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Author has written 15 stories for Trigun, G-Gundam, Kingdom Hearts, Inuyasha, Anime X-overs, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Fushigi Yuugi.

Hello. I'm Sora17. The Sora is after .hack//sign's Sora and the 17's after DBZ's 17. I'm a complete anime fanatic and I'm a bit of a comedian and writer too. I'm here to entertain all of you.

R.I.P Steve "Crocodile hunter" Irwin who was killed in 2006 by a stingray. Steve Irwin a true hero. If you agree copy and paste this into your profile. And show honor to a true hero.

As of today the 17th I Sora17 have 17 fics hooray! yes I love that number.

If you hate crossovers you hate:

Super smash bros

Tsubasa (clamp)

Freddy VS Jason

FF dissidia


Who framed Roger Rabbit

Justice league

Warriors Orochi

Dragon ball

Kingdom Hearts

Roman Mytholgy

Dante's inferno

X men

Shonen jump all stars

Bobobo bobobobo

Disney land

Soul caliber

Alien vs Predator

Disney world

~~~Fav Quotes~~~

"Your luck won't match my skill." Sora (.hack)

"Kapow" Sora (.hack)

"Good inside him isn't enough come back when it's outside him too" Sokka (Avatar)

"Why so serious" The Joker (The dark knight)

"...Hi" The Joker (The dark knight)

"It's over 9000!!" Vegeta (DBZ)

"Kakarot!!" Vegeta (DBZ)

"Greetings Kira I am L" L (Death Note)

"Your agile moves won't work on me snake chmirea. I have the ultimate eye." Pride (FMA)

"You are foolish all of you even my own son" Pride (FMA)

"Name's Greed, I'm your new friend" Greed (FMA)

"WHATS GOING ON?!" Michelo Chariot (G Gundam)

"Come on out and play little Hellsing I promise we'll have alot of fun we're just gonna torture you kill you maybe skull fuck your corpse a few time burn your house to the ground go home and masterbate. " Jan Valentine ( Hellsing)

"...two men if he had killed two million of your protastent scum I would not of shed a tear." Enrico Maxwell (Hellsing)

"Suffer Inyasha" Naraku (Inuyasha)

"Gursh" Ginkotsu (Inuyasha)

"Jeez... Stiffer than the stiffs back home" Hades (Kh)

"Dance water dance" Demyx (Kh2)

"Now do you think thats polite shuting me down like that" Xigbar (Kh2)

"See that would work if I were just any old dude except I'm not I'm with the organization nothing 'any old' about me" Xigbar (Kh2)

"Oh... I told them they were sending the wrong guy" Demyx (Kh2)

"I'll never forget what they did to me uh... what was it they did to me?" Oogie Boogie (Kh2)

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder berries" (Monty Pathon)

"Savay " Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)

"He's me alright but I am so much more" Ukyo (Samurai7)

"Army or not you must relize you are DOOMED" General Grevious (Star Wars)

"Now young Skywalker you will die" Emperor Palpitine (Star Wars)

"I'm a man of GOD for GOD sake" Wolfwood (Trigun)

"Look at you crying like a little bitch" Sensui (yuyu hakusho)

~~~~~~~~Fav original quotes~~~~~~~~~~~

"Would you like to blow my horn?" Midvaley the horn freak (the Legato show)

"Midvaley stop hitting your self." Legato (the Legato show)

"My eye!"Goshinki (How Shippo defeats Naraku)

" Don't drop the soap!" Zuko (Zuko's advice to Ozai)

"Merry fucking Christmas." Pete (How Maleficent celebrates the holidays)

"...Or else my brother will kill you and rape the corpes" Younger Toguro (The elemental tournament)

"Lynch him!" Hiei (Hiei's boom boom room)

"keep it kosher." anime and manga King Bradleys in unison (the Legato show)

"Anti Social's assemble!" Piccolo (The anti social social club)

"Yes me again" Envy in response to "Envy not you again!" ( Kingdom hearts another journey)

" You have no heart." Justice crying to Xemnas (organization13 crank calls)

"I don't know what time did I leave your house." Vexen in respone to "When was the last time you had sex?" ( organization13 crank calls)

"No I can't stop cursing this is how I talk bitch" Jan Valentine

"Star wars novels are just fan fics with publishers" Me

~~~Fav couples~~~

Tokka (Avatar)


Li shoranXMeilin (CCS)

YueXSakura (CCS)

GreedXMarta (FMA)

MicheloXAlenby (G Gundam)

NarakuXKanna (IY) Naraku's evil. Age dosen't matter to him. Besides it's the love that counts.

NarakuXKikyo (IY)

KikyoXSuikotsu (IY)

KaguraXSesshomaru (IY) I blame my sister, Nozomi, for this one.

AoshiXMisao (Rurouni Kenshin)

AmyXRaphaheal (Soul Caliber)


AliceXDecus (TOS)

HieiXBotan (YYH)

~~~Fav rivals~~~

GokuVsVegeta (DBZ)

17VsPiccolo (DBZ)

17vsTrunks (DBZ)

Ed Vs Envy (FMA)

MicheloVsDomon (G Gundam)

SoraVsRiku (KH)

SoraVsRoxas (KH2)

KnivesVsVash (Trigun)

Ali vs Frasier (Boxing)

Hello everyone I've been away for awhile but now I'm back

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Hetalia MovieThe most epic version ever! by lilsandstorm reviews
Hetalia-Paint it, White! Abridged. By an 11 year old who has never seen the movie before. Or Hetalia.
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Battle of the Bands by youngnozomi reviews
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Revived story. What happened to Michelo after his match with Domon and the Shining Gundam?
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He survived the Battle for Kanna. Now he has to heal, and find a way to regain what he's lost...but how do you regain someone if you never had them in the first place? UkyoKirara KatsuShino
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Miaka and the Lion reviews
Who ever defeats the lion gets to have sex with Miaka it's funnier than it sounds so please R&R one shot
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some uber random stuff
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G-Gundam - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 219 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/19/2007
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