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Wow, it's been ages since I've updated this - so much has changed!

My name is Jenny, I'm 25 and live in the South of England. I'm newly married (hence the hiatus!) to a Web Designer/Developer and Business Consultant. I am currently training to be a Primary School Teacher. We have a cat called Ellie, who loves giving us small presents of mice, frogs and dead birds - always a pleasing thing to find in the kitchen of a morning!

I love writing, and find it the easiest way to relax. Although I have a couple of ideas for my own novel, I love writing fan fiction, and especially enjoy the Sherlock Holmes canon - although I am hoping to write more on the other works I enjoy, such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who and the Chronicles of Narnia. I write more-or-less canonically, although I do enjoy the odd spot of romance (OK, quite a lot of romance!) and time travel - and the joy of the crossover. I do, however try and write in the spirit of the characters - which in my humble opinion means no slash. I'm also a bible-believing christian, so the values I have will come out in my writing. In reviews I will only criticise constructively, and would ask that you do the same.

Hope you enjoy - I'd welcome your feedback :)

My Stories

A Singular Woman was a story which I wrote when I was about 16, and edited more recently. As such, it probably is not my best work. However, please do read it - for honest enjoyment because you like Holmes/OC romance fics or just for a laugh (I really don't mind!) Basically the story is that a young woman is orphaned, and eventually goes to live with Holmes and Watson.

Unsolved is probably not to everyone's taste, being a time travel fic, but it is quite good fun, and I think (due to the fact that I wrote about the Ripper for part of my degree) quite historically accurate. Please Read!

I am a Doctor, not a... is a series of drabbles using the TOS/McCoy challenge. Most of them are funny, or sweet and one or two are angsty. For this one, I am going to keep updating as and when inspiration hits me.

The Old Shikari is Moran's perspective on the events at Reichenbach falls. I was always kind of interested in Moran's character (not romantically or anything like that), just because he is Moriarty's right hand man, and I would like to know what attracted him to joining Moriarty's organisation. This is a one-shot probably, unless I decide one day to write EMPT from his perspective.

The Gentleman's Game is a little tribute to Dr Watson. It's a one-shot exploring the possibility of Watson returning for a one-off game of Rugby at his old club, and Holmes turning up to cheer him on. I thought of the idea in the university cafe (as for some reason there seemed to be a rugby gathering in there one day). I have to say that Watson (especially played by David Burke) is my favourite character (just because he is so lovely!)

Friends is a tribute both to Mrs Hudson, and to our own VHunter07. It is a one-shot about Mrs Hudson's life after Holmes' retirement. I wanted to write something sweet and happy, so I came up with the idea of Holmes, Watson and Mrs Hudson spending her birthday together.

The Adventure at Morton Manor is a Christmassy/Gothic themed mystery with a bit of light romance (in the form of Meredith Throckmorton) thrown in. It's the story of Holmes and Watson going to stay in a big manor house for a family christmas, but ending up investigating a murder. This story is the first of a trio of stories set in this 'universe' and starring (to a greater or lesser extent) Meredith. The next is:

The Mystery of the Lionsmere Ghosts which is a horror/ghost story set in this almost cursed village called Lionsmere. The story is about the friendship beween Holmes and Watson, as well as being a mystery and (crossing everything here!) I am really quite proud of it. Meredith makes a very fleeting appearance (one or two chapters, I believe).

The Case of the Cursed Treasure is the third in the trilogy of stories with the Throckmortons in them. This one is more of an action/adventure story, about a mysterious buried treasure and including a rather difficult riddle (although if you study English history, you might be able to figure out some of it). This story is finished at last, and will probably be the last I write about the Throckmortons (I think - although never say never!)

The Affair of the Red Leech is one of those rather teasing titles that Watson gave us, but didn't explain, so here is my version! Its based around the Royal Family just before the turn of the nineteenth century and contains my favourite two original characters, Lord Jack Darcy and Lady Magdalena Grey. It's a bit of a medical story, an old fashioned murder mystery, and has a bit of a romance and action thrown in.

OK, at the moment I am planning a different kind of story, still in the tradition of Conan Doyle (an in-character Holmes and Watson, lots of action and history etc.), but set in the early twentieth century after Holmes' retirement. And due to the fact that I am having a bit of an egyptology phase, it may have Holmes and Watson jetting (well, not jetting precisely, more sort of ambling) their way off to Egypt. This story will more than likely be in collaboration with Boston Manor, who is a fantastic Sherlock Holmes writer, and who is in my favourites list (go and have a look, the stories are brill!)

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