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On this site, I only answer to Iris, and none of you were probably ever discover my real name. Yes I'm sixteen, and I go to a boarding school though I never actually paid attention. Yes, I do believe I'm too cool for school since I know evertything and more. I can be a hateful little person, and I'm a firm believer in Stoicism. I really only care for about four people at a time in my life, maybe five if you count the boy with the wired eyes that I love. I think a lot, I probably over-think things. But that's what makes my writing so good, since I think hard about it and can really pull how I would feel into my brain and put that in the story. I like writing. It's an addiction. Actually, it's a passion. Like Dance. Or the Enviroment. Or Dying my hair.Though I can be mean, I'm actually pretty compassionate. And I do tend to act goofy, like a lot. Don't flame my stories, you need not correct me unless it is on a word mispelled or some little forgotten detail. I don't like mean comments, and I won't be afraid to report you. I review everything I read, I expect you to do the same for me. I like music. It's random, but I do. I like reading, and I like anime and art too. I love looking at quotes, and photography is fun :) I do dress well, I like to be fashion-forward. I can't stand skanks, emo kids are okay, if they're not ridiculously oh-woe-is-me. Get a grip, seriously. Yes, I do have money. Get over it. Yes, I do have flaws, everyone does. Yes I'm hateful, but that's because I'm a girl. Yes, I'm sweet, because I should be. I'm Christian, Go Big G! And I am most likely to succeed. You'll see my name one day...My real name, or maybe even my pen name. I believe strongly in process. But I might write more later.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

(F)(U)(T)(U)(R)(E) (S)(T)(O)(R)(I)(E)(S)

All I ever wanted: The Vagarious Year

Rated- T

Sequel to All I ever wanted. What happened after Zuko defeated Azula and offered to help Aang? What about his and Katara's relationship? Aang and Toph? And the war? Here's the sequel we've all been waiting for. What secrets will be revealed? ZxK, AxT, SxS. R&R!!

Two brunnetes, A red-head, and a raven. ((COMING UP FOR HALLOWEEN!))

Rated- R

Hostel theme. They were supposed to be home nearly an hour ago. Yet, Rukia, Orihime, and Tatsuki had yet to show up. Ichigo was starting to worry, and there was a pained look on Byakuya's face. Yoruichi was never late for these kind of things. Surely a trip to the store could not have lasted this long. Where were they? ((In this story, Rukia, Orihime, Tatsuki, and Yoruichi are captured, put in cells that bind their energy, and basically tortured in a murder-for-profit house.))

(I could do an alternate with this story, like in avatar or in Blood+ or in Bleach. I think I like it in Bleach the most.)

The Third Sister

Rating- T

"Diva, your blood sister. Your only blood relative! You have no one else." Solomon said, his voice full of passionionate frustration. Another voice came from behind them. "Not quite." She said.

Accidentally In Love(?) ((COMING SOON!)) Also a One-shot!

Rating- T

In all truth, L had no idea what was so attractive about Misa-Misa. She was girly, frilly, talkative, and annoying. But he tried to think positive. She smelt good, she had pretty eyes, she was clean, and she could bake. L especially liked the fact Misa could bake. Alternate Misa, instead of goth, she's girly!


Or if you don't understand Smart people talk, Christmas Stories.

Yoruichi and Santa-Sama

Rating- T

"You slept with Santa Claus?" Rukia mouthed, eyes wide with surpise as she finished decorating the Christmas. Yoruichi felt the blood rush up her neck and to her cheeks, the cat-woman slowly nodding. Rukia shook her head and returned to investigate her work, only to call out moments later, "Well ho-ho-ho!"

Christmas in Konoha

Rating- T

Christmas in Konoha was bound to be mayhem. Especially with all the village ninja in a "holly jolly" mood. Be warned: eggnog, mistle toe, and a large man dressed in a red suit will be involved.

Christmas in the Skellington Home

Rating- G

Christmas time has found its way to Jack and Sally again. But this time...They'll be celebrating it at home, with a whole NEW crowd.

To be Continued...

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