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"Here's a peek of one of Yuffie's 'Seven Final Fantasies'. Read to find out how it ends "

Fantasy 1

Yuffie scrunched up her face but followed Tifa to the kitchen anyway. "Why do I have to cook?" she groaned miserably. "Just keep stirring that Alfredo sauce Yuf. Think of something that would make it fun, and you will." Tifa reassured her. Yuffie sighed, pouted and took the wooden spoon handed to her and began to stir the heavy red sauce, grumbling to herself, "What could possibly make this fun? Hmm "

Yuffie turned the sauce round and roud in the pot, bored, grumbling, "Stupid Tifa, stupid pot, stupid cooking, stupid Cid asking for stupid heavy Alfredo sauce..." The sauce was indeed thick and heavy, and she had a hard time stirring until a warm hand covered hers and held the spoon, easily stirring the thick concoction. "Hey, I can do it myse-" She cut short her loud-mouthed complaint when she saw who was helping her stir, just inches separating their bodies, with no one in the vicinity of the kitchen to see them, or interrupt anything that might happen ... Vincent Valentine, tall, strong and SMOKIN' HOTT, stood behind her, looking at her with a blank expression, as usual, as he tightened his grip on her hand holding the spoon. Her breathing slowed and became faulty all of a sudden. Oh my God, was all she could think. She gasped softly when he stepped closer, his rock-hard torso touching her back. His other hand rested on her shoulder, then ran slowly down the side of her body, sending goosebumps running throughout her body. His hand stopped at her hip and pulled her even closer, pressing her body to his. She drew in a shaky breath, dipping her head to hide the reddening heat rushing to her cheeks. He dipped his own head, lightly touching his lips to her ear. "Yuffie..." he whispered, seductively. "Huh?" she managed to choke out. He whispered again, this time with... was that a hint of humor in his voice? "Yuffie..." he murmured softly, "Yuffie..."

About Me: Well, if my writing sucks, you can say so in your reviews Just a little less harshly, if you please. Please offer suggestions if you like, I can always use help. I'm ok with constructive criticism, but nice reviews are always good If you want to read romance, you can look for me, cuz that's about all I do!

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