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Author has written 10 stories for Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy VII.

I've been writing for a while now on and off and I only usually write poetry, but after reading some of the fanfiction on here (and the constant nagging of my best friend I was wasting my potential) I decided to give it a try. So anyway I hope you enjoy my works when I finally get them all up and running and drop a review or a flame anythings welcome as long as its constructive!!

Why Devine-Odyssey: I was reading a book on ancient mythology and the word Odyssey kept on jumping out at me, but then came the problem of what to put with it? I happened to begin reading about the goddess Aphrodite and stumbled upon the word Devine...bada boom bada bing a pen name was born. I'm hoping to stick with it as I tend to change things round a lot!

Name: Alexia but most of my friends just call me Alex or Lexi depending on what mood I catch them in!

Contacting Me: I have yahoo messenger so by all means feel free to add me. I am always happy to chat with people old and new, if you can't access my e-mail address then review a request for it on any random story along with some means of me to send it to you! I have it on good authority from one of my friends that I tend to be more active when people bug me online.

Fave Pairings:

Harry/Draco, Riku/Sora, Riku/Cloud, Riku/Leon, Riku/Axel, Cloud/Sephiroth, Shuichi/Eiri, Hiro/K, Yuri/Wolfram, Tifa/Sephiroth, Yuffie/Vincent, Tifa/Cloud, Yoru/Ran, Sora/Sunao, Van/Hitomi, Tess/Max, Isabelle/Michael, Serena/Darien, Ritsuka/Soubi, Seimie/Soubi, Revan/Carth, Kaname/Zero, Addison/Derek, Addison/Meredith.

I plan to write stories using every one of my favourite pairings. I do tend to procrastonate though so it may take me a while to do it...not that its by choice, I have a very demanding job as a PA so I tend to have last minute things foisted onto me. But I get on well with my boss most of the tme, and my other colleagues are fantastic. I have a few challenges which have been set by my friends which I need to get round to writing, hopefully I'll be able to get them out soon, but my own works do come first so they can just learn to wait. Well thanks for the stop by and enjoy your browse round!!

Feel free to mail me with any comments if you don't want to leave a review, its always nice to hear from people one way or another. I'm always open to PM correspondance with other authors, its interesting to bat ideas around that way, plus many a co-write is produced that way. If you also want to set me any challanges then feel free to drop me a line, but do please note the aformentioned procrastination I was warning you about.

Completed Works

The Sun and the Moon - Sephiroth/Cloud - One of my best friends and annoying colleagues Claire gave me this challenge, so after much deliberation I gave myself a break from my multi-chaptered stories to write this oneshot for her. It was interesting to write and I really enjoyed playing around with it. Not my usual style but I was inspired.

Read Between The Lines - Harry/Draco - My attempt at writing something whilst drunk off wine. Not what I'd class as my best work but Annie was most insistant that I put it up, so rather than let it go to waste I decided to indulge her, god knows I don't do it as often as she wishes I would.

Passion - Harry/Draco - Challenge fic that my drinking partner in crime Jason set for me. A guy who loves this paring almost as much as I do, it was a bit of a challenge to write but I hope I managed to pull it off well. A look into Draco's inner to speak.

Serpentine Release - Harry/Draco - You can see what my fave pairing is can't you lol. This one I wrote as a kind of challange fic for myself. I'm a bit ill at the moment and I wanted to do something different to cheer me up. Also it was a bit of practice for a lemon I guess.

A Sunrise Like No Other - Harry/Draco - This one was written when I was still reeling over the recent loss of two very special people, I guess I wanted to write something sad since that was how I am feeling.

Serenity - Harry/Draco - I finally got round to posting up a newer version of this which I liked much better than the older version being that it uses the same timeline but from Harry's point of view.

Images In The Rain - Harry/Draco - This I wrote whilst listening to Danity Kane's stay with me on repeat. The song was so haunting that I had to get this out when inspiration struck, plus I wanted to try and get myself back into writing mode.

Current Works

Come What May - Harry/Draco - I actually didn't like this one when I first started it but after a read through of it and some helpful suggestions from one of my friends I decided to keep at it. I was quite pleased with the resulting first chapter, I don't plan on making it a very long one but I enjoyed playing around with it anyway. I'm really pleased with the response I'm getting on this one, its nice to know that my work is I'm having a re-think to just how long I want it to be.

Break Out - Harry/Draco - This one I didn't plan at all, just came to me. Its probably going to be a little darker than what I usually write but then I guess any option is open when you choose the Harry Potter avenue. It's slow going as I have a few things I am looking into to weave through the story, but I'm happy that people are enjoying it so far. This is on hold for the moment, my lovely computer decided it wanted to eat a lot of my documents...unfortunately the ones I had written for this were some of them. Don't worry it won't be forgotten just merely on hold for a while.

Sirens Song - Harry/Draco - You'd think I was obsessed with the pairing wouldn't you!! This one I wrote to quell my utter fascination with mythology, it will be slow going as I want to try and get some more of my oneshots out and also finish my first story Come What May, but I hope that it will be recieved warmly. I will aim to try and update it as much as I can but please understand that updates may be slow in coming at first. Not too sure how long I want to make this one, but we shall see.


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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Come What May reviews
They were lovers once, now eleven years after they parted Draco discovers the reason why Harry walked out of his life. Mpreg HarryxDraco
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