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Author has written 8 stories for StarTrek: The Next Generation, StarTrek: Voyager, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, StarTrek: Enterprise, StarTrek: The Original Series, StarTrek: Other, and Quantum Leap.

Hello, and thanks for visiting my Star Trek(and Quantum Leap, but mostly Star Trek) Fanfiction page. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. All of these stories(except Hypothesis, Paradox Game, Though the World Perish and Name of the Game) were submitted to the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthology, most of which made it to the second read pile, but were ultimately not selected for publication.

I'd like to thank Eric, my co-writer of "Gestalted States." If it weren't for him, this story would never have gotten written, and I never would have even thought it up if it weren't for his vision.

These stories go as such:

Star Trek: Enterprise; "A Man Accused" -- A little murder mystery solved using 22nd Century forensic science. Trip Tucker has been framed for the murder of the son of the ruler of a planet that Archer and crew are making first contact with.

Star Trek; "Hypothesis" -- Kirk never encountered the Borg, but what would he do if he did? This story is a hypothetical encounter.

Star Trek: The Next Generation; "Reciprocity" -- I had this idea for a long time, but didn't know what I could do with it until SNW came along. It's a follow-up to one of the Kirk-era movies, and it takes place shortly after Star Trek: Nemesis. It features the new first officer of the Enterprise-E according to one of the deleted scenes on the Nemesis DVD. It also has a character from the Voyager episode "Someone to Watch Over Me".

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; "Gestalted States" -- The title is derived from the German word "gestalt", meaning a conglomeration of many into one, and the American phrase "altered states", referring to an artificial transformation. If you have now figured out which Star Trek enemy the title refers to, I think you'll enjoy the story. It asks the question, "What would have happened if the Prophets didn't intervene and let the Dominion reinforcements through the wormhole?" The story mostly takes place in an alternate timeline, but the framing story takes place after the final TV episode "What You Leave Behind".

Star Trek: Voyager; "Timestream" -- I originally wanted to submit this to Paramount for filming as an episode(yes, they actually were accepting fan submissions), but about a quarter of the way into the story, a Voyager episode titled "Non Sequitur" aired and used the word timestream, and I shelved the project. After hearing about SNW, I resurrected it. It takes place in Voyager's third season, a few weeks after the episode "Before and After".

Star Trek: Federation Investigative Service; "Though The World Perish" -- Written exclusively for FanFiction! A civilian crime scene unit that investigates crimes supposedly perpetrated by members of Starfleet where it would be a conflict of interest for Starfleet to investigate itself must clear Captain Chakotay and the Voyager crew of attempted genocide and find out who is really behind the crime. Takes place after the novels Star Trek: Voyager -- "Enemy of My Enemy," and Star Trek: "Before Dishonor," all taking place after Voyager came home from its seven-year sojourn in the Delta Quadrant, and a year or two after Star Trek: Nemesis.

Star Trek: Crossover; "The Paradox Game" -- Written exclusively for FanFiction! I'd been basically composing this story for two decades. An unidentified ship is careening seemingly randomly through time and space, and two generations unite to stop it.

Quantum Leap; "Name of the Game: November 12th, 1982" -- Written exclusively for FanFiction! This idea has been bouncing around in my head for the last 25 years because of a friend and what he went through in the name of sports success, and I wrote it to stop all the bouncing. The last little bit is essentially a love letter to Scott Bakula's TV roles. Just a note, I won't be continuing this story, even though I left it on a bit of a cliffhanger. Such was every episode of Quantum Leap. In the main story, Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a football player, and his mission is to get a fellow player off steroids in order to stave off severe consequences for both him and history.

All stories copyrighted.

P.S. I like reviews(who doesn't), but if you're going to write one, please don't put spoilers in them. Thank you.

P.P.S. You might think you're doing us writers a favor, but never suggest an idea for a story to a writer. There's so much potential for lawsuits. If you want to see an idea in print, write it yourself.

P.P.P.S. I'm not interested in collaborative writing with people I don't know personally.

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Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a college football player. His mission is to get a fellow player off of steroids or there will be consequences for both him and history
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