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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy XII, and Final Fantasy XIII.

About Me

I'm kind of bad at filling out these sections, as I really don't like telling anyone much about myself over teh internets. So, I have chosen to give random bits of information about myself, which is great for those of you who have low attention spans and hate wall-o'-texts. Yay!

- I'm 22 years old.

- In the Western zodiac, I'm an Aquarius.

- In the Chinese zodiac, I'm a Dragon born in the hour of the Tiger.

- I have lots of writing projects planned for the future that hopefully will get published.

- I kind of want to insert an obnoxiously long paragraph right now to spite everyone.

- Normally, I don't watch television because it usually doesn't interest me, however I have found a love for Spaced, Twin Peaks, Glee and even though someone gave me massive spoilers about a character's death and I wanted to punch them in the face because I felt like it ruined the show for me, Dexter. Other than that, I do have a fondness for the Discovery Channel and the History Channel because obviously, I'm a nerd.

- I love film and literature. Go figure.

- I adore Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. If you do not know who these men are, I suggest you familiarize yourself with them. Now.

- I'm wondering how many teenagers will be Googling those names when they read above. I feel old.

- Horror, fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genres, and thus, what I love writing about.

- Even though I love living in a big city, I'd rather be living out in the mountains in a small town.

- I own an Xbox 360, DS, PSP, and PS2. I kind ashamed for switching to Microsoft from Sony, but the PS3 didn't have any games I wanted to play ... like Deadly Premonition!

- I have to say my favorite games/series are: Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Xenosaga, Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition, Shadow Hearts, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Caliber, Rumble Roses, Rule of Rose, Mass Effect and I had a lot of fun with the Ghostbusters game. I bought two versions - the one for the PS2 (which angered me beyond comprehension with its constant freezing) and the 306 version (which was prettier and didn't glitch ... well, unless you like Achievements).

- I love Rooster Teeth. Truly.

- As I am wondering if this is starting to fall into wall-o'-text territory, I'm stopping this section.


So, far I only have Call of the Mist and Divine Machination in progress. I plan to update them every month if I can swing it. I don't plan on ditching these fics, so no worries there.

No offense to anyone, but please understand that I won’t be giving out details of plot, or any upcoming story ideas in general. That said, everything within the fics will be moving at my pace. I’m sure you guys will respect my decisions.

Also, please note that I have a job and busy life, so there may be times when I don’t update as often. (That's usually the case *cough*) But, again, I don't plan on abandoning these stories, so don't send me cranky messages. Even if it takes me a thousand years (Dear God, I hope not) I will finish Call of the Mist and Divine Machination.


If anyone out there enjoys my work, please send me feedback, as I'd love to hear what you liked, disliked, or thought could be improved upon. Also, reviews would encourage me to continue, so if you like what I bring, make sure I keep bringing it ;)

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Call of the Mist reviews
A writer from Earth is chosen by Mist to be summoned to Ivalice in order to aid in the restoration of peace. Chapter 19 is up! See profile for updates on future chapters.
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Divine Machination reviews
A series of one-shots involving each character's experience facing an Eidolon for the first time.
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