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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Misc. Books.

Real name: Sam
Gender: Female
Age: 20

TMATR website: (includes pictures, polls, music, character bios and a link to a "Which Rogue are you?" quiz)
Writing website: (includes a TMATR survey)
Formspring account:
DeviantART profile: (don't laugh at my lame artwork)

Joint Account: Seven Scribbles (with RainbowCrystal)
(NOTE: We currently have one story, a Lily/James AU fic called Starstruck. There are three chapters up at the moment, and I won't give away too much here, but basically the gist of the story is that the Marauders are in a band. Tempting? Check it out. You know you want to. :D)

"I like nonsenseit wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope... and that enables you to laugh at all of life's realities."

- Dr. Seuss


1. I live, breathe, eat, sleep, read and write.
2. I'm seventeen, under average height, and have the most annoying hair in the world.
3. I like to exaggerate. But still, my hair is very annoying.
4. I figure skate. Started when I was five, learned some stuff, fell on my butt a few too many times to count. I'm still not very good, but I can pull off a pretty mean camel spin.
5. I used to live in Canada, but then I vacated the Great White North for the Land Down Under. Then I came back, because I couldn't live without doughnuts and snow.
6. On that note, I love snow, and I rarely get cold. I hate hot weather. It makes me irritable and sweaty and headachy and horrible to be around. I think I might have been an eskimo in another life. Or a penguin.
7. I adore all things PURPLE. Seriously, my room looks like somebody spilled a can of purple paint all over it. Even my laptop is purple. And his name is Flax. (No, there's no connection there. I just felt like I should mention it.)
8. I couldn't live without orange juice... but it has to be pulp free, or I won't drink it.
9. I am extremely OCD. I'm not officially diagnosed or anything, but sometimes I have to wonder.
10. Sugar is my staple food. I am prone to sugar highs, but trust me, if I go a whole day without any sugar, I'm a whole lot more dangerous.
11. Cats are better than dogs. Deal with it.
12. I managed to train myself to raise one eyebrow, but this resulted in my left eyebrow being permanently higher than my right. Oops.
13. I'm kind of superstitious. I think it might be linked to the whole OCD thing, but in any case, I'm going to play it on the safe side and not really make this an official fact.
14. I am a huge, HUGE procrastinator.
15. I play the drums, but I'm not very good.
16. I haven't seen the floor in my room for a few years now.
17. I don't eat fruit or unmelted cheese.
18. I always have a ton of bruises, and each one has a comical story behind it. For instance, I once fell asleep on the couch and woke up several hours later when I unconsciously rolled off and smashed my face into the corner of the coffee table. Just barely avoided getting a black eye.
19. I'll listen to just about any music, but mostly I like: Fall Out Boy, Santana, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Evermore, the soundtracks of "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel" (Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Grueson, Lauren Lopez, Tyler Brunsman, Joe Walker, etc.), "Weird Al" Yankovic, Thirsty Merc, Linkin Park, Switchfoot, Matchbox 20, Green Day, Coldplay, The Fray, LeAnn Rimes.* (Oooooh, is that a pun I spot?)
20. I like puns.

Plus, my two favourite composers of all time: Michael Giacchino (LOST) and Steve Jablonsky (Transformers). Sheer brilliance.


- I spend a lot of time living in fantasy worlds. I try to balance my time evenly between fantasy and reality, but sometimes it's hard, because fantasy is just so much more interesting most of the time.
- I frequently use the phrase "HARRY POTTER IS MY LIFE!", and am usually met with something like, "You're such a nerd" or "It's not real, you know" in return. And then I ignore whoever it was who had the nerve to say such a horrible thing.
- To quote Harry in his cheesiest moment (that is, in The Goblet of Fire - the movie - at the Quidditch World Cup, as he's entering the Weasleys' borrowed tent): "I love magic!" Seriously. I love everything magical, and read just about any fantasy book I can get my hands on. Unless it has anything to do with vampires.
- My career choice is, and always has been, "billionaire author". Delusional, you say? Pfffft. Your face is delusional.
- I've been writing stories since I was four or five, but didn't write (and illustrate) my first full-length picture book until I was (gasp!) six. When I was about ten or eleven I decided I wanted to write novels, but I've never actually finished one. Someday I will, though. Especially if I want to stick to the above career choice. Ha...

Books I love:
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins
Catwings by Ursula K. LeGuinn
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (the one and only exception to my "no vampires" rule)
The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Fire Bringer and The Sight by David Clement-Davies
The Guardians of Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares

Movies I love:
Harry Potter 1-8
Transformers (Bumblebee is my hero!)
Pearl Harbor
13 Going On 30
Now and Then
The Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Blades of Glory
Monsters vs. Aliens
The Cutting Edge
A Cinderella Story
Love Actually
The Hobbit
Spice World
The Avengers

Plus, on YouTube: A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, written, performed, choreographed, etc. by Team StarKid. They are BRILLIANT. If you haven't seen them already (and I doubt there are many Harry Potter fans out there who haven't yet been introduced to this totally-awesomeness) then you should click one of the links below, or else. Siriusly. Do it.

A Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 1:
(Best songs: Get Back To Hogwarts, Granger Danger, Not Alone, Voldemort Is Going Down)

A Very Potter Sequel Act 1 Part 1:
(Best songs: Harry Freakin' Potter, To Have A Home, Never My Lover (Stutter), Guys Like Potter, No Way, Days Of Summer)

TV Shows I love:
LOST (soooooo sad it's over, but the finale was EPIC)
Pokémon (back in the good ol' days of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, not these new lame-ass Pokémon)
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
The Big Bang Theory
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Ships I love:
Draco/Ginny (sure, it's an unrealistic pairing, but they're still so much fun)

Fictional characters I intend to marry:
Sirius Black
James Potter
Fred Weasley
Draco Malfoy
(Also, when I was little, I had a crush on Brock from Pokemon - but thankfully, that's behind me now.)



The Marauders and the Rogues ("TMATR")
Pretty much your typical Marauder fic, only with a slight role change - Lily and her friends have their own mischief-making group (the Rogues) and their archrivals are the Marauders. Through many strange turns of events, the Marauders and the Rogues find themselves placed in close quarters; their rivalry flares and they try to find a way to bridge the gap. Set in the Marauder Era. LxJ, SxOC, RxOC. There's even a girl for Peter, although he's gonna have one heck of a time getting her.
Up to Chapter Twenty-Five and moving at a snail's pace, plot-wise. It is, however, about a quarter done at the moment - after three years of, erm, hard work. Cough. What an accomplishment!

The Labelled Age ("The one that isn't technically fanfiction but isn't original fiction either")
It's classified in Miscellaneous because it's fanfiction for a non-fiction book, "No Logo" by Naomi Klein. Confusing, I know. I wrote it for school, and it turned into a crazy, comedic sort of character study. Nobody reads or reviews it, but I see no reason to take it down.
On that note, though, I feel like I should do a little advertising for this one, because it looks so lonely just sitting there. Honestly, guys, it's about a bunch of people living in sewers who go on a crazy mission to save humanity. There's a crazy old guy called Dweezil, plenty of Star Wars references, a swoosh on legs—and the Nesquik Bunny is even involved! Seriously, what's not to like? (Yeah... not much. I'm beginning to see that now, too.)
Complete. But it's not like any of you care about the poor old Labelled Age. Gosh.


- Sequel to The Marauders and the Rogues: When it's all over (and trust me, that won't happen for many chapters to come) I plan on tying everything up with a short sequel-type-thing. Don't get your hopes up (not that you would or anything, because you're probably getting sick and tired of my plot-stretching anyway) because it won't be any longer than seven chapters—in fact, it'll probably end up being only four or five. BUT it will go right up to the point where the first book starts, hopefully sealing all the characters' fates in the process. Aside from that, I'm not going to tell you anything, because I'm evil like that. MUAHAHAHA. (Actually, it's only because I don't want to spoil the rest of TMATR for you—but I am evil. Don't doubt it.)

- Also, I'm thinking about writing a oneshot about the wedding (James and Lily's, duh). This probably won't happen until after I write the sequel, and I don't want to make it part of that mini-story because... well, the sequel's going to be all doom and gloom, and I don't want to put their wedding in the middle of all that. It just wouldn't be fair to do that to my favourite couple.


FAE THATCHER the Brilliant has taken the time to complete portraits of all four of the Rogues, and I think most of you will join me in saying that they are, in one word, AMAZING. I owe her a massive, MASSIVE thank you for this, mainly because I could never have drawn anything half as good myself. Follow the links below to her DeviantArt gallery, where you can find all her Rogue drawings:
Lily Evans:
Jamie Love:
Hannah Milton: (my personal favourite of the four drawings :D)
Regan Tain:
Rogues Composite:

RAINBOWCRYSTAL, author of Written in the Stars and co-author of Starstruck, has also drawn portraits of the Rogues - and they are equally astounding. So another MASSIVE thank you goes to RainbowCrystal, because I'm honestly so blown away by the time and effort she put into drawing my characters. Below is a link to the picture on her DeviantART account, which contains all four of the Rogues in brilliant colour:
Rogues Composite:

SECRETMARAUDERETTE has created her own banner for TMATR, with some of the cast members from the TMATR website and others of her own choosing. As well as this she has made an emblem for the Rogues, including her own (very creative) invented nicknames for the four girls in relation to their Animagus forms. So thank you to SecretMarauderette as well. :)
TMATR Banner:
Rogues Emblem:

My Review Policy
I make a point of reviewing every story I read (unless I'm feeling particularly lazy) and I try to offer constructive criticism wherever I can. Even if I don't really like a story, I'll usually review it anyway in order to tell the author what I didn't like about it. If this is the case, though, I'm unlikely to review every chapter individually, because we live in a sad world where quantity is more important than quality, and where people are more likely to look at the number of reviews rather than the things people are actually saying about the story. Even so, I feel like it's important to express your opinion no matter what you think of a story, and no matter how many reviews it already has. The trouble is, I don't get around to reading many fanfictions, because I focus most of my time and effort on writing my own - but if for some reason you want me to read your story, just PM me and I'll take a look if I have time. :)


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