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w e l c o m e

The name's Dani. ;D I'm now 18, graduated from high school, looking for a job, and going to college in the fall. Life has been pretty hectic lately, so it's no wonder I disappeared. Right? Right? Ah well, I'm back now! And hopefully this time it's to stay. :D Since I last left you guys, here's what happened: I haven't followed Naruto in over a year, so I have no idea what the newest chapters are like or even if the thing is still going on. I may start following it again at any point, but right I'm just not wanting to... Eventually I'll probably start watching the anime from the very beginning then read the manga any chance I get. Until then though, any new stories that I come up with for Naruto are probably going to missing any new stuff... Sorry about that.

I'm also very very very very addicted to the game Kingdom Hearts. It's like crack to me. I just love Sora so much!

p a i r i n g s i l i k e


So, I love basically any pairing. For like real. But probably one of my most favorite is SasuNaru. :D

kingdom hearts

Oh shit, where to do I start? As for favorite, it's a toss up between Sora x Riku and Axel x Roxas. As a side note, I would totally have sex with Axel or Riku if they popped out of the game. Just saying. And if Sora and Roxas weren't so innocent, I'd have sex with them too. But they're just so damn adorable I'd feel like an ultra-pervert. xD Anyways! I like a lot of other pairings too. Add Kairi into the mix with Sora and Riku, y'know? Doesn't bother me.

p a i r i n g s i d o n ' t l i k e

I don't hate any pairings, but there are some I don't like. Here they are, as well as the reason they're not my favorite in the world.

OroSasu: It's hard for me to picture it. A 53 year old with a 15 year old? Ick. Xx Plus, I can't see Sasuke going for it. And I can see him trying to castrate Orochimaru if he tried to rape him.

ItaSasu: Again, I can't picture it. Sasuke hates Itachi, and Itachi couldn't care less about Sasuke. And they're siblings. I don't like incest.

NejiHina: Cousins. Not as close as siblings, but still incest. And, even though Neji changed his ways, he did despise Hinata. And Hinata likes Naruto; I can't see her suddenly falling in love with the cousin that would have killed in her Chuunin exams had he had the chance.

GaaKanku, GaaTema, KankuTema: Incest again. Besides, Temari and Kankurou are afraid of Gaara.

s t o r i e s

Okay. This is where I'll update my stories ... maybe.

Fragile: Chapter six is up. Chapter seven... I truthfully haven't even started it yet after all this time. May be discontinued. I've lost the will to continue it. ): Unless I get some serious inspiration soon, I'll probably discontinue this.

Chained: Eh, I might delete this. 'Cause I have no clue what to do with it now. x.x

Bloodlust: A Little Game: Chapter two will probably be rewritten.

Vulnerability: (: Sequel to Vulnerable. Chapter one has been put up. I'll start chapter two in a while.

If you can read this message, you are blessed because over two billion people in the world cannot read at all:

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Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas toghuht slpeling

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If you could read that put it in your profile! Do it I say! DO IT!

i a m a l i v e

I'm alive? I really am! Okay guys, sorry, sorry, sorry sorry sorry sorry! I am really really sorry. Stuff came up; like life. It gets in the way, doesn't it? Well, that and my version of Word had to be deleted when I had to reinstall Windows 'cause my computer got, like, forty trojans. So those documents I had saved in Word? Can't open them. Can't get Word back, 'cause I got it from a friend. And it's expensive to buy. So... for now, I won't be writing.

But I love all you people. Seriously. You're, like, devoted fans. I didn't think I could write well enough to have those.

When I do start writing again, I want you all to know: my writing style has changed a bit. I hope you don't hate me for it and stop reading my stories. ;; I'd like to think I got better at writing, not worse, so hopefully that won't happen. Anyways... this is my apology to all of you!

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