feels fitting as my first published fanfiction.

My writing process involves drafting two chapters back to back. This helps me with editing so that each chapter is not as fresh in my mind when I return to it after having worked on another for a while. I find that spending too much on a single chapter to make it perfect doesn't give me the distance I need to catch the more subtle grammatical errors and poor word usage. Doing this also helps me logistically so I can fit all the details I want in the right places and hopefully avoid writing myself into a corner.

Chapter 14 was a bit of milestone for me. When I first started Dragon Ball Ki, I wrote the first seven chapters as if they were a self contained story. I didn't know where it would go from there. But now to have written sixteen chapters because people want to read it has been an incredible feeling. Thank you all so much. I don't foresee myself stopping anytime soon. If for some reason I cannot continue the story, I will post an update about it on my bio. If you see no updates and I haven't posted in a while, then I'll respond here as soon as I am able.

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Dragon Ball Ki reviews
This is a retelling of DBZ from the very beginning. In this fanfic, I want to create a set of rules for how Ki functions as a magic system to better differentiate the characters and their abilities. I also intend to incorporate as much DBZ material outside of the main series as seamlessly as possible. And lastly, I hope to develop the story and characters in more depth. Enjoy!
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This is the story and characters I created with all of the available elements in the board game. Credit to Isaac Childres and his team for the inspiration and wonderful world he created with Gloomhaven.
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