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I'm DarkPokemonLover, but can call me DPL. My good friends call me Ricky, but that's only because they are my good friends. If you are not a good friend of mine and call me Ricky, I will feed you to my pet Umbreon and I'm dead serious. She's one nasty and hungry beast. (whisper)She also likes to be petted, but don't tell anyone, it's her little weakness. (pet Kagai)

Where was I... oh yeah... this profile. I am the author of a fanfiction series staring my precious characters. Unlike the characters themelves, who are for the most part nice, the universe they live in is cold, logical and realistic. It could be considered dark, but that would be calling the real world dark and that's not true. Anyway, I have two stories posted right now. Both are in the same timeline and closely related. It could be same story, but it didn't felt as such to me. I would say it's more like the two sides of a coin.

The first story, my main one, is Sparking Chaos. It's the tale of a man who got turned into a pikachu and who tries to get back his humanity. This story is pretty much about the conflict between instincts and humanity, good and bad.

The second story, Fractured Bond, is a complement to Sparking Chaos. Although it can be read as a standalone story because it gives every details and events from Sparking Chaos needed to understand the story, it does spoil some events of the story it came from, though it doesn't say anything about the man's state of mind through those events, so the soul of the story isn't spoiled. Fractured Bond narrates the events around the capture of a girl and her pokemon and how they worked against the odds and against themselves to cave their lifes. It's pretty much a tale of friendship, though it is a bit dark too.

As soon Fractured Bond is over, I will start the sequel of Sparking Chaos. Although I can't say much about it, I can tell you that Rick is not the main character, he's been relegated to the supporting characters cast.

That's all. I hope you enjoy your time with my stories. As a side note, I would like to mention that English is not my first language, but I try my best with it.

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Sparking Chaos reviews
Rick Tortoas always wanted to understand the mind of pokemon. When his curiosity made him become a pikachu by accident, he may get his chance... but at a price.
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