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Ok, don't mind some of the things here, I was completely mental! Although the addiciton for Siri and Remus still stands ofcourse...!

Hello All! Just a freaky HP fan fiction fan! Let me just tell you a few things about Madame la moi!

Addicted to reviews and two strange men called Sirius Black and Remus Lupin…Just a heads up,

Things About Me:

Born In the USA ! (Love that song, too)

I am completely mental.

My brain works half of the time but only for 12,5

Has a family that resembles the Weasleys.
Let me explain to you how:
6 girls and one boy.
The opposite of The Weasleys cool huh? Yeah, I’m so proud!

At least they’re good for something, huh?

Rocks H/G, L/J, R/T, R/S, D/G, R/Hr, D/Hr, S/Hr, R/Hr, R/G.

Erm, I can speak some French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Dutch is my second language. And of course English…(duhh). Oh and not to forget the incredible Latin! Latin owns!
I love to travel, listen to music and stuff. Right now I’m going through a Celine Dion mood(I’m a big fan!), with some metal by 30 Seconds To Mars with the Hot and Sexy: Jared Leto form Alexander , yes Alexander !

Has the world’s best grandpa! Go Grandfather!!

Also has the world’s best-boy-crazy-best-friends named Hanna and one also named Jared =) We are such the obvious couple of best friends.. Someone said we looked like Ron and Hermione (No, not physically!) I’ve known Jared since we were in diapers! (I am so going to show those pics to the wife you bring home for me to meet!)

Loves to:

Eat lots and lots of candy when depressed or other days, lol.

Have movie nights with her friends on Friday’s.

Beat the crap out of her little brother (What? He does it tooo!).

Go hunting for fireflies! Go to the shopping mall with her best friend Hannah and laugh at people when they walk by.

Help old ladies cross the street. (Being a Good Samaritan!)

Laugh a lot. A day doesn’t pass without me laughing, even when I’m depressed as if Satan just walked by!

Pick fights with the lady of the house! (A good diplomatic thing to do I call it!)

Go by a park with Hanna and sit in the middle of it singing the national anthem. For our country and for our football teams, if you please! (We do that for a living to show our support!)

Love her Pc! It’s the best thing in the world! It might be gay sometimes but I love it!

Watch TV! TV owns! It my traumatize our brains these days, and addicting us but it’s worth it! Go look at the Superbowl and tell me it’s not! Even better; Cartoon Network! (LOL)

Hates to:

Study for school…(Who doesn’t ?)

Being stared at like some entertainment animal…

Step foot anywhere outside when it’s snowing and below freezing temperature…(Only if it’s snowing you’ll catch me outside!)

Were skirts for some reason…Why would anyone turn down a god pair of comfy jeans?

Let the dogs out in the winter…sniff such cruelty!

Spiders! They crawl my blood…Well, gekko’s too but only the geico gecko I can cope with…

Cook, when every family member drops by…(A very large amount!)

Movie: HP & PoA, PoTC, Alexander(!!), Queen of the Damned, Shrek (Donkey owns so shut up all of you!). LoTr, Dragonheart!!

Book: Heartland series, HP series, LoTr series, Narnia series.

Music: Celine Dion , so mostly classic stuff and slow songs. (I usually go through a period where I get a change of music... last time it was all rock! cringes ). And also some music form the band called 30 Seconds to Mars…

Actors and Actresses: Julia Roberts , Gary Oldman , Jim Carrey , Morgan Freeman , Nicole Kidman , Jared Leto , Colin Farrell (_), David Thewlis , Will Smith, Jada Pinkett .
Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Well, that’s not hard…When me, Hannah and James were like twelve or eleven we decided to go to the big fishing lake around done and went skinny dipping_

Most embarrassing moment: We (me and Hanna ) once thought thee was this man after us. He had asked us for directions and we gave it and then he started following us, (We were freaked out) so we started speed walking, he did the same so we decided to run, the man did so. Well we turned around and I quote:

“Get the hell away form us you ass!” Hanna yelled.

“We’ve got pepper spray and not afraid on using it. No matter who you are!” I replied.

The man stood there panting and looked on confusedly before saying, “You dropped your wallet.”

Man, that was embarrassing…We were so shame! We left the shopping mall immediately!

I think that’s about enough stuff I told you… Oh and before I go, here’s the Quote of my month! ( Draco owns!)

Quote of My month:

"You're in luck, Weasley, Potter 's obviously spotted some money on the ground!"


~Marauder Evans to the duty

Mischief Managed.

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