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Author has written 2 stories for Mega Man, .hack/SIGN, and Bleach.

Hey, my name is, D is all I will say. I'm more known as Haseo8, considering I use it everywhere. I'm 21 years old and my hobbies are world domination, mayhem, and just plain chaos. Okay, not really. I like to watch anime, play video games, and browse the internet. In short, I've got no life. And now to put my favorites listing, because I freaking feel like it.

Favorite animes: Hm, tough one.

Fate/stay night

Naruto(not nearly as much as I used to though)

DragonBall Z

Tenchi Muyo

Bleach(too bad the anime ended)

Persona 4 the Animation(huge fan of the game and I loved the anime)

Fairy Tail

Soul Eater

Tales of the Abyss

Tales of Symphonia

Yeah, I got quite a few, all I can think of though.

Favorite video games: Another tough one, I'll start with my top three.

Tales of Symphonia

Persona 4

Tales of Graces f.

Now for the rest.

Tales of... series(Such as, but not limited to, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Vesperia, and Tales of Graces f)

Final Fantasy

Persona series

Legend of Zelda series

Mario series

Sonic series

Metal Gear Solid series

Xenosaga Series

.hack series

Kingdom Hearts series

Metroid series

Fatal Frame series

The World Ends With You

Odin Sphere


Yeah, I have a lot of favorites, that's all I can think of though.

I'm not too much a writer, as you can probably see from the one story I have on here. Hm, if anyone wants me to continue, just PM me and I might be motivated to continue.

Current Projects: Yeah, I've decided to try my hand at writing again.

Mega Man Zero: Return of a century old hero: As for this story, I'm honestly not sure if this will be continued, it was written on a whim and from an old idea which has kind of passed. I might pick it up if anyone wants me to though, I still have the beginning of the next chapter I started but never finished. I make sure to backup everything I feel I might need. Especially since my computer might end up failing on me one day, until I get a new one anyway.

Bleach: Soul Infection(title temporary, open to suggestions): An idea I've been having for a while but have been afraid it would just end up failing like my past stories. But after reading a certain fanfic, it inspired me for some reason. I won't divulge too much information, but it will be set in The World R:1 with Rukia as the main character. This story will also be devoid of Kite. I will also be putting in other characters from Bleach. It'll basically be the same Bleach world, but will have The World in it. I'm also open to suggestions, so feel free to PM me. Again, Rukia will be the main character but Soi Fon will also be getting a lot of screen-time since she'll be investigating the incidents. And I just think she deserves more screen-time since she doesn't get enough in the anime/manga.

Oh yeah, if the story disappears from the Bleach Archive, then I had to Re-uploaded it to the crossover section... I'll probably have to start advertising it or else no one will see it.

Class information for The World in Bleach: Soul Infection:

Blademasters are among the strongest classes in The World. They use one medium-sized one-handed blade in battle.

Blademasters rank third in terms of attack growth and rank first in terms of physical defense growth. Although their growth is slower than that of Heavy Axemen and Heavy Blades, the fact that they can reach a stat of 99 in all physical categories coupled with their relatively fast attack speed and area skills makes them the highest tier physical class.

Heavy Axemen: They specialize in the use of axes, and are the physically strongest of all the classes.

Heavy Axemen boast the best physical attack and HP growth bar none. Their physical accuracy is also greater than that of Blademasters. This unfortunately comes with the tradeoff of a much slower walking speed and attack speed. Due to their overwhelming HP advantage as well as their decent physical and magical defenses, Heavy Axemen are the tanks of The World, best left right in front of a strong opponent and trading blows. They unfortunately don't do so well against faster enemies and magic-casting enemies unless they get the first strike in.

Heavy Blades are one of the strongest classes in The World. They are notable for their use of huge, double-handed swords and katanas.

Heavy Blades are among the three strongest classes due to their ability to equip the heaviest, highest level armors. In terms of physical attack growth, Heavy Blades lose only to Heavy Axemen. They generally have higher physical attack and accuracy than their one-handed counterparts, Blademasters, but they sacrifice attack speed and defense growths in the process.

Long Arms are a physically strong class in The World. They are best known for their pole arm weapons and light movement.

Long Arms are considered to be near equal to Twin Blades, differing only in that they have greater attack and defense stats as well as far superior range while sacrificing the magical capabilities and multi-hit skills of the Twin Blade. Long Arms also share the same HP and SP growths as Heavy Blades and Blademasters.

Long Arms are capable of naturally reaching a stat of 99 for Physical Attack. Long Arm skills are multi-hit, but don't hit as many times as a Twin Blade. The Double Sweep family of skills employs the Long Arm's massive range by dealing two strong hits of damage to all enemies within range of the spear.

Twin Blade is a class in The World which wields dual blades.

Twin Blades are the most balanced class in The World. They are noted for their superior traveling speed and hit rate. Twin Blades are the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none" due to the fact that while they have decent attack stat growths and have decent magical stats, they are unable to equip the strongest armors, have lower attack growths than the other classes, and do not have access to stronger magic skills. Their greatest strength lies with their multi-hit skills. Each skill has several elemental versions, and as a result are capable of dealing massive damage to enemies weak against those elements.

Wavemasters are the mage class of The World. Although they are physically the weakest class, being capable of equipping only the lightest armor, they have outstanding magical stats and can equip rods capable of using the most powerful Lv. 4 spells. They also act as healers, so a party with a wavemaster is notably powerful.

So, there are the classes. I'm torn between Twin Blade and Blademaster. Just vote on what class would be suited to Rukia. I'll make my decision after that. My decision will be my own, but will be influenced by votes.

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temporary hiatus
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Ch.2 is up. I'm sorry for not uploading a new chapter in a few years, I forgot what I was gonna write. I will try to get it up sometime.
Mega Man - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,988 - Reviews: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/15/2008 - Published: 12/13/2008
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