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Author has written 7 stories for Soul Calibur, Naruto, Godzilla, Gundam Seed, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Megami Tensei, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Persona Series.

I am known as Judgement Zero.

My former names are: Shadow of Judgement and SwordofMagus.

Favorite games: Final Fantasy 7 and 10, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Robot Taisen Original Generations 1 & 2, Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games and the recent Orochi installment.

Favorite Hero Characters: Sanger Zonvolt and Elzam Branstien (A.K.A Rastel Feinschmecker) from Super Robot Taisen Original Generations 1 & 2, Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing, Auron and Tidus of Final Fantasy X, Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji Abari, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Kenpachi Zaraki, and Byakuya Kuchiki From Bleach, and Coop of Megas XLR (Even though he destroys more than protect, but that's what funny about him!).

Favorite Villian Characters: Nightmare from Soul Cailbur, Akatsuki from Naruto, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Axel Almer and Wodan Ymir from Super Robot Taisen Oringinal Generations 2, Rau le Creuset from Gundam SEED, General Grevious, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Orochi from Warriors Orochi, Kotaro Fuma from Samurai Warriors (I think he's a villian, he's always saying stuff that invovles Chaos) Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.


Favorite Movies: Godzilla, Predator, Alien, The Marine, and Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, and 3.

Likes: Writing what I think to make stories of Naruto, (I have a profile on Tokyopop as Blackhole40 with fiction on Naruto.) and Bleach. I'm also working on an Godzilla fic. Sleeping, Sword fights, Watching brawls, reading heart breaking moments between lovers, watching stuff getting blown to hell! Explosions! The destrution of a city! And mostly everything that is destructive that I can think of in my mind. Heh heh destuction is fun. Watching people getting KICKED IN THE NUTS! If you like this and want to see it happen, go to Youtube and type this in and click on the first one, it should be the webcam show 'Kicked in the Nuts'

Dislikes: Waiting for other people to finish with their fiction, I really want to know what happens next. I hate characters that think everything ends with a happy ending and the illusion of no sacrifice is real. A world cannot exist without sacrifice! I also hate people who hate other people for something that they can't control! Example: Naruto and Konoha, Gaara of the Sand. It's not Gaara's fault! It's his stupid father's! I'm glad that Orochimaru killed him! I also hate rich punks who think that they can buy anything and when things don't go there way, they go crying to daddy!

Favorite sayings from WWE: Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave.- Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Rest In Peace- Undertaker

You want some, Come get some. Live Fast, Die Hard. -John Cena


"It's better to be a coward for five minutes rather than a corpse for the rest of your life." -Jerry 'The King' Lawyer

Stories that I like:

Dark Hero fictions: Because it's a really good show if the hero turns bad and battles his former comrades. For the Naruto case: I'm sick of the shit that Naruto get from the villagers and it's high time that they get what's coming to them from Naruto!

Interviews/Question & Answers: I personally think this type of fictions are funny and the writers put the character thru hell and it's hilarious!

Crossovers: Not much to say expect I love this fictions!

Heart Breaking Stories between Lovers/Pairings: What can say? It puts on a great show to me, and it's even more interesting when one of the lovers think the other betrayed them!

Stories that I dislike:

Short Stories that seem good: Just when I think I find a good story, it's only about 500 words! Not very convincing to read if you ask me.

Too much stories about Super Powered Naruto: Yeah, about this, I like a few. But if you ask me, Naruto having the Sharingan or the Byakugan is too much. Just as much as there is waaaaaaaay too much Super powered Naruto fics.

Stories the are fully typed in bold: What is the point of typing a story in full bold? For some reason I lose interest whenever I find out a story is writen fully in bold.

Original Characters:

--Shen Hashigane--

Story: Enchaos Ivan's Angel Chronicles, My Mastermind.

Age: 16 (Angel Chronicles) 16/17 (Mastermind)

Hair Color: Dark Blue. (Angel Chronicles) Black (Mastermind)

Hair Style: Plain short hair.

Eye Color: Blue. (AC) Black (Mastermind)

Personality: A cool person with a equally leveled head, but doesn't always keep his cool as he can be angered at sometimes. Not always 'bright.' He is ease going, he adores young looking girls, because they remind him of his dead sister. But when it comes down to it, Shen can be dead serious and has a resolve of steel. He currently chases Nishiki, the one responsible for his sister's death. With any situation that involves Nishiki, he becomes angered and thinks irrationally, with the thought of taking Nishiki down as the only thing in his mind. (Angel Chronicles)

Always ready for a fight, stubborn, believes in Justice. Shen has trained in martial arts for a long time, so he knows discipline and he knows when not to act out, but when it comes to 'that certain thing' he becomes dead set on it and becomes completely different. (Mastermind)

Martial Arts Style: The School of Master Asia Style (Knows Sekiha Tenkyoken, Juno Ohopai Daishakei, Chiyoku Haou Denendai)

Weapon of Choice: Triple Section Steel Staff (Mastermind

History in Angel Chronicles: (A sample till he appears in Angel Chronicles) At the age of six his younger sister at the age of four was murdered in front of his eyes by a hooded assailent. Shen was powerless before the murder and barely escaped with his life and was fatally wounded. He was implanted with a magic seed in the back of his neck and it still haunts him as it can take over his body and he loses control. After that event, Shen buried his sister and left Japan to travel the world in search of his sister's killer

Trivia: Shen Hashigane has been 'donated' in several fan fictions by other author. They are: Pikadude's: Shinigami Trilogy/Shinigami Agent (Later), Enchaos Ivan's Angel Chronicles, In the new heroes by Okibimaru as Sin Hiasho (His Arrancar form as Espada 6) and in Arrancar vs Soul Reaper Protect the Seireitei also as Sin Hiasho as a Fraccion #27. He is also on the Mahou Sensei Negima Forum called Negima Rp? along with Zanosuke and Seijin. Feel free to join.

--Seijin 'Sin' Hiasho--

Story: Bleach: Wind Effect. Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE. Tales of Vesperia: Revolution

Age: 18 (GSD) 28 (Tales of Vesperia)

Birthplace: Unknown, Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE. Zephias, Tales of Vesperia

Hair Color: Blue

Hair Style: Sides spike backwards while middle hair is long and straight.

Personality: Cold, effeicent, by the rules guy. What I mean by 'by the rules' I mean his own rules. Seijin is a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to complete what he wants, but can come to different ways to do that rather then the rash way. He does however have a temper, and is easily anger whenever someone breaks 'his 3 main rules.' Outside of the Mobile Suit, he's a polite person, but still can use his sharp tongue to say some insult here and there, uses what he calls, basic information on a different level to explain usually complex situations with simple words. In a cockpit, he tends to speak like a machine that says his goals before doing it. (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Strong sense of Justice, but knows when not to act. An excellent commander and leader. Loyal to friends and seeks the best for the people. Despites monsters because of a event during the Grea War that involved he deaths of his entire battalion. Not always serious, but can be in needed times. (Tales of Vesperia)

Attire: Wears a helmet with a skull face plate (He never takes it off), wears a black and navy blue battlesuit with a waist cape. Can assume a form for hand to hand combat, where he grows tendrils from the back of his helmet, armor appears on various parts of his body, and spike-type parts grows on his jaw bones area, cheek bones area, and the side of his forehead on his skull plate. (Other) ZAFT Elite Uniform, but blue instead of red. Blue, White, and Black Pilot Suit. (GSD) Wears a Navy blue coat with a design of a Dragon wrapping around a sword, long pants, steel gauntlets that doesn't cover the hands, fingerless gloves, and greaves. His Steel Dragon Sword and sheath are on his left waist. Grey Hakama and Kinomo with a Grey Haori with a blue dragon snaking it's body from the bottem to the shoulders of Seijin. Currently wears the Academy's male's light blue shikhasho. (Bleach)

Current Rival: Kenpachi Zaraki (One-sided on Shen's part) Masashi Andoh (One-sided on Masashi's part) ((Bleach))

Zanpakuto: Vaisaga. (If you played Super Robot Taisen OG2 Don't sue me.) In it's sealed form, it's an ordinary katana with a 2 W-shaped hand guard both reflecting each other and the other part is filled in with metal, and blue wrappings around the handle and a orange sheath. The spirit looks like an young man about in his twenties with a blue ninja suit, a long tattered blue scarf, with a ninja hood and a W-shaped Metal Head piece where the sides cover the temples going back and the middle piece goes directly up and curves on the head. In it's Shikai state, Vaisaga grows slightly as a ring of passes over the sheath and changes Vaisaga into a doubled blade sword, the blade being black and the edges being white, the hand guard becomes V like and extends so it sticks out and points up slightly, the sheath also transforms to fit the sword and it has a metal piece in the middle of the sheath as well at the bottem.

Shikai Phrase: Vanish to wind, Vaisaga!

Zanpakuto Techniques: Jizan Shikkuto: Seijin puts Vaisaga in his sheath and it glows yellow as he then slashes the air or the ground with Vaisaga and creates a yellow wave of Spirital Presssure that can blast the opponent back.

Fuujinsen: Seijin sheaths Vaisaga into his sheath and then wind starts to swirl around the sword and with a quick slash a horizontal whirlwind is formed and traps the target leaving him open for a slash.

Inabikari (Flash of Lightning): Seijin prepares to grab Vaisaga while in it's sheath, then with the use of Flash Step, he passes the target and slashes them and appears behind them with Vaisaga out, then sheaths him dramatically and the cut made by the slash takes affect.

History for Tales of Vesperia: Seijin was the Youngest Captain to be promoted in the Empire. At the time, the Empire were in the Great War, where the Entelexeia were the enemies of mankind and the Empire need leaders to lead their forces, Seijin showed great promise and was given the rank of Captain, jumping from Lieutenant Commander. However during an early part of his time as Captain, a normal mission to deliver supplies was blown to hell as the battalion ran into a giant bird Entelexeia as it destroyed the convoy and killed every solider in Seijin's command. He was the only survivor. After that, Seijin has been in countless battles as he emerged from them either unharmed or healed quickly, giving him the title of The Steel Captain and renamed his brigade The Steel Brigade. After the war he'd continued to serve the Empire along with his Steel Brigade. However after ten years after the Great War, Seijin left the Knights. More later.

Weapons: A Double Barrel Rifle (Can split in two) and Nodachi with a chain hidden in its sheath. (Other) A custom True Knight's Sword called the Steel Dragon Sword, looks similar to a True Knight's Sword.

Habits: Has a tendecy to smoke his personal cigerettes.

Martial Arts Style: Shinha Kishinken. (Look up Apotheosized Yadabiout on Youtube)

His 3 main rules:

Rule #1: Never mess or touch his smokes.

Rule #2: Never touch his weapons.

Rule #3: Never piss him off.

Group: A yet to be name mercenary group that consist of him as leader, Sojiro, Hoshin, Demyx of Kingdom Hearts, Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu of Naruto.

Gundam SEED Destiny Group: Experimental Mobile Suit Division of ZAFT (GSD)

-1st Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X61S Sin Gundam (Zero-Gravity Maneuver Fighter - EXperiment Type 6 Series 1 Second-stage)

Description: Color scheme is dominate black with navy blue, Two blade like wings on the back that's horizontally parrell to the ground and can open up creating a multiple blades wings, A slightly larger left arm, and dual thrusters on it's backpack.

Operating System: Generation Unsubded Nuclear Drive Assault Module

Arnaments: 1x high powered Beam Rifle, 4x Vulcan, 1x Anti-Beam Shield with 2x beam barrels, 1x Scylla Cannon, (Located in Left arm) Beam Saber, (Stored in Hip and blade shaped like an L, Color is green rather than pinkish) Dual Thrusters (On backpack) 'Wings of Light' (When Blade Wings are open, The color is light green) Has the Variable Phase Shift Armor.

HiMAT: High Mobility Aerial Tactics enables greater and superior speed, agility, and mobility. In use when SIN system is active.

SIN System: Superior Interface Network is a system that links the pilot's nervous system to the Mobile Weapon via cables attached to the helmet and allows faster reaction time and advance tactical processing and combat speed depending on data. When activated, The blade wings on The Sin's back open up and emit Colloid particles to form 'Wings,' thus allow greater speeds. Similar to the ZERO System in Gundam Wing, minus the mental damage.

Misc: The Scylla cannon in the left arm is compact, yet still devastating as it's larger counter part. However because of it's small design, it has serious overheating problems and can only fire three shots per battle. It is able to maintain altitude in Earth's atmosphere.

Code Name from Phantom Pain: Black Hawk (Named by Neo Roanoke)

2nd Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X86S Ragnarok Gundam (Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter - EXperiment Type 8 Series 6 Second-stage) (Later Part of Story)

Description: Based off of The Sin Gundam. Arms are even now and the left arm has a high powered ultra compact modified Scylla cannon called 'Judgement', has a Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor, it's Wings are now L shaped and it's Wings of Light are now devil-like, it's hands are now clawed and used for gripping and infecting enemies with an electron virus: NOV, It also has the Super DRAGOON System with 8 pods, four on the backpack, two on hips, and two on the shoulders, along with a Lightwave Barrier. This Gundam is equipped with the Variable Phase Shift Armor.

Operating System: Gunnery United Nuclear-Deutrion Advance Maneuver

Armaments: 1x High powered Double Barrel Beam Rifle, (Looks like two of the Destiny's beam rifle merge together) 1x MA-MV42S Composite Shield, (Upgraded version of the Providence Gundam's shield. Located on left arm, features 1x beam saber, and 3x beam guns) 1x Lightwave Barrier Shield, (Located on Composite Shield) 1x High powered 'Judgement' Cannons (Located in Composite Shield's beam saber emitter, An highly upgrade version of the Scylla cannon, now is more focused and is fired as a thin beam that can slice through many metals), 4x CIWS Vulcan, 8x Super DRAGOON pods (All are capable of acting like turrents, the ones on back can shoot at 85 degree angle depending on whether if they are on top or bottom side) 1x Beam saber, (Same as The Sin's but double sided) 2x 'Zypher' railguns, (Stored in rear of the unit only to be swung into the front for use, when in front, the cannons are above the waist, a upgraded version of Xiphias railguns)

Special Systems:

High Maneuver Aerial Tactics: HiMAT allows the unit, superior speed, mobility, and agility. Always in use.

Multi-Weapon Lock-On System: (AKA Full Burst Mode) Allows the unit to lock on to several enemies and attak them all at once with avaliable armaments. System was taken from the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam's Data and blueprints and upgraded to be compatiable with the Super DRAGOON system.

Network Overload Virus: The Network Overload Virus (NOV) is a program that is able to hack into the frame of the enemy Mobile Weapons and cause it to be destroyed from the inside out, by causing the electronic systems of the Mobile Suit to overload and explode. The virus can be transmitted from the claws of the Ragnarok and the when the virus spreads, it is visible and looks like roots spreading over the outer armor.

DEUS SIN System: Data Efficent Union Stablizer Superior Interface Network is an advanced upgraded version of the SIN System, allowing faster, quicker processing of data, ability to fight at extreme speeds that normal bodies would not be able to withstand is enabled. However because of the upgrades, this system can harm the body of the pilot by disturbing the nervous system to a level where it too intense for the body to handle and cause extreme pain, these side effect comes after the system is used because the body experiences internal damage after disconnecting from the system.

3rd Mobile Suit: UZGM-X000 Judgement Gundam (Ultimate Zero Gravity Machine - EXperiment Generation 0 Series 0 Unit 0)

Description: Based off of the Sin and Ragnarok Gundams, has 10x long narrow kite-shape wings and a high powered 'Yatamir Solaries' booster engine for unbelivable speeds. Its power source is 1x Ultra Compact Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor. Anti Beam reflective coating when in 'Ultimate State' More sinister looking than it predecessors. Equipped with Variable Phase Shift Armor also is equipped with Gundanium armor.

Operating System: Gunnery United Nuclear-Deutrion Advance Maneuver

Armament: 2x High powered Judgement cannons (Located on arms, cannons' barrels are rectangle, and allow usage of hands) 1x 'Armageddon' Cannon (Firing cannon is located in torso, the chest area opens up to reveal the cannon as two guiding rods extend out, located above cockpit, Hyper powered Microwave/Positron Cannon, Microwave beam is wide and burns away enemies, while the Positron beam is narrow and creates a huge explosion) 2x beam sabers (Same as Ragnarok's) 20x Arrow Super DRAGOON heads (2x per wing) 2x 'Xemiers' railguns, (Located on lower back, swing forward to the lower torso, above hips when in use, upgraded version of Zyphers) 2x Hyper beam generators in hands (This means it can allow the Judgement's hands to rip through armor, Like the Shining, Burning, and Master Gundam of G Gundam. The color is green when in normal state and red in 'Ultimate' state)

Special System:

Ultimate SIN System: This is the perfected verison of the SIN System series, it calulates every bit of data during battle at an impossible level for normal CPUs and develops a counter active battle plan in seconds. The System can allow the pilot to ignore physical pain during extreme speed combat, However the dangers of this system is extremely high, because the more the system is powered up, it is possible for the pilot to be intergrated to the machine itself! When the system reachs the critical levels of it power, it changes the Judgement Gundam's black armor to white, as it turns the other colored parts to black as it transforms the color of wings of light from green to red. The head also changes as a horn is reveal from the forehead, as well as the side of the head as its cheeks extend outward and the eyes turn red. It knees also produce blades and so does the Judgement Cannons, to become a 'Gun-blade' like weapon. This form is called it's Ultimate State, in this state, all of the output of the Gundam is pushed into Overdrive and cause more damaged with it's beam-based weapons. Overdrive is when the Gundam's Nuclear cores works at maximum as it increase the suit power drastically. The pilot is inflicted with heavy internal and nervous damaged as the effects can get to a point where the pilot has to be put on life-support until his injuires recover. The primary use for this state is all range devastation and to move at unbelivable speeds. The white armor in this state has a Anti Beam reflective coating to reflect beam weapons. The Utlimate SIN is also comprised of several different systems, which include: HiMAT, Super DRAGOON, and Multi Lock-on Weapon System.

Important Note: Seijin is the more serious and cold version of Shen. Because since I donated Shen to a friend's fiction, I see him more of a 'nice guy' rather then the cold version of him, and thus Seijin 'Sin' Hiasho was created. Also sometimes he is Shen's older brother. By this point, I have no clue which of the two is now the 'clone,' Seijin's personality is the one that I've been using for Shen, while Shen has the original name and concept.

Trivia: Without my knowing when picking a name for Seijin, I found out later that Seijin in japanese could mean 'Saint' 'Sage' or 'Holy Man,' which completely opposite of his nickname The Sin. Which also is very convenient, because in Smackdown! vs RAW 2009, I created Seijin and his name announced was 'The Saint.'

--Sojiro 'Tetsuya' Shiretoko, The Red Joker--

Story: Bleach: Wind Affect. Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE.

Age: Around the same as Seijin (Bleach) 18 (GSD)

Birthplace: West Rukongai, 55th District.

Hair Color: Dark Red/Crimson

Hair Style: Spiky with two thick bangs in the front

Personality: A fun loving slacker that enjoys to watch events that happen which he calls 'shows' like he's watching a theatre. (Bleach) A mild person with a temper, out side of the cockpit of a Mobile Suit, but when in one, he can be very violent when he meets someone who's giving him trouble, he also tends to use profanity during battle. (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Attire: A red Kimono that goes down to the back of his legs like a coat with no sleeves a raging inferno design on his back, bandage wrappings on his torso to his shoulders and white pants. Currently wears the Academy's male's light blue shikihasho. (Bleach) ZAFT Elite Uniform, unbuttoned. Red and Black Pilot Suit. (GSD)

Current Rival: None (Bleach) Auel Nieder of the Abyss (Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE)

Zanpakuto: Suzaku (Vermillion Bird) Sealed state is a slightly larger katana with a red sheath, and red wrappings around the handle, and it's hand guard looks like a diamond (Shape, not crystal). It's spirit is a Phoenix with two heads. Shikai state is when Tetsuya holds his sword out to the right and pulls out his sheath and points it to the left as both are engulfed in flames and transform into two halves of a red naginata that can be put together and form a double sided naginata.

Shikai Pharse: Burn'em, Suzaku!

Zanpakuto Techniques: Rasenhisaki (Spiral Flames): Points both of his naginatas or fists at his enemy and then fires two spirals of flames at his opponent. Is able to do this without Suzaku.

Kajin Gufuu (Ember Tornado): Spins rapidly with both naginatas out and releases flames as he spins.

Tsuiraku Keishou (Crashing Fire Bell): Charges Spiritual Pressure in palms until they create two balls, then slams both hands together and creates a fire shockwave.

Group: Experimental Mobile Suit Division of ZAFT (GSD)

-1st Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X71S Apollo Gundam (Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter - EXperiment Type 7 Series 1 Second-stage)

Description: Color Scheme is Red and Orange being dominate, and yellow being lesser.

Operating System: Generation Unsubded Nuclear Drive Assault Module

Armaments: 2x Multi-phase beam cannons 'Tahros' Upgraded Orthros cannons (Stored on back when not in use) 2x long range beam cannons (Located on collar Dettachable) 2x Heavy shields (Located on sides attached to shoulders, Dettachable) 2x Vulcan, 1x Beam pole arm, (Blade looks like a cross between a spear and axe and stored on back, looks like a beam saber handle when not in use, extends to pole arm when used) Dual High Powered Thrusters on back, High Powered Thrusters attached to legs, (Dettachable) 2x Heat rod/whip, (Located in both arms) 2x Anti Ship/Mobile Suit Blades (Located in Shields) This Gundam is equipped with the Variable Phase Shift Armor.

RAGE System: The Rapid Accelleration Guidence Eliminator (RAGE) System allows the Apollo to discard all of it's long range artillery, for high speed combat. When activated, it's thrusters begin to work at a extreme levels, allowing it to produce large flames and flight like a rocket. When in rocket flight, it's Anti Ship/Mobile Suit Blades extend out and the Apollo can pass enemy targets and slash right through their armor. It's Heat rods are also covered in flames. Flames also appear where the blades are coming out. But because of the Thrusters working at such a high level in rapid succession, this system can only be used for ten-fifteen minutes before the core shuts down from overheating.

Misc: Though equipped with any mid-to-long range weapons, the Apollo Gundam was created for high speed, close range combat. It was decided to be equipped with long range weapons at the last second in development.

Nickname from Phantom Pain: That Red Bastard (Named by Auel Nieder)

2nd Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X72S Solar Gundam (Zero Gravity Maneunver Fighter - EXperiment Type 7 Series 2 Second-stage)

Description: Color scheme is identical to Apollo. Equipped with Variable Phase Shift Armor and a Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor.

Operating System: Gunnery United Nuclear-Deutrion Advance Maneuver

Armaments: 1x beam shotgun (stored on back, looks like a long range rectangular cannon. The Beam when first shot is big and soon it breaks up into smaller ones and it once again breaks up to sharpnel like shots) 1x beam chain gun (stored on back), 2x chain vulcan (Located on chest and covered when not in use) 2x Anti Mobile Suit blades (Located in arms and when in use its over the fists) 2x Anti-Ship/Mobile Suit swords (Stored in shields, shield rotates to allow the Solar to grab it from the top of the shield) 1x beam spear, (Stored on hip) 2x Thrusters wings (On back, extended behind and over shoulders) 4x Physical Anti Beam Shields, (2 located on shoulders, 1 on each thruster wings) 2x compact long range cannon (On topside shoulders) 1x Double sided spear/axe, (store on hip, retracted to handle when not in use) 2x Mirco Missile launchers on back and 1x high powered 'Solar' cannon on torso (upgraded Scylla cannon)

True RAGE System: Unlike it's predecessor's RAGE system, The Solar's RAGE system pushes it's nuclear core to critical levels and increases the velocity and power of it's beam-based weapons.

Misc: Unlike it's predecessor, the Solar is an all ranged assualt unit, but mostly focuses on long range assualts

3rd Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X31SC Abyss (Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter Type 3 Series 2 Second-stage Custom)

Description: Looks the same but color scheme is red and orange rather than blue.

Armaments: Same as original.

Note: This is Sojiro's unit, until his Nova Gundam is complete in the sequel of SIN and RAGE, Judgement Day: Attack of Shadows

4th Mobile Suit: ARTA-X171 Nova Gundam (All Range Transformable Assaulter - EXperiment Generation 1 Series 7 Unit 1)

Operating System: Gunnery United Nuclear-Deutrion Advance Maneuver

Description: The design of the Nova is similar to the Apollo and Solar Gundams, but more sleak looking and has two flight wings on its back. The Nova has high powered thrusters on it's legs and it's back in between the cannons and can transform into a flight mode that has two cannons on it dorsal side, and two cannons on its ventrel side. Equipped with Variable Phase Shift armor and a Hyper Deuterion Nuclear Fission Reactor.

Armaments: 4x CIWS vulcans, (Located on head) 2x gatling vulcan (Located on chest) 5x Eclipse Cannons, (Multi-phase beam cannons, Four on back, one in the chest. The cannons on the back are side by side when not in use, when in use the outer pair swings over the shoulders, and the inner pair swing under the arms) 1x Double sided beam trident/spear. 2x Homing Mirco Missile Launchers (Usable only in Flight mode)

Mobile Armor: TMMW-101 Leviatian (Transformable Multi-terrain Mobile Weapon - Generation 1 Series 0 Unit 1)

Description: Mobile Trasport form is a submarine with a square stern (rear) with two triple bladed propellers, and a triangled front with a 'mono-eye' (The ones used on ZAFT mechs) and torpedo launchers on the side and a tail trailing behind. When it changes into it's Assault form, the sub disconnects as the parts move away from each other, but are still connect by it's slender snake like body, as the head is the bow as the eye turns on and the mouth underneath the armor opens with a beam cannon inside. The arms are the frontward port and starboard (left and right) side of the sub as claws flip out and beam cannons are located at the middle of the claws as the torpedo launchers are swiched to missile launchers. The stern is transformed to the legs as the propellers transforms into the toes as the dorsal side of the sub becomes the back as two fins extends. The armor is highly resistant to beams and highly durable.

Armaments: 3x Hydra Cannons (The one in the mouth is also a Positron Cannon that has to be charged up longer as the fins glow) 2x missile/torpedo launchers (Located on arms) 2x Anti-Omni claws (Used to cut anything) 1x Electrode Distrupter, (Causes incoming missiles to prematurely exploded) 1x 'Shadow' Steath Unit. (Located in head/cockpit and only usable in Submarine mode)

--Zanosuke Zenteguru, The Ambitious Conquerer--

Story: Majin Shen, Bleach:Wind Affect, Upcoming Negima Story

Age: Unknown (Naruto) Between 2000 and 3000 years old. (Bleach, reason why, because I have seriously no clue on how long those guys live and what they at what age)

Birthplace: Unknown

Hair color: Silver

Hair Style: Close to neck length and with two bangs

Eye color: Silver

Attire: Very Elaborate, from shoulder to shoulder he has a stretch of armor that has four cape like things, one on the side for each shoulder the goes down to his legs, an actual cape, and another cape like thing in front that not as big as the one in the back, only about 2 inches long and extends down to the croutch. Under that he has black shihasho that has wide sleeves with white lightning bolts design that snakes across the body, a black hakama that has the same lightning bolts that snakes down on the side of the legs. Underneath the shihakusho and hakama, he has light black armor underneath the shihasho that is revealed when his Spirital Pressure becomes too intense and burns away his outer attire. His face is heavily bandage that only leaves his eyes revealed. (Bleach)

His 'Other' Attire is primarily a hooded cloak that hides his face and cover his body. Under that he wears fantasy like clothing, with his upper torso having a leather vest with four chains hanging from his back, with a long sleeve martial arts shirt, sometimes having a robe with wide sleeves over both of that. He wears loose martial arts pants and has various other items.

Zanpakuto: Granzon (Same as Vaisaga, don't sue me.) A giant blade that is made up of two blades, the first one is a small triangle that is right above the hand guard, and the second one is form from there, the blade is black and the edges are white. Granzon is capable of creating and ultilizing blackholes, with this power, Zanosuke can warp to where ever he wants or he can shoot any kido into the holes and can fire it anywhere.

Personality: Zanosuke hides his trueself, with a joker persona, he tends to use sarcasim as he fights. Whenever he battling someone with more power than anticipated, Zanosuke gets fully serious and makes no mistakes in eliminating that person. During battle he likes to dodge attacks by spinning his body and arms to avoid the attacks and only blocks when he can't dodge the attack and because of his intense Spirital Pressure, he can block Captain level Zanpakutos with his bare hands if he focuses enough, but those that are not at Captain level cannot even cut him, even when doesn't focus. (Bleach)

Zanosuke's mind is the greatest weapon he has at his disposal, as he uses it to create unimaginable plots that is either 1) him and his followers waiting on the side lines as two powerful forces tear each other apart, then springing at the right moment to destroy both sides and take over the world. Or 2) he lies in the shadow gathering his forces, while at the same time disturing the balance of peace as his goal is to destroy the world. 3) He's insane, calls Humanity a pathetic civilization and wants to erradicate them from the planet. Or 4) just minds his own damn business. (Other)


Note: Zanosuke was the first OC I've ever created in my head. At first he was just called Shadow, but the name was used for several other things so I came up with Zanosuke, which was probably influenced by Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, name only. Also my first intentions for Zanosuke was to be an observer that only watches from the sidelines and comes to the rescue at the last minute when heroes are faced with an unbeatable enemy. But now, he's changed to mostly be the villian who tricks the heroes to believing he is on their side, and then betrays them later on.

--Nishiki, The Psychotic Serpent--

Story: Undecided

Age: Unknown.

Hair Color: Silver

Hair Style: Long wild hair, some parts are pinned down by his metal head brace.

Attire: Wears a hooded fantasy like black coat with long sleeves and a waist cape. Has several designs on his coat that are serpent like and snake on the arms. He wears black martial arts pants with martial arts shoes. On his hands he wears fingerless gloves. ON his head he wears a metal head brace that wraps around his head, outlining his eyes, mouth, and jaw.

Personality: Nishiki can be described in a couple of one words: Psychotic. Murderous. Insane. Sick. Animalistic. All of these words can easily describe Nishiki. Nishiki loves to kill and loves the sight of blood, cutting into people with his hands as he create claw lasers with each swipe of his hands. It won't matter to Nishiki who he killls or fights, if they're weak, he kill them, if they're powerful, his adrenaline starts to pump and he becomes more and more powerful as the fight goes on. All though he fights with a ferocity of a monster, Nishiki is very smart and can out smart his victims. Following his monster like additude, Nishiki fights with his hands and legs, and mostly every part of his body to attack, and loves to stalk his victims like a predator. Obviously Nishiki hates peace. The very word makes him sick to his stomach and the sight of it makes him want to puke. He despites pacifists and would love nothing more then to rid them of their pathetic existance. He claims to 'love' romance, but his reasoning is sicking as he only 'loves' it just so that he can take pleasure in killing one of the lovers and watch the despair flood the remaining lover's face and enjoy it.

Origin: Nishiki is the psychotic personality of Zanosuke, the source of the psychoticness that Zanosuke displays.

--Tazake Kanegetsu, The Wolf Blade.--

Story: Later Bleach, Gundam SEED Destiny SIN and RAGE

Age: 30 (Naruto & GSD) 2230 (Bleach) Was in Suspended Animation

Birthplace: Unknown

Hair color: Silver

Hair Style: Short

Eye Color: Yellow, like a Wolf's

Personality: Silent, almost never talk besides when he about to kill his 'prey,' hardly ever gets into problems that doesn't invole him, is willing to obey Zanosuke at anytime and likes to play his flute.

Attire: A Black Leather outfit with a waist cape, with metal shoulder armor, and a cape-like belt and a Wolf mask.

Skills: Extremely fast and agile and not to mention stronger than the average man and is able to run without making a sound. He has an attack called 'Wolf Strike' which involves him going so fast that he becomes a black blur and he zip pass his enemies and slashes them with his hidden claws.

Weapons: Hidden claws on his wrists and a Cresent Blade.

Zanpankuto: Getsushikon: In it's sealed form, it takes the form of a tanto that Tazake keeps in his belt and in it's shikai state, it takes the form of a Cresent Blade (\The entire sword is a blade with the handle at the bottom where every usually is with the blade as the hand guard and still going to the bottom, and is capable of firing cresent shaped attacks.

Special Trait: His eyes glow in the dark, like a wolf also has heighted senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste like a wolf's.

Person he is based on: Zen'aku from Power Rangers Wild Force.


Story: Later Bleach

Age: 2459 (In Suspended Animation)

Attire: Wears full white body armor. It's design is like Medeveil Knights.

Personality: Talenx is fiercely loyal to whoever he serves and he follows them to the end. He hates traitors and those who disobey orders.

Zanpakuto: Hosago (Guardian) Is a katana in it's sealed form and Talenx always holds it with his left had. In it's shikai state, the sheath turns into a shield and the sword turns into a one handed Claymore. The sword can be sheathed in the shield in this state, and the shield can block or deflect any attacks when it reveals a mirror on the upper portion of the shield.

--Kyosen Tadarame, The Schemer--

Race: Quincy (Bleach)

Story: Later Bleach Story, Gundam SEED Destiny

Age: 225 (Was in spended animation) 25 (GSD)

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Slick and front hair that the right side arches over to the back, but falls in front of his face, which he has to constantly push his hair back.

Attire: A Mantle similars to Uryu Ishida during the Soul Society Arc, but black and red with two cape-like cloths hanging from his back, It's like a cape but split in two. (Bleach) A Black and White Experimental Mobile Suit Division of ZAFT Uniform ((The same as a ZAFT Elite Uniform) ((GSD)) A black chinese like robe with long sleeves (Other)

Personality: Kyosen is schemer as well as a scientist of sorts. He has a creative mind when it comes to engineering and his skills with a bow are unmatched. His creative mind is only matched by his plotting mind, he can always come up with a way to achieve his goals, mostly all the time it involves deception and betrayal of his victims. He is considered Zanosuke's second in command. Being Zanosuke's second in command, Kyosen has great loyalty to Zanosuke and usually helps him with his plots for whatever reason. (Other)

Items: Sanrei Glove, (Black and Red pattern) Quincy Cross, (Black) Silver Tubes. (Bleach) A metal fan (Other)

Bow: Juusatsu: A red bow created by Spiritual Energy. With the Sanrei Glove, Satsugai is shape like a real bow with blades on the ends of the bow. (Bleach)

Techniques: Ryuuko (Dragon and Tiger): Fires two arrows, one fires straight ahead, while the other shots diagonally up then down when it's high enough to hit target. Can be controled be Spirit Energy.

Mouko (Fierce Tiger): A Rapid Fire arrow assualt.

Kouryou (Rain Dragon): Creates several arrows, then fires them into the air where they rain down on the target(s).

Note: His Other attire was influcened by The Last Remnant's Wagram, which made me realize that all great schemers or stratigists has a fan.

--Hoshin Fujisawa, The Silent One--

Age: 345, Looks 20 (Bleach) 18 (SIN and RAGE)

Story: Later Bleach Story, SIN and RAGE.

Hair color: Dark green/White (I'm drifted between the two)

Hair style: Has two bangs that curl up to the top of his head and back, and has to 'tails' in the back of his head.

Attire: Espada outfit. Hoshin supposivly killed an Espada and took his outfit because his old outfit was too dirty and he too lazy to clean it. (Bleach) A green and black uniform. (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Zanpakuto: Daichisatsu. A giant curved sword that has a dragon's head at the bottom of the handle. It's always in it's Shikai state, because Hoshin thinks it's a waste of time to seal it. (Bleach)

Personality: Hoshin always has a bored expression on his face and NOTHING surprises him, because he's too bored to be surprised. He views everything as boring and almost nothing seems to interest him, but he does as he's told. In battle, Hoshin fights violently and chaotically, but still has on his bored expression. He always speaks in a bored tone. (Bleach and SIN and RAGE)

Mobile Suit: ZGMF-3001 GELGOOG PHANTOM (Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter - 3rd generations mass production series 1 is unknown)

Description: A High-end, Commander version to ZGMF-3000 GELGOOG, but with side shields and a horn. Doesn't carries a shield like it's lesser form. Custom Color scheme is green/white.

Armaments: 1x high powered beam rifle, 1x beam double sided halberd (stored in left shield) 1x plasma horn (Located on head.)


--The Shadow Collective (Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE)--

Who and What: The Shadow Collective is a group in the Cosmic Era that is a black market weapons and mobile suit dealer that has sold wares to both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT.

Intentions: To be revealed later.

Weapons/Wares/Mobile Suits: To be revealed later.

Loyalties: The highest bidder.

--The Experimental Mobile Suit Division (SIN and RAGE)--

Who and What: The Experimental Mobile Suit Division or simply the Experimental Divison is a group of designers and pilots that create mobile suits that are possible successors for ZAFT's main line of mobile suits. Current known members are Seijin Hiasho and Sojiro Shiretoko, both are pilots of mobile suits created by the Division.

Intentions: Creating new mobile suits for ZAFT to defeat and destroy th Earth Alliance.

Mobile Suits created: ZGMF-X61S Sin Gundam, ZGMF-X71S Apollo Gundam

ZGMF-3000 GELGOOG (Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter - 3rd generations mass production series)

Description: Looks like a Universal Centery Gelgoog, but more advance and futuristict version of it, It's legs are outfited with high thrusters like it's ancient ansestor and the rear skirt armor has high thrusters in them as well.

Armaments: 1x high powered beam rifle, 1x beam doubled sided halberd (store on lowerback) 1x Anti beam shield, (store on back when not in use)

ZGMF-3001 GELGOOG PHANTOM (Zero Gravity Mobile Fighter - 3rd generations mass production series 1 is unknown)

Description: A High-end, Commander version to ZGMF-3000 GELGOOG, but with side shields and a horn. Doesn't carries a shield like it's lesser form.

Armaments: 1x high powered beam rifle, 1x beam double sided halberd (stored in left shield) 1x plasma horn (Located on head.)

UMF-36A Hygoog (Underwater Maneuver Figher - Generation 3 Type 6 A stands for First-stage)

Description: Looks like a Universal Centery Hygoog, but more advance and futuristict version.

Armaments: 2x Phonon Maser cannons (Located in claws) 2x armor piercing claws, 2x rapid missile launchers (Located on back) 4x machine guns (Located on body)

ZGMF-X76S Colossus (Zero Gravity Manuver Fighter- EXperiment Type 7 Series 6 Second-stage)

Description: Currently in development. But is rumored to be over 60 meters tall.

Armaments: Currently in development. But is rumored to carry Super DRAGOON units as well as a Positron Cannon.

Wizard Packs for GELGOOGs:

Glider Pack G1: Equips a pack based for agility in the air. Includes 2x wings similar to the Shrike (Astray's pack) wings, 1x micro missile launcher, and high powered thrusters.

Ghost Pack S: Equips a pack based for stealth. Includes a Mirage Colloid stealth system and replaces the beam rifle with a mass produce version of a 'Trikeros' offense/defense weapon (the Blitz's weapon on it's right arm, but without the beam armaments to save energy) equipped with a physical blade at the tip, a railgun and lancer darts.

Shredder Pack CC: Equips a pack based for close quarter combat. Includes 1x anti ship sword, (Located on right shoulder) 1x rocket anchor (Located over left shoulder) 2x beam boomerang (Located hips)

Flare Pack A: Equips a pack pased for long range combat. Includes 1x long range multi-phase cannon, and a extra high capacity energy pack.

DRAGOON Pack D: Equips a pack that has the DRAGOON system and it's pods installed, for pilots with high spacial awareness. Includes 6x pods and a high capacity energy pack. The upgraded version of this includes the Super DRAGOON system and a more higher energy pack.

My intentions for story is Naruto fiction about a 13-year old boy named Shen Hashigane (Completely different from the one in my Tokyopop fictions.) who comes from the Village Hidden In the Water. He was trained by Zabuza along side Haku when he was five and trained with Zabuza for five years and tried to help him with his takeover of the Village but failed. After the faliure of the takeover Shen left Zabuza and went training by the border of the Lighting Country. After hearing his master's death by Naruto and others he decide to go to Konoha to test them. What he didn't want was to feel feelings and I will reveal that when I make my story. I intend to make more fictions about Shen with him having different persona and different powers everytime but with the same look, so expect to read a lot about him.

For future stories, I might do a crossover with FFV7 or Sonic, or both, or other anime or game that I might think of, of course Shen will have powers beyond of what he should have.

Here is a list of stories that is on now:

A Ninja's Worst Nightmare! Crossover with Soul Cailbur and Naruto, Nightmare is drawn to the ninja world because of the Nine Tailed Fox, Kyuubi, and picks up a follower on the way, Shen Hashigane. Different than my other story, Dragon of the Mist, up to the point where Shen is destroying the Mist village.

Majin Shen: Crossover with Dragon Ball Z This story is when Shen was training one day at the Lightning Country during his traning with Zanosuke after a year, a meteor crashed near his training spot. Shen investigates it and found Majin Kid Buu! Kid Buu was near dead and combines with Shen to save his own life and gives Shen all of his power and Shen trains with all of his new powers and travels the land and ends up in Konoha after he learned everything from Zanosuke. Arrives before the Genin graduation.

Akatsuki's Dragon: Spoilers for Dragon of the Mist. Shen had joined the Akatsuki to find his ultimate power. Now he follows the Leader as Sion, as he chases tailed beasts which leads him to battle with Naruto. But Naruto doesn't recognizied him because he now wears a metal mask and is in Akatsuki robes. My biggest Disappointment on this site. DISCONTINUED.

Predator Ninja: Crossover with Predator, a little story I thought of after I watched Predator 2. During Akatsuki's Dragon, but not a sequel. Shen's body is mangled during a battle with some of Konoha's Rookie 11, his jaw and left arm was destroyed by Naruto's rasengen, his insides was messed up by Neji's 64 palms, his body was broken because of Lee's attacks, his legs was partially blown off because of Shikamaru's explosive tags, and his right arm is badly damage because of overloading it with charka. The team from Konoha left to chase down Leader and Zanosuke retrieves Shen and brings him to a lab. There, Zanosuke reconstructs Shen with Predator limbs and blood. After a few years, Shen is fully revived as a Human/Predator Hybrid and seeks revenge on Konoha, he now has a full Predator armor and weaponary. DISCONTINUED.

Bleach Wind Affect: This story is comptelely different than Squad 0. In this story, Seijin Hiasho belongs to a high family but not near noblity in West Rukongai's 1 st District. He is trained all his life til the age he is when the story starts and creates his Zanpakuto by order of his father. He suceeds, but instead of going to the Soul Reaper Academy, he choose to wander Rukongai. Of course his father thinks otherwise and orders Seijin to forgot that dream and go to the Academy, but Seijing points out that he chose to live his own life and not the life that his father has set for him. Angered Seijin's father rushes Seijin with his Zanpakuto, but Shen disarms him from years and years of training and bids his father farewell after leaving his family. After about a year of wandering, Shen travels into the lawless side of West Rukongai and kills several bandits a day since his rich looks, but then he runs into Kenpachi Zaraki, who challenged him to a fight after he saw Seijin effortlessly kill the bandits and Seijin accepts wanting to test his skills. The battle starts and Seijin easily overpowered but holds his ground for a few minutes before Kenpachi gets through his guard and slashs him and praises him for the good fight, this is also when Yachiru gives Seijin's nickname 'Bluey' because of his hair and Kenpachi and Yachiru leave. Seijin clings to his life and swears to fight Kenpachi again and win, but passes out. When he comes to, he is in the exact same place and there is a fire nearby with Sojiro 'Tetsuya' next to it. Tetsuya praises Seijin on his battle and explaines about Kenpachi Zaraki and yadda yadda yadda, they start traveling together and become friends. When Seijin catches wind that Kenpachi entered the Gotei 13, he decides to enter the Soul Reaper Academy, Tetsuya with nothing better to do follows him. This is around the time Rukia, Renji, Kira, and Momo where in the academy. Years of Academy days pass and right before graduation, Seijin drops out along with Tetsuya claiming that he didn't improve his skills enough to battle Kenpachi and Tetsuya dropped out because he was bored. Many Years later during when Rukia got caught, Seijin and Tetsuya has spent many year travelling and Seijin training and now he figures that he can battle Kenpachi and just then Ichigo and co. come crashing from the skies, figuring that this could be interesting, Tetsuya persuades Seijin to join up with them and they break into Seireitei where all kinds of things happen with these two involved. AU.

Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera Vs. Tyralis: I've been a Godzilla Fan my entire life and now that I think I've improved as a typer, I think I am ready to make a Godzilla fiction I've been thinking about for awhile. Here is a brief summary: Long ago mankind wrecked the world (What a surprise) and the Earth was angered at mankind and created a black dragon to destroy them. But because the dragon was created out of anger, it's rage was uncontrollable and it went on a rampage after destroying the civilazation to extinction. The earth realizing it's mistake sent Mothra to destroy the dragon, but was unable. But then Gamera (Yes this is a Crossover and the civilazation that was destroy was the people who created Gamera along with Gyaos part of the reason why Tyralis was created) arrive the two barely pushed the dragon to Anartica where it was sealed by the Earth. Now thousands of years later the dragon is found and taken back to Japan by a Pychopath that wants to destroy mankind ('cough Zanosuke cough') and is tries to revive it. Meanwhile a Reporter tries to find out recent blackouts in the area and runs into Yuffie Kisaragi of FFVII! Also Shen Hashigane is this as well. I hope this story proves to be my greatest.

Gundam SEED Destiny: SIN and RAGE: This story is sort of like a novelization of the actually anime, taking some of the lines and scenes straight out of the anime while inputting some of my own. To sum up this story, During the Bloody Valentine War, there was a secret organization that sold several 'suppiles' to both the E.A and ZAFT, but because of their very secretive way, no one real knows about them or what they produce. Now on Armory 1, during the theft of the three new models: Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss, there are two more Gundams and pilots as they join the Minerva against the E.A. while at the same time there is someone working behind the scenes.

These are ideas of some stories that I am thinking of typing:

Gundam SEED Destiny: Judgement Day: Attacks of Shadows: This is the sequel/movie of SIN and RAGE, a year later after the Second Bloody Valentine War, ORB discovers evidence about the Shadow Collective and reveals it to the world. In retaliation, the Shadow Collective decides to attack ORB in the dead of night while attack other major mititary instalation across the Earth and attacks the PLANTs. Because of their black martketing, the Shadow Collective manage to gather a very large sum of money, so they made their own mass production models as well as copied other models from other factions. ORB, ZAFT, and the EA join forces into crushing the faction of weapons and war. However, that same faction has made one of the most powerful suit in existance: (In the Cosmic Era timeline) The Judgement Gundam. Created without restrictions of the vows made after the Bloody Valentine Wars, with the most advance technogoly to date including armor called 'Gundanium', armed with what is considered a 'Super Weapon,' equipped with the 'Ultimate' combat system, its pilot, a 'ghost' from the previous war, this combination brings forth nothing...but destruction to those who stands in the pilot's way to his only goal: Revenge. It now time for the greatest battle that Cosmic Era has ever seen! The Ultimate Coordinater vs The Ultimate SIN! Fight the Ultimate Battle Gundam! This might be broken up into three parts or it may come as one big story.

The Raging Nightmare: This story is about a RPG character of mine from a RP site that is a hundred years after the Naruto timeline. A basic blast to the past plot the only thing is he's a follower of Orochimaru, whom has somehow come back from the dead via reincarnation. After losing against several ninja that had banded together, they managed to defeat Senshi Uzeki. However he is found by his Lord, Orochimaru and is sent back in time to be a better use than he is now. Go to this site to get better info.

Teen Titan and Prototype Crossover: Okay, this is probably one of my wild imagination runnin' about, but the plot is that Alex Mercer is still on his quest truth, finding out that the BLACKLIGHT virus didn't end with BLACKWATCH and the Surpreme Hunter. Apparently there is someone else who had their dealings with the creation of BLACKLIGHT, and so he has taken upon himself to find this person and punish him. His search brings him to Jump City, where his harsh methods are brought to the attention of the Titans. Still working past that part, but be sure that the possiblilty of them teaming up are slim to none.

Tales of Vesperia: Revolution: The Steel Captain of the 'Steel Brigade,' mentor of Flynn Scifo and Yuri Lowell, Survivor of the Great War, 10-year veteran, and Youngest Captain of Empire at the age 18. Guess who? Seijin Hiasho. The Steel Captain reunites with his old comrade after three years since Yuri left the Knights (I'm guessing Yuri was 18 when he joined the Knights) at Deidon Hold and joins the Journey across Terca Lumireis. But there are also more acts at work, with more intentions then others, that involve Revolution. Also Includes: Sojiro Shiretoko, Tazake Kanegetsu, Kyosen Tadarame, maybe Hoshin Fujisawa, and of course Zanosuke Zenteguru.

Metal Gear Solid (Pending Title): A year after the incident at Shadow Moses, many terrorist factions obtain the blueprints of Metal Gear REX off the black market. Now after finding out the existence of a New Metal Gear off the coast of Japan, on a remote private installation, Snake head there on a routine supply ship. However once there, he finds that this faction has more then just a Metal Gear in their arsenal! Includes most of my OCs and some new ones that I recently thought of.

Persona 4 (Pending Title): It is Summer, a year after Souji Seta left Inaba. Now he is returning to reunite with his friends during Summer Break. However, before he gets there, he has a dream or something. He meets a man shrouded in darkness in a room, this man claims to have created Izanami and Shadows and now he is after Souji's Persona. After an initial battle, Souji wakes up as his train pulls in to the Yasoinaba station. However he is then pulled into another situation as his friends are kiddnapped by unknown group with extrodinary abilities. Souji must work with his friends to stop this man and the group that follows him, but what is shrouded by the fog? Why is this man after Souji? How did he create Shadows and Izanami? And most importantly, can Souji stop this man before his darkness engulfs Inaba? This will probably be my first attempt to try and do a pairing. SoujixNaoto. By the way, this going to take longer than a summer, if you catch my drift.


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temporary hiatus
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Majin Ninja reviews
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