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I prefer to stay anonymous, so I'm not going to give you my name. I'm not going to give you where I live, my age, my number, etc., because I prefer not to get stalked. My religion doesn't matter, nor does my opinion on things such as homosexual relationships or abortion or whether I'm pro choice or not. I'd like for you to read my stories without a biased opinion. Because if I told you all about myself, then you would probably judge my writing on me, and not on the writing. Right? Right. Who I am and what I like doesn't matter; all that matters is if you like what I write. If not, feel free to speak your mind about it and move on. I'm all for criticism, so please tell me what you think.

What I will share with you is the shows and such that I watch, so that you'll at least get the gist of what I'll be writing about. I might have a few book related fanfics as well. There's really no telling what I'll have in the works a couple monthes from now.


Degrassi, Dark Angel, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer/Angel, Gilmore Girls, Instant Star, Beyond The Break, South of Nowhere, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Wildfire, Lincoln Heights, Smallville, Heroes, Bones, and various disney channel shows (because really, they appeal to all audiences).


If I end up writing a fanfic about a novel, it will probably be about the Twilight series, or Blue Moon. Because really, who doesn't appreciate a steamy vampire novel? I read a ton though, so once I check the book categories on here and see which all I've read, I might just write up a fanfic on a whim. I think it would be harder for me to write a fanfiction on a book though, because then I'd be too worried about stealing the original authors descriptive situations and idea's. Its a lot easier with telivision shows (in my opinion) because they don't use words to describe settings, or let you inside the characters head, etc.

Things I Do Not Write About:

Anime, cartoons, japenese manga, etc. Not because there is anything wrong with these types of writings, but just because I'm not all too fond of them. And if you don't like something, why write about it? I'm sure there's other things I wouldn't write about, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

Here's another (WHICH IS A BIG ONE): I do not, DO NOT, write Wincest fanfics. Mostly because incest fanfictions don't really appeal to me all that much, nor does incest in real life appeal to me. Now, I know thats kind of telling you something about myself, but I just don't want to listen to people ask for incest type fanfics. Kay?

Also, I most likely will not be writing any slash fanfics. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because I truthfully don't think I would be a very good slash writer. I can't imagine myself capturing the characters emotions and such very well, but then again; you never know.

Is that about it? I think so. Some of the shows I rarely ever watch, some of them I watch whenever I have free time, and some of them I watch religously. It all depends on my mood whether or not I write something revolving around it. Or, of course, if someone has a request or an idea for a fanfic that they would like for me to write. ALSO;; I'm not going to list my favored pairings, because they change. A lot. And just because I'm not the biggest fan of a certain character pairing, doesn't mean I won't write about them. As said many times, what I write about depends on my mood.

And thats about it, finally, right? Thanks to all of you who review my stories, I love you guys to death. There's no telling when I'll update, because my scatterbrained self is about as unpredictable as you can get. Hmm. And if you have any suggestions or ideas for stories you'd like to see written, just say so in a review of one of my stories and I'll see what I can do.

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