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Hey people!

I dont know about you but i like fanfictions about Zelda ocarina of time, zelda twilightprincess and Harry Potter

I know EVERYTHING about the zelda game ocarina of time. If there is anything that you wonder about ( ood cheats that really work, where all the hearts are, where all the goldskulltulas are, how to beet the bosses EASY, ( I beet goma in 9 seconds!!!!!!) or were all the red fairys are or anything else you wonder about. I even know abit about the items link has. (Did you know that the bag link has ALL his stuff in, he got from his mom when she left him. Its the only thing he has from his mom. Its blessed by Nayru.)

I know alot about Harry Potter to but i'm not going to write about that. its boring as hell reading this stuff isnt it lol.

If anyone goes on Taekwondo i would be pleased to know what belt you are what you like about it. If anyone is bothered to know im going to get plack belt now in june =)

Now for all you Lemon jerks:

My favorite parings in Zelda is LinkxSaria and LinkxNavi

In Harry Potter my favorite pairings are HarryxGinny and HarryxHermione