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Ah, Avatar's over. What to do...

Pairings I Support:

So yeah, I'm a shipper. Quite proud of it as well.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

For Avatar, I admit that I'm a multi-shipper. I ship nearly everything from Moppa to Foamzula. There are some pairings that I support more than others, though.

Zutara: Yep, I'm a Zutarian, a very proud Zutarian. With Zutara there's passion and hate sex. Who could want more? :D Seriously though, Katara could help Zuko along with pulling his head out of his butt if they can figure out a way to get along.

Taang: I won't pull that opposites attract crap, but they do compliment each other. It isn't my "I ship Zutara so I have to also ship this" ship. I actually do really like it.

Yep, that's pretty much it. The rest of my ships... well, there are too many to describe ;D And I know you might be thinking "What about Sokka? D:" The answer is that, sadly, I don't really care who he ends up with. -run over by rabid Sokka fans-

Sokka has pimptastic abilities :3 I can't choose just one pairing for him.

Sonic the Hedgehog

I'm a multi-shipper here as well. WOOHOO FOR INTER-SPECIES RELATIONSHIPS!

Shadamy: Yep, and I'm quite protective of my little pairing. It'll never be canon and I know it, so no need to tell me. I honestly don't care. Shadamy is indescribable for me and I can't list all the reasons I love it, so let's just leave it at this: it's awesome. ;3

SonicxBlaze: I'm such a bad shipper that I don't even know what to call it. xD Whatever, the name's probably stupid anyhow. I've been pairing them together ever since I knew Blaze existed and I find it quite lovely and sweet, but not sickly sweet like many canon pairings -cough- SONAMY -cough- I'm kidding you know. It's all good. ;D

KnucklesxRouge: Again, no idea what to call this one. It's probably the one canon pairing I ship. You may disagree that it's canon, but it is. I find it to be a quite entertaining pairing considering that Knuckles is a complete airhead and Rouge has a lot of fun with that.

As with Avatar, there are too many others for me to list. One that I will say is TailsxWave which is a guilty pleasure of mine xD It could be a friendship too, I really don't care.

Pairings I Do Not Support and Never Will

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Maiko: -shivers- There are WAY too many reasons of why I detest this pairing with all of my being. It's sappy, as depthy as a puddle, and somewhat depressing. Those are just a few reasons.

Kataang: I do like it more than Maiko due to it being the first pairing I ever shipped. However, I do not ship it aside from a friendship point of view. I believe it to be another round of that hero/heroine sugary crap that happens in 99.9 percent of the shows I've seen. For me, Kataang will always be one of those generic cakes that you get at the supermarket where the first bite will rot your teeth.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonamy: Again, generic cake you can buy at a supermarket that rots your teeth. 'Nuff said.

Everything else I'm pretty much open to except ShadowxSonic. It's too... weird for me O_O SonicxTails however... :3


Absolutely gorgeous picture of Water Tribe Zuko made by Wren Sharpbeak:


Beginnings will not be back. I just... can't write it up to my own standards. D: I fail.

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