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Writing is one of the best ways to be creative. Its a gift, and its POWERFUL. I believe that its more than a hobby or side project. Even if in the smallest of ways, it opens the mind of the author to the reader. It conveys the underlines of who a person really is, like jumping into someone's mind. Scary? Yeah! Now here’s a slight look into my mind: I have a problem. I get distracted easily and half write a story, loose the passion along the way, writer's block, yada yada. Sure, common story, but c'mon- half written stories suck! SO, I’m attempting some new methods at writing to hopefully finish a story. We'll see how that goes! Its been a while since I last wrote a story, and I almost wondered if my account hadn't shut itself down from lack of use. But, I'm pickin' up the pen again.


I might not get around to finishing some of my other stories, (although I do hope to) but the ones I start now will be finished! I've also felt more inclined as of late to critically (but lovingly), review stories I read- not becuase I think I'm some super important expert- but because I realize that I wish the same of my own stories. I feel there is nothing more helpful than a review that actually cares, and it means a lot for me to have someone take the time to tell me what they honestly thought.

We can always improve on something; there's always something more to learn.

Anyway, now that I've been deep and serious, here's some not so deep and heart felt stuff about me.

Writing: I've been writing for a long time. The first thing I can ever remember writing was this ridiculousness Hamtaro story when I was maybe 11 or 12. So I've been writing close to ten years. Just... not about Hamtaro anymore.

Games: Zelda was my childhood love... the game. Not the princess >.> So OOT, Majora's Mask, Windwaker, Twilight Princess all shaped me. Slightly sad, yes. I know. I like the oldschool games, like Chrono Trigger and the old Final Fantasy’s. Anyone ever heard of Legend of Legia? Sucky graphics, but not bad. Almost any N64 game I’ve looked into or played. Now a days, Wii is pretty sweet (Skyward Sword!!).

Books: Redeeming Love, The Narnia Series, Forbidden City, The Bible, Shawshank Redemption, Life of Pi. To name a few.

Interests: AVATAR of the Airbending variety. Writing, reading, music (creating and listening), food. Exercise to balance so I don't turn into a Sumo. I like to think I'm a pretty levelheaded person who has a crazy imagination. I'm a lover of God (a believer and follower), of justice, of character and Jack Johnson. Cooking, and baking too. I am currently a baker/barista at a small little bakery somewhere in Canada.

Yes. Hoping to make a difference in this world, both through literature and action. I like throwing challenging quips into my stories and making people think about their own life when they're done reading. My story Birth Control (even though it probably sounds the least wholesome) is where I decided to start doing that.

IN PROGRESS: A Chrono Trigger collection of silly one-shorts, as well as a longer story about the time between Crono's dissapearance and when he rejoins the team. Also re-working some of my unfinished Zelda stories.

If you have any questions or suggestions or whaaaatever, please :) PM me. I would love to hear from you!


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