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Author has written 6 stories for Black Cat, Naruto, Supernatural, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Bones.

Basically, Imma gonna keep updating me profile till I'm happy with it.

Okay, so let's cover the about me first. It's like Shakespeare; you have to understand the author and their history before you can understand the deeper meaning behind the stories. Geez, what the hell am I talking about? There is no deeper meaning to my stories 'cause they're stories. Maybe in any original stories I write there may be something or another there, but I doubt it'd show in any fanfaction. I'll do the about me in that easy readable way.


Name: I've got several. For the purpose of this site, you may refer to me as Cat.

Age: I feel like putting my age on here will make me feel old. I mean most on here are high school age anyways. I'm like a grandmother here. In any case, I'm 19.

Grade: As you can guess, I'm no longer in High School. I've just finished up my Freshy year in College. I suppose that makes me a Sophomore in college.

5 Random Facts:

1. My 3 favorite cats: Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cheetah.

2. My 3 favorite animals: Cats, Zebra, Elephant.

3. I major in Zoology/Pre-vetinary medicine with a minor in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.

4. I hate the heat and think anything above 75 is hot. I keep my car at 68; its the only place I can really control the temperature without wasting money.

5. My favorite band is Jack's Mannequin.


Okay, so I have 3 main productions:

1. Wolf Thief

-Set in Naruto.

-Updated: every Sunday.

-Status: Written up to Chapter 20.

2. Everything in Transit

-Set in Black Cat.

-Updated: every other Sunday.

-Status: Revised Chapter 3.

3. Harbringers on the Road

-Crossover between Bones & Supernatural

-Updated whenever.

-Status: Sitting and Staring with ideas Twirling.

Anything else that rears its head is either: a) a spontaneous one-shot or b) an idea that I want opinions on.

And look I found this cute little portrait maker! Their name is the way they'd sign a paper. While I'm at it, I suppose I'll post a link to a few pictures.

Banner for Everything in Transit that I made a very, very long time ago:

Here's a "basic" portrait of Aiyana Shijo. She is older in this photo-about the ago she'd be in the sequel-and yeah she's wearing makeup :P. She wears it on a nearly daily basis actually.

Reviews: like every other author here. I love them. I especially love them if they are some sort of criticism (good or bad!) because I can use it to improve my writing. So if you leave a review; I love you. If you leave a review with constructive criticism you will get a reply back from me. No, it won't be hate mail. It'll be a "thank you!" and questions asking how I can improve my story or comments regarding the reviewers comments to my story. Hopefully reading this will put off flamers. It'll make them feel bad 'cause they won't be able to explain why they didn't like my story to me. I'll take anything in a review, because like most authors, I may be blind to my story's own flaws. It takes another person's eye to point it out to me.

Now, I am more than happy to review a story. I'll occasionally do it on my own, but I may need prompting from others. I'll tell you what kind of reviewer I am: I'm harsh. I'll pick on your plot, grammar, character. Everything. Without sounding mean. Typically. Unless you're in a school where grammar is no longer taught. It's not your fault but the teachers. Actually...yeah, they haven't stopped teached grammar so it's your fault. Neh. In any case, if you want a long ass review/email from me just message me or leave a review on one of my stories. I'd be more than happy to comply.

Top 5 Animes:

1. Naruto.

I like writing in Naruto verse because I like OC's. And there are so many holes where you can just stick an OC in and tada you didn't ruin the plot of the show. I also like some of the characters. But I hate ninjas. Pirates are cooler.

Canon Pairings: KakashiAnko, KabutoSakura, NarutoHinata, NarutoSasuke, SasukeHinata, ItachiAnko

2. Black Cat

I am fucking in love with Train Heartnet. He's the man of my fucking dreams! So I like pairing him with people and writing stories about him. Because Train is my love...and I love writing about him. God damn, am I pathetic or what? I'm a fucking love-sick fangirl. I'm going to write a story about myself meeting Train. Just watch; it'll be disgustingly lovey-dovey...

Canon Pairings: JenosRinslet, SvenSephiria, EveLeon, TrainSaya, TrainRinslet

3. Yu Yu Hakusho

Second to Train is Yusuke. I don't actually love him, but I love his personality. He's like the most original, kick-ass anime hero ever. I also like Kurama; I think he'd be an interesting character to write about and that he himself is an enigma throughout the anime. Kuwabara is fucking funny as hell...and Hiei...well...yeah. I haven't posted anything on this anime yet simply because I haven't written anything. I have ideas, but they aren't to posting yet.

Canon Pairings: YusukeKeiko, KuramaShizuru, KuwabaraYukina, KuramaYukina, HieiKurama, KoenmaShizuru, KuramaBotan

4. Full Metal Alchemist

Who doesn't like FMA? Best manga ever! I just love Roy&Riza. If I ever write anything in this category, it'd be around those two.

Canon Pairings: RoyRiza, Lan-FanLin-Yao, MayAl, WinryEd

5. Varies. I don't have a fifth major anime. I read a lot of small, well known manga, watched a few episodes here and there. I like Shugo Chara and Wolf & Spice. Bleach I've just stopped watching. Inuyasha is...? I don't know. I was a huge Sailor Moon fan back in the day and so on.

Top 4 Shows:

1. Supernatural

Best TV show ever. I've actually fallen behind because some dumbass decided that it should play on Fridays instead of Thursdays and I'm never in at 9pm on a Friday night. Honestly. What the hell were they thinking?

2. Bones

Booth and Brennan forever! They better get together fucking soon.

3. House

Oh, House, House, House will you ever make me not laugh?

4. Heroes

This is recent on my part. I'm on season 2 and in love with it.

Crossovers: I believe this is a very difficult thing to do. It has to be done in such a way that the world makes sense and the characters are compatible. Mixing real life TV shows and animes are probably the most difficult. Especially if the TV show is set in modem times. Here's a list of my favorite crossovers.




Supernatural/Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherly bonds!)



Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha

Yu Yu Hakusho/Naruto (It'd be interesting if Kurama and Naruto met up.)

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