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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.welcome to the profile of Midnight Sleeper. If you're here, you apparantly want to know more about me. Or clicked on my SN by mistake, I dunno. But without further adu, on with the profile.


E-Mail: midnitesleeper@gmail.com

AOL Instant Messenger: Jack Midnight 04 (Yeah, I'm not the original Midnight Sleeper according to what AIM and GMail told me. Makes me a little sad...)

MSN Messenger: midnitesleeper@hotmail.com

Jack's lists of Randomness

Music: Hell, as far as music goes, I can pretty much listen to anything and anyone. Soft spots would have to be classic rock and country music, being grown on them here in the middle of nowhere. About the only thing I can't listen to is newer pop/rap. Too many bells and whistles for my taste. A few of my faves would be these: Nirvana still rules, even 13 years after the band's end. Tom Petty has been around forever and just keeps rocking. Just really started getting into the Smashing Pumpkins the last few years, good for any kind of rock song you could want. Goo Goo Dolls aren't bad, as they still get plenty of airtime in my car during road trips. And as a tribute to 80's hair metal, Def Leppard rounds out my top picks, narrowly beating Bon Jovi. They lost some brownie points by chopping the hair and leaning more towards pop...Y'know, looking at this music list, it makes me wonder why I wasn't born 10 years earlier. Makes me feel old... :(

Anime/Manga- Figure since this is where I'll be spending a majority, if not all of my time contributing, I should probably name off my faves.

1: Tenchi Muyo- The first anime I fell in love with and is still at the top of the list. Good storyline, interesting characters with interesting backstories. The series to me could do no wrong, sans for Tenchi in Tokyo.

2: Yu Yu Hakusho- To me, this was a nice alternative to DBZ. No two fights are the same, all the main fighters stay important through the whole series, and "five minutes" isn't drawn out into 20 filler episodes.

3: Mahou Sensei Negima- So many characters, so many stories, a big harem comedy, a little action mixed in to boot. It only leaves you with one question: what's not to love?

4: Outlaw Star- Just a fun series to pick up. A good blend of comedy, action, and drama.

5: Fullmetal Alchemist- Another great series. Once the story started going strong, it just keeps going like a snowball rolled off a hill, getting bigger and better with time. If you can make it through this one without feeling anything, you either have no soul or you hate all that is animated.

And for those who are curious about any OCs/Stories that I have, here's a nice little section to keep all three of you up to speed. :)

Midnight Hotel- Original Characters that have come along in my writing adventures. "Hotel" may not have been the best way to describe it, but it'll work for now.

Character: Clyde Metro

Appearance(s): Negima: Fallout, Darkside (Death To Darkside, Fallout 10.5), Twins Testing Trouble (Cameo, Chapter 4), Operation Valentine

DOB: 16 May 1988

Blood Type: AB

From: Baltimore, Maryland (cover for job. Real hometown unkown at this time.)

Appearance: Neck long sand blonde hair, blue eyes, slightly above average height for your typical 15 year old. Plain build.

Likes: Athletics, Cooking, Plants

Dislikes: Being beaten on my females, sabotaged dates, class plays that wind up tanking in an epic fashion.

Story: Silly boys and girls. If you want to know, read the story P...and while we're at it, leave a review...pretty please?

Midnight's Workshop- What stories are brewing in my mind? What's the status on a story? Ask and you shall recieve! So far, the duo in the shop are all for Negima, which makes it simple since that's the only place I've posted, eh?

Negima: Fallout- My first story, and the only one I have out to date. Takes place after the original anime (I know, I like the manga better too, but plot twists make using this easier.) ends. Living up to it's name, the story takes a look at what some of the reprecussions of Negi's time meddling may have caused. Contains an OC, so that may or may not be your cup of tea. Pairing(s?) still undecided, so it should prove to be interesting down the road at the very least. Status: Chapter 19 Complete, Final chapters to come

Midnight's Workshop: The name here pretty much says it all. One shot ideas that come to my mind are probably going to wind up in this little assortment. Already have a few ideas planned out, so I'm hoping good things for this little project. Also, in the spirit of entertainment, I'm open to ideas that readers may have. If someone proposes an idea and I'm interested, don't be shocked if it winds up being a reality in Workshop. Status: Bits and pieces of several ideas.

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Negima: Fallout reviews
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A variety of oneshots that are posted as the ideas come to me. Requests are listened to, so if you have an idea you want to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Chapter 4: Love notes? Detectives? Just what is going on?
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