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Author has written 2 stories for Ouran High School Host Club.

Previous name: ImDecentFiction

The name change is because my asshat of a roommate creeped on my account without asking me. Still the same stories and the same progress planned, I promise.

Regarding A Burden's Weight

Some of you have probably noticed that I put up a new story that is exclusively MoriHaru.

This story will be a long running rewrite of the entire OHSHC manga, with deviations toward Mori as a main character. In addition, I mean to further develop Hunny and Kyoya as characters. It's actually quite funny to me; the characters that I liked the most in the manga were the ones that took backseat roles.

This also means that to try and be more accurate in my development of them, I'll be reading the manga series again for each character. I'll be taking notes about their thoughts and actions to try and develop a more clear picture of who each character is. That being said, if any of my characters seem to do something OOC, please leave me a review about why you think it's OOC; and I'll provide my evidence from the manga about why it isn't in my own defense.

With that said, this series will take me a long time to accomplish. Considering the effort I want to put into character development, only about half the work I do on this story will actually be writing it.

I also mention in the story description that eventually, I may have Kyoya competing against Mori for Haruhi's affections. I will NOT, under any circumstances, be rushing to tell that part of the story. When it is natural to start adding it in, I will. Any requests for me to "hurry up and get to Kyoya!" will be blatantly ignored.

In addition; if you're expecting this story to take a turn for the mature, don't. Because it won't. Throwing sex into a story like this would ruin it.

Notes so far:

I took the time recently to look through books 1-3, focusing specifically on Mori. It's actually interesting; as a character who ultimately sits on the backburner more than anyone else, I actually find him reacting to situations with Haruhi even more than Kyoya does. Through my scouring, I've actually found a lot of moments where the author has chosen to give him a distinct emotional expression; I'd even say that she does so more often than not. I'll probably take the opportunities where Hatori has left him poker-faced to tweak his reactions or develop him a little further.

Regarding Why

Thank you to those who still keep up with these oneshots. If you haven't taken an interest in my main story, no big deal.

I'd just like to remind you that these oneshots are meant to be relatively out of character and out of context, because otherwise these moments would be impossible. For the most part I won't give any context for future oneshots either, because I think it's easier to suspend the disbelief of the oneshot contents if you imagine your way to how they could be possible.

I'm still taking oneshot requests, if anyone wants them. Currently I have...

KyoHaru KyoHaruTama KyoHaruMori KaoHaru

Apparently people are really into Kyoya and love triangles? I'll work on it.

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