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You, my fine and probably very LOST friend, have found your way to a very interesting fanfiction account. This is a joint account between a bunch of Jaktards who call themselves the Brainclones. You probably haven't heard of us, unless you found your way here from someone's devART or LJ, but that's okay. The Brainclones consist of Nashi, Laina, Blu, and Tai.

Like I said, you probably haven't heard of us. We aren't exactly well-known in this fandom--though we ARE working on it. That's actually why we have this account in the first place.

You see, we write a very special brand of crack.
It might not even be accurately described as crack, actually.

We write people in-character.
We base fanfiction on roleplays.
We have OCs who aren't 'Sues or 'Stus, who we hope you will come to like.
We have a very extensive and thought-out form of Eco Theory.
We also don't give enough background information to let anything make perfect sense, but just enough for the readers to get interested.
(It's okay, we don't think we make perfect sense either, and we actually know each other.)

Currently, the one fic on this account is being written by Blu and Nashi, with correspondence and plottsels from Tai in assistance and clarification.
Laina has fallen out from writing this, but her character--Rheanon--is a little too important to retcon.
Plus, Nashi kinda likes her. In this incarnation, at least.

Nashi's Links: deviantART : fanfiction.net : Personal LJ : Writing LJ
Blu's Links: deviantART : fanfiction.net : Personal LJ
Tai's Links: deviantART : fanfiction.net : Personal LJ

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