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My name is E!

I have 3 muses and one moose who won't leave me alone. Their names are Jesse, Alaynna, LeLesley (muses) and, KayK.(moose)

Before i continue i would like to make an anoucment! (i know i have horrible spelling! i don't know how to spell! hee he)

WARING: i have the habit to: go off into random subjects, annoy you by talking, looking and/or staring at you, shout random things a bad times (Ex: LOOK A BIRD!), make you mad at me then make you laugh, be the weirdest person you ever saw, be the very best friend you can have (but that's a good thing), and be very moody at times!

I like: Anime, yaoi, reading, writing stories and poems, playing with my puppy, annoying my friends, being mean to my little sister (but i love her anyway), and lots of other stuff!

I dislike: being alone, having people mad at me, mean people, people who gossip (I mean the BAD gossipers! the ones who can't keep secrets!), and my nosy little sister (still love her!)

Fave Animes/Manga



Trinity Blood

Yuyu Hakusho

Shaman King


Wolf's Rain

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


Death Note


and lots more...to much to name

HEY! Visit my site @ www.freewebs.com/hakucrazy94

not on this as much but here's my MindViz profile www.mindviz.com/?nc=1191372599

check out mine and my friend A's youtube! www.youtube.com/profile?user=AlaynnaElena

AIM me anytime! my SN's r bloodivallentine and OhmyGitsE

My FAVE quotes...((me and my friends acting stupid!))

Elena : "HE'S MUTATING!"

Alaynna: "Did Mr. Calhoun's computer get hit by a tree?"

Elena: "What?"

Mia: "Did a house fall on Mr. Calhoun's tree?" ((Me and Alaynna burst into laughter))

Elena: "Dingleberries!" ((Laughs at inside joke))

Alaynna: "You need hearing problems! Coming!"

Elena: (after my dad had called me and i didn't realize it was him)) "I hear you God! I'm listening!"

((at Sarah's pool party...she was yelling at Mia)) Sarah M: ((pointing at the pool)) "Get back in the car Mia!"

Elena and Alaynna: "Gasp!"

Alaynna: "Oh Pooeth!"

((From Evan Almighty)) Evan: "If that's true...I'm gonna be SO pissed!"

Sarah P: "Naughty people like to play with whiped cream..."

Elena: "...naughty people are imaginative!"

"It's Electrifying!"

"Where's the liver!"

Nick: "I;m gonna move before it starts to stink."

Elena: "Why? You gonna fart?"

Nick: "No...I just did..."

Brandy: "NICK!"

Brandy: I dreamt I was blonde...wait...I AM!"

Elena: "I think I'm blonde...Blind! I mean blind!"

"You go girl!"

Kevin: "I'm a man who gets what he wants."

Katrina: "We'll see about that."

Brandy: "The man got dogged!"

Elena: ((laughs))

Elena: ((Singsongs)) "Let there be light!"

Brandy: "A! why is there a hole in the cake?"

Alaynna(A): ((runs away))

Brandy: "My door moans when you open it..."

Elena: "...is it being violated?""

Brandy: "Let's put the laptop in the microwave and turn it on!"

Elena: "Bad computer! No humping microwave!"

Elena: "Nick fall in pool...he go boom...he die!"

"Don't eat bananas...they're yellow!"

Elena: "...I confuzed..."

Brandy: "I'm better...((cough cough))"

Brandy: "I love being mean!"

Elena: ((sarcasticly)) "Yes Brandy because it's fun to have people hate you!"

Brandy: ((serously)) "I know! Right?"

Elena: ((rolls eyes))

((my cousin who iz only 7)) Chase: "I wish i was a strawberry! Then i could eat myself! Then all that would be left is my big strawberry head!"

Elena: "Happy pole! Happy pole!"

Alaynna: "It's almost very much bad..."

Elena: "Wha?"

Elena: "We stopped for ice cream on the way back!"

Alaynna: "When the f did we get ice cream?"

((from the Ringer))

((my dad finds my EarRing Cleaner in the fridge...i don't want him to know i got my cartlige pireced))

Dad: "What's this?"

Elena: "EarRing cleaner."

D: "What for?"

E: "To clean earrings..."

D: "you're earrings are already clean..."

E: "you need to clean your earrings before you put them in your...earing holes!"

Alaynna: "...earrings holes?"

SHMA: "Slinkies are like enemies...fun to look at...even more fun to push down the stairs!"

Dad: "Elena do you have your cell phone?"

Elena: "Yea I have my flip-flops!"

Dad & Kayla : "What?"

Elena: "In the words of our four Fathers...Wah?"

Elena: "two things that don't go together...sex and lunch..."

Kayla: ((making gagging sounds))

MArcus: ((laughing so hard he falls over))

Everyone: ((Laughing at him))

Alex: "I lika da Shnitzle yea!"

Elena: "Oops! I dropped my face!"

Elena: ((Sniffle)) "This morning...i woke up a man!...this is the worst day of my life!"

Alaynna: "I have A.D.D...cool! that spells add!"

Alaynna: "Haha...who's ur Daddy now bitch!"

SHMA: "Suck my inner ear!"

A: "you know ur fat when ur boyfriend pulls Subway out of your coat..."

Xavier: "Don't wear a thong! You'll never see it again!"

Xavier: "Lyposuction gone wrong...whoops there goes my bladder..."

E: "There goes my Kidney..."

A: "Shit! I needed that!"

Kayla: "Until you write my story, I'm going to inflict pain upon your person." ((Holds pointy pencil))

E: "but i don't want pain inflicted upon my person!"

Kayla: ((pokes e with pencil)) "tough teabags"

Mr. wright: "i thought she was tryig to poke my fat!"

Kayla: "Marcus get out of my purse!"

Marcus: "I'm not leaving without the Skittles!"

Kayla: ((form outside bathroom door)) "I can't reach it!"

Elena: ((from inside bathroom)) "What?"

K: ((giggles and run away)) ((hidding in her room))

E: ((walks out of bathroom)) "Kay?" ((walks into Kayla's bedroom))

K: ((has her shirt off))


K: ((pulls her shirt back on))

E: "...i've been emotionally scarred"

((me and kayla walk down the stairs in hooker make-up))

Kayla: "Grandma we're going out!"

Grandma: ((snorts)) "You two wouldn't make a dime on Broadway!"

Mom: "Good Lord and all the little fishes!"

E: "Oh Peter Piper Mary!"

my kid sister Bethany: "I will now hide inside my sister's pants...Presto!"

E: "Wait no! get back inside my pants...!"

E: "oh wow...is it 3 already? i'm sorry but i have to go die."

E: "I'm not accident prone...sharp objects just randomly fly into people's eyes when i'm around! honest!"

A: "I'm not accident prone...that guy broke his leg on purpose! i didn't trip him!"

A: "I'm not accident prone...that guy fell out of the tree...i didn"t push him...I swear!"

Kayla: ((stubs toe))"Mother Fu--Father, Son, Holy Spirit Amen!"

Kayla: "Good bye! I'm off like a dress on promnight!"

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