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Hey, I go by Micky. My life can be both boring and chaotic. My cousin doesn't help. I like the TV shows Inuyasha, Avatar, Teen Titans, Kim Possible and Code Lyoko. Everyone says I'm really smart, but I don't think so. Me and my friends will cause chaos if we are not under solitary confinement. My friends are my world. Without them I would have probably gone insane. But thank god they're still here and I'm fine!! I'm in love with my boyfriend, and he means the world to me. Don't try to change the subject on me cus I hate that and I'll figure out what your trying to hide. Also don't lie to me over crap. I'm a music fanatic, when i'm writing or just chill'n. I listen to any kind, and have the most crazy variety of genre.

I have been going out with my boyfriend for 4 1/2 months now, and know he's the right guy for me.

People I'd Die Without:

Cody, Las, Hannah, Heather, Megan, Kirstyn, Deana, Taylor, Elise, Bennett, Charels, Zack, Tami, Mike, Megan, Liz, Tyler, Travis, Mark, Marta, Angie, Marta, Larry, Barb, Larry, Shannon, Riley, Jodi, Dennis, Andrea, Phred, Kay, John, Molly, Kealin, Michelle, Alana...

Please take 1 minute to mourn the deaths of Fred Weasly, Severes Snape, Tonks, Lupin, and Dobby the real heros of Harry Potter!!


Info: Me, my mom and my sis were driving in the car trying to find my great grandma who live in Texas. My mom decides to call her and dials the wrong number...fyi, this is a small town with a ton of old people...

Lady: Hello?
Mom: Hi grandma!
Lady: Sara is that you? Lord, it's been a while. What are you and Josh up to?

Instead of nicely telling the lady we got the wrong number my mom just hangs up on the nice old lady.

Heather: Who has the damn book?
Las: I do and you can't have it right now!
Heather: Damn it!! I'm going to beat you back to Africa!!
Las: What!!

Las is Samoan and very proud of that...

Kealin: They are so racist! There are no Caucasian babies!
Me: I know! And there's no white ones either!!

No comment...

Bennett: Fuck me in the Back seat, Fuck me in the back sea, fuck me in the back seat
Me: Bennett, shut up
Bennett: Ok...fuck me in the front seat, fuck me in the front seat...

Bennett, can't live with him, add's fun to your life

Kirstyn: Ok here's the plan, we are going to float into Ms. Summers's room, set down our stuff and go find Charels. Once you find him, through him against the lockers then kick him in his ball-less area.
Me: Float?
Kirstyn: Aye float

Me and Kirstyn watched Pirates 2 that night so we were talking like pirates that day...

Megan: UHHHHH!! Stupid door, open
Me: Um...Megan?
Megan: Shut up, I'm trying to open the door
Me: But-
Megan: Shut up!
Me: Megan read! It says pull!!
Megan: Oh..phew! I thought my strength was going

Kirstyn:8th Grade! ~splash~

Note the splash means milk came out of her nose...

Hannah: Leon, shut up!

Note: That is the first time Hannah stood up for wat is right, GO HANNAH!!

Vince: Ahhhh!! Naked Guy!!

Megan: I'm board...
Vince: Guess what's hiding behind the bush!!
Megan & Me: Guessing Animals
Vince: Nope, An Antelope!!
Megan: Isn't that a fruit?

Vince: Awww look mommy!! A ladybug!! starts to crawl up his arm Aww-Ahhhhhh!! Kill it!! Kill it!! Mommy!!

He's 3, what can I say...

Me and Heather: Fly my pretties!! Fly!!

There had been millions of geese flying over us

Vince: Ahh!! Naked Guy!!

Note: The guy is in fact not naked and just doesn't have a shirt on...

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If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or vice versa copy this into your profile

95 percent of teens worry about being popular. If you are one of the five percent who aren't copy this into your profile.

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